Signs of drug use


  • Common symptoms of drug use
  • Differences in characteristics depending on the drug

  • Common symptoms of drug use

    • The appearance and behavior to some extent resembles alcohol intoxication, but without the smell of alcohol from his mouth or in low odor, not corresponding to the state;
    • Changing consciousness narrowing distortion, dizziness;
    • Mood changes: wanton fun, risibility, talkativeness, malice, aggression, clearly not appropriate given situation;
    • Changing motor activity: increased body language, excessive movement, restlessness, or immobility, lethargy, weakness, desire for peace (regardless of the situation);
    • Changing the coordination of movements: their smoothness, speed, proportionality (boldness, sharpness, inaccuracy), unsteadiness when walking, swinging the body, even in a sitting position (particularly obvious with closed eyes), impaired handwriting;
    • Change the color of the skin: pallor of the skin and the whole or, conversely, redness of the face and upper torso;
    • Glitter eye;
    • Heavily restricted or severely dilated pupils not reacting to light;
    • Change salivation: excessive salivation, or, conversely, dry mouth, dry mouth, hoarseness;
    • Change speech: its acceleration, the underlined expression, or slowness, indistinct, blurred speech ( "cereal in his mouth").

    Differences in characteristics depending on the drug

    At the use of cannabis - A drug addict dilated pupils, red eyes,Lip redness, dryness in the mouth ( "dry trees"). Addict mobile, all on the move. This accelerated, hasty. Very true priznak- appetite, usually at the end of intoxication.

    When receiving opiates - Drowsiness at inopportune moments( "Cuts") can forget about prikurennoy cigarette and burned, or dropping it periodically wakes up and immediately begins to take part in the conversation. This slow addict, he drawls, may several times to talk about the same. In this state, he is good-natured, calm, if he does not interfere. Very true priznak- pupil, which is unusually narrow, does not react to light, ie, does not expand ( "stranded SPAR"). Leather-pale, but his lips are swollen, reddened. Greatly reduced pain sensitivity. Total priznak- is an abnormality of sleep and wakefulness (go to bed late and late risers (if any drugs or money)).

    Signs of drug use When receiving psychostimulants - Addict unusually lively, swift inactions and decisions. He can not sit still. Very quickly, say, jump from one subject to another. Dilated pupils. Quickly perform all the cases. If the addict is a drug or money on him, he can be in this state for several days. Some stimulants greatly increase sexual desire addict, so they often use stimulants alone with a woman. Addicts may zannimatsya any one thing for a few hours, for example to get out of the house.

    Upon receipt of hallucinogens - Indications derived from the name, varietygallyutsinatsii- visual when the addict seen different rats-animals, crocodiles, flies, beetles, snakes, he can look at the floor, and it seems that there is a swamp with snakes, from the TV someone can talk to him and so on, gallyutsinatsii- hearing voices heard when the addict, someone said to him, an addict can talk with this "someone". Prolonged use or discontinuation often depression, psychoses.

    When taken sleeping pills - Similar to alcohol intoxication. Slurred speech, zapletayuschuyasya. Sometimes a dry mouth. Coordination of movements is broken. When taken some sleeping pills in large doses may be- hallucinations.

    Upon receiving the volatile narcotic active substances - Also reminds drunkenness, noisychallenging behavior. From baby smell acetone, gasoline, glue "Moment". Often there are hallucinations due to their teens and begin to use, hallucinations they call "cartoons".

    By definition WHO dependence (drug andsubstance abuse) - a state of periodic or chronic intoxication caused by the use of natural or synthetic substances, characterized by the following features:

    • seizes desire (obsession) or irresistible attraction (compulsion) to continue the use of the substance, extracting it by any means,
    • the tendency to increase the dose (tolerance increase)
    • the occurrence of personal or social problems caused by the abuse.

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