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  • Easy disease with dangerous consequences
  • Symptoms of the disease: what you need to know the parents
  • How can you help your child

  • Rubella - hardly the only disease, from which you do not need to take care of children. Especially girls. In adulthood, especially childbearing, rubella in pregnant women is extremely dangerous. That is why in England, for example, the so-called red-willed tea drinking were popular. When in the family a girl was blushing with rubella, to visit her for tea all the neighbors. For transmission of infection.

    Girls are especially important to overcome this viral disease in childhood, because they are future mothers, and rubella is extremely dangerous for the fetus. If the mother gets sick of this innocent childhood disease, the case may result in a miscarriage or serious definition of development. In addition, it is known that adults themselves are extremely hard to endure the fact that a three-year-old child may not notice. The director of the Moscow Nii of Pediatrics and Children's Surgery of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Professor Alexander Tsoregorodtsev, tells about the features of the rubella.

    Easy disease with dangerous consequences

    If the baby is sick of rubellaNot so long ago, many pediatricians considered rubella one of the easiest childhood diseases, it seemed to be experts interesting only in terms of differential diagnosis with measles. However, the studies of the last decades confirmed the tragic role of the rubella virus in the occurrence of congenital malfunctions of the development of infants, and in childhood a child defended the acquired immunity forever.

    Usually girls and boys tolerate this disease is easy. But the babies up to nine months do not get sick them at all (in the case, of course, if Mom has a rubella), as it is under the auspices of maternal immunity. Flashing diseases usually coincide with cold weather.

    Krasnuhi virus is very flying and adultery, it is transmitted by air-droplet. To infect enough dries saliva, highlighted with cough, conversation, laughter, light kiss. However, the pathogen is extremely distexts, quickly dies when drying, under the influence of ultraviolet rays, disinfectants, so they can not be infected through dishes, towel, bed linen, toys.

    Symptoms of the disease: what you need to know the parents

    Incubation period of the disease lasts 15-24 days. Product (in front of the disease) - from several hours before the day and usually remains unnoticed. It is characterized by a slight increase in temperature, light runny and cough, redness of the eye conjunctiva. A typical symptom of the disease - swelling of the posterior, occipient, earliest lymph nodes. They become dense and slightly painful when touched.

    Another typical symptom is a pink spotty rash with a lentil size, which is accompanied by itching. Often it is located on the extensitive surfaces of the limbs, abdomen, chest. Usually in two or three days, rash disappears, not leaving pigmentation and peeling. The temperature in the disease rarely rises above 38 degrees. It can pursue a light fever, suddenly redden the nasopharynx mucosa, eye conjuncture, sometimes the spleen increases, and red spots may appear in the oral cavity. Girls over 10 years old often observed pain in the joints, swelling. The swelling and soreness of the joints appear usually 1-2 days after the disappearance of the rash and hold 5-10 days.

    However, experienced pediatricians know that sometimes rubella can flow and without any symptoms.

    Infection recognition, especially during flashes, does not cause big difficulties. However, if there is a need for an additional study - know that rubella is diagnosed with enzyme immunological analysis to identify antibodies.

    How can you help your child

    Sick kids need bed. No specific treatment of rubella is usually required. If a child has a strong fever, you can give a children's dose of the antipyretic agent.

    Often the patient has no appetite. This is fine. No need to force it. Reasonable drinking is recommended. Useful cranberry, brushing, sea buckthorn, ink, fastening tea with lemon, any natural juice. But artificial carbonated drinks is better not to give at all. They irritate the oral cavity, can provoke allergic reactions. Fruits are preferable to non-acid apples, bananas, pears, with citrus fruits need to be closed to the disappearance of rash, so as not to enhance itch. Strawn pineapples and strawberries are categorically recommended.

    It should be remembered that the baby during the disease is inflated and must remain at home for five days, starting with the appearance «Redish» Pain. According to some scientific data, later the danger of infection also exists, so pregnant women should not be contacted with a recovered child about two weeks.

    What phytotherapy recommends

    If the baby is sick of rubellaIf the child rose the temperature, knock her down to help the infusion of black currant leaves, to which you can add leaves or dried raspberry fruits, a black grass, daisy flowers pharmacy. They must be mixed in equal parts. The tablespoon of the mixture poured 0.5 liters of boiling water, it insisted for about an hour, flickering. Children are recommended to give 4-5 times a day on the tablespoon. If, because of the bitter taste, the baby refuses to drink infusion, you can exclude a series, and also sweeten the infusion of spoonful of honey.

    For the preparation of a sliding drink, fees from birch leaves, husticide hustras, leaf-and-steph leaves, dandelion root, rosehip fruits. They are mixed in equal proportions, poured a tablespoon of 0.5 liters of steep boiling water, cool and filtered. Let the child drink a quarter of a glass of infusion a day before eating throughout the disease. 2-3 times a day it is useful to give a child sea buckthorn oil around a 0.5 teaspoon, adding it to the cabbage or any other vitamin salad.

    Greatly facilitates the itching of the body herbal infusion. It is preparing, mixing in an equal proportion of grass and yarrow flowers, calendulas and daisies pharmacy, grass turns and sage, roots of burdock. A tablespoon of the mixture poured 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist for about an hour, filter. Nasty can wipe distressed places several times a day and even add to the bath during swimming, if normal temperature is held during the disease.

    From unpleasant sensations when rash in the oral cavity will save the infusion of rose petals. Prepare it simple. The tablespoon of petals is poured with a glass of steep boiling water, half an hour insist. Usually children really like this fragrant drink. Let the child drink infusion on the tablespoon three times a day or the mouths them.

    Skin of white cabbage juice with honey is useful for stimulating the immune system. Cabbage to skip through the juicer, honey - to taste. Juice need to drink freshly prepared.

    Secrets of aromotherapy

    To reduce itching when rubella, add one drop of mint oil of pepper and one drop of roman chamomile oil on 1 l warm water. Carefully moisten with rash.

    Sign inhalation by adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil into a hot water bowl. Let the child breathe couples. Oil helps to fight infection.

    Also in the fight against rubella (as well as with many other diseases) Vitamins will help: let's give a familiar child recommended doses of vitamin C, it is also considered to be useful to apply drugs vitamin E.

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