Hangover: there is a solution!


  • Better not drop
  • Snack too bad
  • Dilute and sleep
  • If you forget about everything ...

    Many of us have encountered so, perhaps, not yetagain face the problem of hangover. This is not a very pleasant thing, especially if it is loaded day what some chores, not to mention the work ... How can that be?

    Hangover: there is a solution!Better not drop

    The earlier measures are taken to preventhangover, the weaker the symptoms. They even may be not at all. So, if you are planning a feast, it is better for two or three hours to take a small dose (50, up to 100 grams) of hard liquor (vodka or cognac). This will increase the production of enzymes that neutralize alcohol, and allow you to not get drunk quickly.

    Gradus is better not to drop what is true is true. The fact that alcoholic beverages are not perceived as hostile by the body, and if they are aerated and then absorbed immediately. Vodka, whiskey, brandy and other "odnogradusniki" go longer, but hit harder. Imagine what could be, if you drink a vodka hour ago come running to the rescue just drunk champagne? I, unfortunately, know the feeling - you know, that control is lost in his eyes, trying to cheer up, and you're getting worse and worse ...

    Snack too bad

    But fatty foods - this is not a good idea. Indeed, the wall of the stomach and intestines are lubricated with grease, and alcohol is not so quickly be acquired, but this could increase the urge to drink more, and most importantly - all undigested goes straight to the liver and causes it a crushing blow.

    Fatty snacks can help, if you know whatdrink you have, say, 300 grams, but want to stay sober. In general, since when we get drunk poisoning, the snack must not be a lot of fat and protein. Optimum table - cucumbers, potatoes, bread, lean meat can be. Just a quick note - the stronger drinks you drink, the less damage from them.

    Dilute and sleep

    Now the most important thing. After a drink is recommended to drink as much water as you like. Yes, until it stops. And go to bed. If you have to work tomorrow, then set the alarm for an hour earlier. You wake up easily and go to the toilet ... mind you, no headaches will not, because the body has enough water to dissolve all of the oxidation of alcohol products to a safe concentration.
    Drink the same amount of water and relax for an hour ... If a job is not necessary - all the same, but even without an alarm clock.

    Of course, alcohol poisoning - is primarily a poisoning, and not to damage the stomach wash elementary health.

    If you forget about everything ...

    If you were so much fun that you forget about the water,it could be worse in the morning. There are 2 ways - another drink or treated. Alcohol normalizes blood pressure, and you can be so good, he wants to drink more, and here and close to binge! Treatment also extends not as fun, but nevertheless, if you have an appetite, it is better to eat cereal or a slice of bread. Then tea, vitamin C - about 20 drops, and succinic acid (2-3 tablets), and glutamic acid. If the disorder in the abdomen, as it always - 5.6 charcoal tablets.

    And in general - it is better not to get drunk and give advice from the unfortunate.

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