Treatment of migraine

Migraine - extremely painful and unpredictable disease. Since ancient times, a person has studied this ailment, which was later attributed to the category «noble». Migraines were subject to the wisest world of this - rulers, priests, clergy. Migraine is known to humanity a lot of centuries, and today about 20% of the adult population of the planet suffer from periodic strong headaches.

Medical history

Headache, Migraine Treatment, Migraine, Nervous Diseases

The first written evidence of migraine symptoms were made more than 5 thousand. years ago. Ancient Hummer Floine described them as unbearable pain in the head, turbidity of vision and reason. Hypon, Avicenna and Celsius also mentioned migraine in their writings.

Ancient Egyptian papyrus, preserved to the present day and the Medication of Cappadocyan, describe in detail the disease similar to migraine. The doctor called her «heteroral», that translated means «Alien head».

Migraine received its modern name from the Ancient Roman healer of Claudia Galen. Initially, he called the disease «Chemikrania» (Hemicrania, where HEMI - Half, and CRANION - Skull). Galen was guided by the fact that during attacks the pain was localized only in one part of the head. Over time, the Romans changed the ancient Greek name on Hemicranium, which in the conversational version sounded like Migrana. Russian transformation of the word and gave rise to the famous light «migraine».

Characteristics of the disease

Headache, Migraine Treatment, Migraine, Nervous Diseases

Distinguish two types of migraines other than symptoms and character of manifestation.

Normal migraine - the attack comes suddenly, accompanied by sharp pulsating Head pains, which can continue from a few hours to several days. Man feels pain only in one half of the head. Its activity drops sharply, there is an acute response to day and electric light, sounds (even quiet). May arise a feeling of nausea and vomiting.

Migraine with aura - Classic view of the disease most common in humans. Aura is the so-called warning of the impending attack, which appears 10-20 minutes before him. Manifests as flicker before eyes, partial loss of vision or sensitivity. The attack of classical migraine is practically no different from the usual, except that a person is clone to sleep, vision (outbreaks, circles in front of the eyes) are disturbed, and the duration of pain is no more than an hour.

Causes of migraine

There are a number of reasons for the emergence of migraine attacks in humans:

  • heredity;
  • frequent stress;
  • Hormonal violations;
  • nervous or physical overwork;
  • pressure drops;
  • non-compliance with sleep mode;
  • Unhealthy nutrition and alcohol abuse;
  • narrowing of the brain vessels (broken blood flow);
  • Violations in the work of the central nervous system (central nervous system);
  • Violation of metabolism.

Treatment of migraine

Headache, Migraine Treatment, Migraine, Nervous Diseases

Migraine treatment is carried out by restoring the normal operation of the human nervous system. Although a large number of people exposed to migraine believe that it is impossible to cure her, their main mistake is that they try to get rid of symptoms without sobering with a source of illness. The main misconception is to consider migraine by a vascular disease when the problem lies in the nervous system. Thus, the task of both the attending physician and the patient is to resolve the work of the nervous system and the prevention of excessive excitement.

Modern medicine practices two types of treatment:

  • Emergency intervention during attacks;
  • Prevention and warning of new manifestations of migraine.

To eliminate the attack, the patient must constantly have a tablet with him, selected according to the peculiarities of its organism and the nature of the disease. Usually prescribe paracetamol, Triptans, aspirin, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

It should be carefully familiar with the drugs before you start using them. Today in pharmacies you can find a lot of drugs from migraine, and each of them helps to cope with pain in its own way, but in some cases, the disposal of attacks will pull. Caffeine or codeine preparations are able to cause severe dependence due to its stimulating properties. Speaking easier, the brain will remember the pleasant feelings from their impact and will try to call the next attack of migraine to get the next dose of medication. The same applies to painkillers.

Preventive manipulations are permissible in cases of frequent repetition of attacks - from 2 times a month. Treatment takes a lot of time and lasts gradually. The doctor develops a diagram for the patient, according to which the brain work is balanced without affecting human performance.

Lifestyle plays a big role in the successful outcome of treatment!

If you are subject to migraine, you should avoid the following manifestations «human weakness»:

  1. Artificial stimulation of the body - physical exertion, energy drinks and t. D.
  2. Sleep mode - sleep normalization is an important component of health. This is the main source of our energy. During sleep, the body processes the beneficial substances obtained from food by delivering them into the blood. But the lack of sleep is also harmful as too long sleep - from 3 o'clock in the morning the body is included in the energy consumption stage, and if a person sleeps longer than the norm, he threatens energy exhaustion.
  3. Harmful Habits - Alcohol, smoking, narcotic substances, coffee. Yes, excessive passion for coffee can also negatively affect your health and prevent healing from migraine.
  4. Balanced diet. This does not mean that you have to sit on a hungry diet and eat only steamy chicken meat and lettuce leaves. The body should receive the necessary useful substances from a simple, but healthy meal and in moderate quantities. Remember, even if you eat a kilogram of apples, your body will take only the small part of the vitamins that he needs. And the rest will only stretch the stomach and will lead to discomfort. Observe a simple old rule «Breakfast eat myself, dinner stripped with a friend, and dinner give the enemy».
  5. Exercise - more often come in the fresh air, engage in physical education or sports, but do not overload the body. Otherwise it can cause stress.

Treatment with folk remedies

Headache, Migraine Treatment, Migraine, Nervous Diseases

Since migraine has a long and rich history, our ancestors took care to find natural tools to relieve pain.

Medicinal plants against migraine:

  • Clover - decoction as the prevention of migraine;
  • Lilac leaves or white cabbage - if you apply fresh leaves to the patient, the pain subsides for an hour;
  • Fresh potato juice - emergency tool. It is drunk to eliminate acute pain;
  • green tea - firmly brewed tea drink during an attack;
  • Smorodine juice or viburnum - means to facilitate attacks.

Before resorting to the treatment of folk methods, our site strongly recommends consulting with a doctor. Remember even such a seemingly innocuous thing like potato juice may harm your body. The impact of herbs and herbal fees requires even more attention. Make sure all the components are completely safe for you.

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