cerebellar ataxia


  • Static cerebellar ataxia
  • Dynamic cerebellar ataxia
  • Treatment of cerebellar ataxia

  • Cerebellar ataxia occurs in lesionsdifferent parts of the cerebellum (the worm, hemispheres or legs). It is frequently observed in tumors, vascular diseases of the cerebellum, encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, poisoning, as well as a number of hereditary diseases.

    Static cerebellar ataxia

    The defeat of the cerebellar vermis appears staticataxia due to lower muscle strength. Thus it becomes difficult to maintain the same posture, impaired coordination of certain movements. Man walking, legs wide apart and staggered ( "drunken" gait). In severe cases, the patient can not sit and stand, standing falls forward or backward, holding his head badly. In severe ataxia a person can not maintain a balance. When this is not impaired coordination depends on his eyes are open or closed.

    Dynamic cerebellar ataxia

    cerebellar ataxiaWith the defeat of the cerebellar hemisphere occursdynamic ataxia, incoordination when muscles are largely in motion. The first to suffer the hands and feet. Their movements become clumsy, sweeping, lost their accuracy and fluency.

    Coordination disorders manifestexcessive, disproportionate movements "mimopopadaniem" or promahivaniem, difficulty alternation of opposing movements, shake hands at the end of purposeful movement, enhances the approach to the target, speech disorder. This person becomes smooth, it becomes slow, chanting, dismembered into syllables.

    When standing or walking patient is rejected orIt falls in the direction corresponding to the affected hemisphere cerebellum. Characterized by "drunken" ataxic gait. Changing the writing becomes uneven, sweeping, letters - big. Often there is a constant twitching of the eye.

    A very characteristic feature of cerebellar ataxiaIt is a violation of the combined movements that a normal person always go together. For example, when a deviation of the trunk back person usually bend your knees, and you try to look up, his head thrown back, namorschivaetsya forehead. Patient ataxia combines the motion of the missing.

    Treatment of cerebellar ataxia

    Because cerebellar ataxia is most oftenthe result of any medical conditions, especially the treatment is aimed at their elimination. Besides prescribed medicines that improve the blood supply to the brain, vitamins. Very good effect has massage and physiotherapy. Often with the help of permanent employment manage to cope with the striking manifestations of ataxia, but there are cases where coordination can not be restored.

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