Lactase insufficiency: causes and treatment


For a long time, everyone knows about the need for breastfeeding. About
It is told for pregnant women in women's consultation, maternity hospitals - obstetricians,
Young Mama - Doctors in Children's Polyclinic. That breast milk
Indispensable for babies, they write on every bank of the dairy mixture
Famous manufacturers of baby food. Huge happiness is experiencing
mother, feeding his baby, the child grows confident, with
a sense of security, sympathy to the surrounding world, his psyche more
Resistant than crumbs receiving bottle feeding.
Memories of yourself, nursing your favorite child, helps mom
Survive crises of child growing, splits the family.

However, circumstances may occur at which the breast
feeding, whatever it is desirable, impossible. There is
certain diseases in which infants need special,
different from breastfeeding. One of them is lactase

Lactase insufficiency: causes and treatment
Pathology is also called alaktasia (easier form -
hypolactasy) and is a lack of lactase, enzyme,
splitting the main carbohydrate maternal milk - lactose.

In order for the milk to be worried about the child's body contained in
It is spread with special enzymes to more
Simple molecules. Enzymes are in saliva, gastric juice, bile,
produced by the pancreas and lumps of the intestinal wall.
The activity of enzymes in small children is low and increasing
in the process of child growth. With harmful effects on the body of the kid
enzyme systems are depleted, and the milk is digested and absorbed

The main energy and structural part of the breast milk -
Lactose - Milk sugar, carbohydrate, which is the main in the nutrition of children
Breast-age. He splits the enzyme lactase to the residue
glucose and galactose residue, which, thanks to their small
sizes, can already be bored in blood. If lactose does not split on
Composite parts, it remains in the intestine, causing a challenge,
High gas formation and creating a microbial reproduction medium.
Lactose intolerance can be primary and secondary. Primary
lactase insufficiency is due to a genetic defect and
It is inherited by autosomal-recessive type, that is, not related to the floor
Toddler and manifests itself when the change of changed by the hedge and mother
child. Much more often occurs a secondary lactase
Insufficiency, mainly hypologist. The reasons for it are
transient (passing) immaturity of enzyme systems
gastrointestinal tract in premature and weakened newborns,
Antibiotic - and hormone therapy, acute intestinal infections, severe common
Toddler diseases, allergies to proteins of cow milk and cereals.
There is a lactase deficiency from the first days and weeks of life
child. Symptoms of pathology - frequent, liquid, frothy with sour smell
Chair, many kids colic, rice and bloating, arising
10-20 minutes after the start of feeding. Sometimes there are jeeping,
vomit. Kids are losing weight, hypotrophy develops.

The diagnosis of lactase insufficiency is made by a doctor on the basis of
Parents' story, child's feet for carbohydrates, dairy
Acid, pH, provocative sample with lactose (increase in content
hydrogen in exhaled air).

Treatment of lactase deficiency

Treatment of lactase insufficiency is based on diet therapy with
restriction or full exception of products containing lactose:
Maternal milk, ordinary adapted and non-adapted dairy
Mixtures, rippy, sour cream, milk porridge and puddings, kefir, acidophilus. From
Custom mixtures currently can be recommended for the lactose-free Al 110,
Lowlyolastic «Low Lactose Nutrilon», Soybeas:
Alsa, Enfamil Soy, Izomil, Nursa. Meaning the use of mixtures,
containing lactase, such as lactofidus firms Danon. If desired,
Saving breastfeeding, you need to give the baby enzyme lactase.

The translation of children on the recommended mixtures is carried out within 2-3
days, in infants it happens enough to replace 1/3-1 / 2 volume of feeding,
Artificials need a complete replacement of the mixture. On 2-4 day of treatment
The child becomes calm, vomiting disappears, diarrhea, soda, from 4-5
Baby night begins to add in weight. Unfortunately bass children with
lactase deficiency begins to give earlier, following
variety of diet and balance of main nutrients. From
Dairy products in the child's diet can be introduced yogurts containing
Live biocultures and cheeses, they are absorbed and with lactase lactase. At
long-term silent diet must be added to the kid's diet
calcium. With a secondary hypologist full clinical and laboratory
remission is achieved in two to three months, and after passing the control
Analyzes can be started gently enter the child's diet
Lactose-containing products, noting the form of a dexter, the amount and reaction
Toddler in the food diary.

It is desirable as long as possible not to cancel breast milk, since in
It contains a large amount of substances (for example, immunoglobulins),
which the child is nowhere else, besides breast milk, can not get.

In newborns and kids, the causes of abdominal pain, jeeping,
diarrhea may be not only lactase deficiency, but also intestinal
infections, dysbacteriosis, not sterile (with microbes) breast milk,
The intolerance of the protein of cow, less often maternal milk, incorrect
Introduction of any supplies (in T.C. juices and milk mixtures) so
Diagnosis and the choice of treatment is better to entrust the professional.
It is necessary to strictly adhere to the recommended diet and other physician
treatment methods, to conduct a food diary, create a child calm,
a comfortable environment in which the recovery will go faster and
The likelihood of relapses will decrease.

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