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    Smoker before birth Ironically, about the dangers of smokinghumanity learned only in the 50-ies of XX century, and before that even the doctors were a hundred percent sure that tobacco is completely harmless. However, the vague suspicion that the children it is better not to abuse nicotine creeps. Not for nothing in the mid 20-ies of the young Soviet government issued a propaganda poster with a warning: "Smoking non-smoking students learn worse."

    "What else to expect from the ills of tobacco?"- Scared scientists and hastily undertook a study of the effects of nicotine on living organisms. Animal experiments have shown that animals die from tobacco. Apparently, that's when there was a saying: "A drop of nicotine can kill a horse."

    Gradually, scientists are discovering new facts andeffect of cigarettes on the human body. It was found that smoking affects not only the lungs, bronchi, and heart, but also worsens the work of the endocrine glands, disturbed digestion, spoiled character and teeth, reduced potency. However, the greatest harm smoking causes unborn children.

    Why are you girls ...

    All nicotine, carbon monoxide, benzopyrene, and evenSome radioactive substances from cigarettes, getting into the body of a pregnant woman, after the first tightening instantly penetrate through the placenta to the baby. Moreover, the concentration of these substances in the body of the fetus is much higher than the maternal blood! What happens next, you can easily imagine. From nicotine occurs spasm of blood vessels of the placenta and the baby there is oxygen starvation. Poisonous substances act on all of its delicate organs, prevent the baby to develop normally.

    As a result, the majority of children bornsmokers, are born with low birth weight are often sick, develop more slowly than their peers are more likely to die in childhood. Statistics show: smoking (regardless of the number of cigarettes smoked) during pregnancy increases the risk of adverse completed almost in 2 times!

    After scientists published theseShocking data, it became clear: to quit smoking before the start of pregnancy - the only way to have a healthy baby. However, even when the dangers of cigarettes became known to all expectant mothers, many women have not been able to give to the nine months of a bad habit.

    Warnings about the weight of failure andmysterious intrauterine development sounded abstract and mental and physical nicotine dependence was real. Quitting smoking does not help a positive attitude, no nicotine patches and gum, or psychotherapy and acupuncture. Approximately 25% of all pregnant women continue to smoke.


    By the end of XX century new data on the impact of smoking onpregnancy shocked the medical world. It turned out that nicotine is bad not only on the physical but also the mental state of the child. German scientists have shown that children of smoking mothers at an early age is characterized by inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity useless. Even the level of mental development are lower than average.

    More often they have developed so-called syndrome"Restless Phil" - these children tend to be aggressive and prone to fraud. British doctors have found that children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy, the risk of autism increased by 40%, a mental illness in which a person can not be a contracted with the surrounding reality and focuses on the world of their own experiences.

    Further more

    This frightening discoveries did not end there. In 2003, British scientists found the dependence of smoking at an early stage of pregnancy and the birth of a child with a cleft face. According to Peter Moss, Professor of the Faculty of Dentistry University of Dundee, sky formation occurs at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, and smoking expectant mother during this time may appear as a "cleft palate" or "cleft lip" of the child.

    • Children of women who smoked during pregnancy, one third more often than all the others, at risk for 16 years to get diabetes or obesity.
    • Boys born to smoking mothers, testicles are smaller, and the concentration of sperm in the semen on average 20% lower than that of children smoking.
    • Children of mothers who smoked during pregnancy, are several times more likely to start smoking themselves than children whose mothers during pregnancy did not smoke.

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