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  • Hallucinations

    Hallucinations (from the Latin. Hallucination - delirium, vision) - imaginary
    images of objects and situations perceived as real, but
    missing actually arising spontaneously without sensory
    stimulation. Invokes an internal mental factors (
    Contrary to the illusion, which is the distorted perception
    external stimuli). Another 7 in. Indian philosopher Kumarilla Bhatta
    voiced consonant modern speculation about the human deceit
    perception. The illusory image, he argued, is determined perversion
    Relations between the external object and the body. The reasons may be
    defects of the senses, as well as such disorders as memory images
    projected to the outside world and become hallucinations.

    Some hallucinations may have a bright color sensual,
    credibility and projected to the outside and to be indistinguishable from the real
    perceptions. Such hallucinations are called true. other
    perceived internal hearing or seeing, are located in the
    internal field of consciousness and being felt as a result of the impact of some
    external force causing vision, voice, etc. This phenomenon is described
    in the late 19th century. Russian psychiatrist V.H.Kandinskim called

    The symptoms of hallucinations

    Hallucinating patient simultaneously with the false images can
    and to perceive reality. His attention is
    unevenly distributed, often shifting towards cheats
    perception. Understanding pain mostly hallucinations
    no, the patient behaves exactly as if it apparent
    actually it happened. Often hallucinations, whatever
    irrational regardless of their content, for the patient more relevant than
    reality and patients treat them as well as to the corresponding
    real phenomena. Patients intently at something stare,
    turn away, close your eyes, look around, dismiss, are protected,
    try to touch or grab something by hand, listen,
    their ears, sniffing, dropping something off his body, etc.
    Under the influence of hallucinations committed various deeds that reflect
    content deceptions of perception: the patients hide, something to seek out,
    catch, attacking others, sometimes trying to kill himself, destroy
    items, defend fleeing, handle complaints, etc.
    When auditory hallucinations speak aloud "voice". how
    Typically, patients find that others perceive the same as they
    in their hallucinations - hearing the same voice, the same test
    vision, smell. Clearly expressed emotional reactions,
    the nature of which reflects the content of the perception of deception, fear, rage,
    disgust, enthusiasm.

    hallucinations Symptoms
    The patient is in great difficulty if the imaginary and
    real images enter into a relationship of antagonism and have equal
    force influence on behavior. With such a "split" personality as a patient
    there would be two "dimensions" once in a conflict situation
    conscious and unconscious.

    Insane, especially schizophrenic
    or manic depression, may believe that he - envoy
    heaven, and constantly hear the voice of God speaking to him. He can
    feel the gentle touch of the angelic hands. these sensory
    experiences that emanate from within the psyche, perceived as
    genuine, really existing incentives that come from the outside.
    Repeated hallucinations can create a mentally ill
    fantasy world designed to accommodate
    internal emotional conflict with reality. For less severe cases,
    include hallucinations, typically auditory or visual which
    occur in healthy people during periods of deep emotional

    Hallucinations may be a hoax of any of the five basic senses,
    those. they are visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory,
    the overall tactile hallucinations and feelings (experience occurring
    inside the body of unusual processes sensations from the presence of
    organism foreign matter, etc.).

    If the patient hears voices - it is auditory hallucinations; if he sees the dead - visual. A patient paranoia,
    always felt that the room smells of toxic gases,
    penetrating through the wall, suffering olfactory hallucinations.
    The man who complains that his pursuers hit
    electrical discharges, experiencing tactile hallucinations. In
    the patient feels that his blended food poison taste
    hallucinations. Hallucinations possible arising out of some
    specific sensory field. Thus, the patient may feel that his
    from a certain point on his head pouring water. Tactile (tactile)
    hallucinations associated with the sensation of touch, usually unpleasant.
    For example, Cocaine often complain of a feeling of running around under the skin
    insects. In a state of delirium,
    usually due to alcohol poisoning, patients are often seen
    various small creatures. In this case, the patient describes
    normal object, reduced to microscopic proportions. When
    the patient complains that some body parts are not where we need to
    be, and in some other place, talk about psychomotor hallucinations.
    Hypnagogic hallucinations occur in mentally healthy individuals
    the time between waking and sleeping. So sleepy behind the wheel of the driver,
    late night traveling may suddenly hit the brakes, because
    it appears quite clearly that he saw a man running out
    on the road in front of the car.

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