Dizziness: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment


  • Dizziness, Causes
  • Diagnosis and treatment of dizziness

    Dizziness, Causes

    Dizziness - perhaps one of the most common complaints with
    which refer patients to doctors. Today, on this issue of our
    readers consults the central head of the department of neurology
    medical unit number 119 of the Federal Space Agency.

    It would seem to explain what vertigo is not necessary, because the
    a state of well-known people. The feeling of movement surrounding
    objects or own body and imbalance had
    experience for most of us. Someone not tolerate driving in
    transport, the other recalls the swings and roundabouts, to deliver
    trouble as a child, or discomfort at the height. But although
    dizziness in itself is not a disease, it can be
    symptom of not less than 80 diseases, including life-threatening.

    Dizziness: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
    With cardiovascular disease the patient sometimes takes over
    dizziness, lightheadedness feeling of faintness, loss approaching
    consciousness. And the impression of emptiness, "lightheadedness" combined with
    skin pallor, palpitations, nausea, blackouts. Sometimes
    Patients complain of dizziness taking a feeling of heaviness in the head
    or feelings like intoxication, which are psychogenic and
    usually with nervousness and depression. The instability, shaky
    ( "Drunk") gait occur, usually due to disorders departments
    nervous system to provide spatial coordination. violation
    balance too often patients feel dizzy.

    True, the so-called systemic, dizziness appears
    result of a mismatch between sensory functions of the body. Human
    "Losing ground" in the defeat of the vestibular apparatus. Him
    it seems that the walls and ceiling tilt, fall, swing or he
    he falls, is supposedly on shaky ground as the swamp.
    Nausea, vomiting and sweating accompany these symptoms.

    Such vestibular dizziness (vertigo) is most often
    paroxysmal, episodic. It provokes, for example, disease
    Meniere's. Then, in addition to the patient's vertigo plagued by several hours
    nausea, vomiting, noise and congestion of the ear and hearing loss.
    Bouts of vertigo and hearing loss are fraught
    labyrinthitis - complications of otitis media and herpes zoster virus
    origin. Often vestibular vertigo occur in the background
    cervical degenerative disc disease, for thyroid disease and diabetes
    diabetes, in the vegetative-vascular dystonia, an atherosclerosis and hypertension.

    But more often, particularly in elderly patients, dizziness case
    the sudden change in body position, lean forward and tilting
    head back. With age, the number of attacks is growing, and
    like pathology in women occurs twice as often. Usually,
    this dizziness lasted less than a minute and ends

    Diagnosis and treatment of dizziness

    Given the multiplicity of causes of vertigo, your doctor is
    At first it is difficult to establish the correct diagnosis. The more that any
    illusory sensations of motion, such as rocking or instability,
    Patients referred to as vertigo. A recurring dizziness dangerous
    due to the deterioration of the brain with oxygen and nutrient supply
    substances. Hence - the possibility of stroke, dyscirculatory
    encephalopathy, memory loss and a decline in the overall quality of life.
    So do not be surprised Dr. meticulousness, which reveals the nature of the
    dizziness, asking if there was any head or neck injury, and
    What medications or patient uses glasses. For the final
    conclusion requires inspection not just a neurologist, and ophthalmologist, and
    the availability of ECG and ultrasound.

    Dizziness: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
    Treatment is usually appointed complex, constitute the basis of his
    drugs that improve cerebral circulation. But, despite this
    a variety of drugs, doctors are often faced
    so that patients themselves prescribe nitroglycerin under attack
    dizziness. But! Nitroglycerin dilates coronary vessels, and those
    that supply the brain, constricts. Thus, only dizziness

    Another obstacle for the treatment - too late visit to a doctor, which complicates the situation further violations.

    Physical therapy - one of the components of the treatment of recurrent
    dizziness. In the absence of tumor lesions of the vestibular
    neurologist system assigns thermal procedures, electrophoresis,
    various types of massage, chiropractic and acupuncture.

    By the way, chiropractic recently changed significantly in
    Compared to "kostopravnym art" of the late twentieth century. Now in its foundation
    on the principle of mobilizing and relax the muscles. Starting from the same
    principle is used and various exercises to improve
    blood supply to the brain.

    Here are some of them:

    • Sitting on a chair, his hands grasp the back of his neck, feeling the fingers
      extending at an inclination of the head more than the rest of the 7th vertebra. push
      neck abutting on the palm and turn your head to the left while inhaling.
      Hold your breath in tense position for 5-7 seconds. Then exhale
      return to starting position and relax for 10 seconds. Repeat
      Exercise 3-5 times by doing it many times in the other direction.
      • Sit up straight in bed, his legs stretched out and pressed her hands to her hips,
        looking forward. Quickly go back and go back to the original
        position. Or lying on his back, turn your head to the left.

      Some of my players with the emergence of recurrent vertigo
      refuse to exercise. And in vain. The move should be
      certainly, although somewhat changed the rules to comply with slow
      pace. You can not, for example, dramatically changing the body position in bed,
      turn your slowly. Getting up from the bed, take the time to jump, sit first and then do
      first step. Do not turn around sharply on someone else's call. And please
      street in satellites stick to, if necessary, be supported, not
      to search frantically for that to grasp. And to choose physical education
      movement without sudden jolts and jerks. Give preference to walking,
      swimming, cycling and skiing. In short, make haste slowly.

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