Insomnia. Forget and go to bed!


  • How much to sleep?
  • Sleep and memory go together.
  • Current millions.
  • Lullabous films.
  • Food and TV.
  • Diagnosis seen at night?
  • The main thing — calm.
  • We'll figure it out without tablets.
  • If you need to sleep next night.

  • How much to sleep?

    Question: «How much to sleep?» — Not entirely correct: everyone has a sleep duration. To keep the load of the usual working day well and in the evening does not turn into a squeezed lemon, it is necessary that at night the brain rested over four or five 90-minute sleep cycles. In each cycle, deep sleep is mixed — directly rest — and rapid sleep phase during which the brain produces not studied yet the substances necessary for full-fledged recovery. Therefore, it is desirable that the duration of sleep has always been a multiple of one and a half hours.

    On average, the night norm varies within seven-nine hours. How much sleep depends on individual characteristics. There are people who have enough four to five hours.

    Sleep and memory go together.

    Researchers from the University of Chicago asked for twelve volunteers to participate in the experiment: remember the words just heard. All the words first they gave them to read on paper. Then the same words in any order began to vouch through the synthesizer, programmed in such a way that the sounds turned out poorly recognizable. Participants asked to identify written with just heard. It is not difficult to guess that the best results were those who slept last night.

    An interesting thing happened later. People with weak results went to sleep and, waking up, easily remembered large synthesis «Casks» Heard on the eve. At the same time, volunteers were convinced that they completely forgot to all words. Scientists concluded that during sleep, the brain can restore memory losses. True, by the end of the working day the ability to remember the right word gradually faded.

    High-quality sleep protects memory, helps «Castern» Some memories. Scientists suspect that in the brain there is a prefabricated clause where he seen or heard information flows, but there is no access to there, if the brain does not receive a sufficient number of rest. The collected information becomes accessible only after a full night rest. In this way, you can pull out almost any «Forgotten» Facts, but everything has a limit. If for fresh information not to contact several days, it is likely to be lost.

    Inspired by the discovery, Americans immediately checked the data on schoolchildren. Here, too, all coincided: bad students often suffer from sleep disorders, because of which they are tired already in the morning. Researchers found that the percentage of bad students among adolescents suffering from apnea (stopping breathing during sleep), in 6–9 times higher than those of other children. Children who are cured of apnea syndrome, in most cases improve their indicators at school.

    Current millions.

    We consider a good sleep natural, of course a memorable process until something in it is disrupted. In medical textbooks, more than 80 different problems associated with sleep are described, — From the inability to fall asleep to the inability to wake up, from snoring to nightmares.

    More actively people attack the inability to sleep. Sometimes the process is temporary — For example, when moving, with infants, however, in most cases, the problem is chronic. A large European study found that in the modern stress world of insomnia (insomnia) is widespread much wider than it was supposed: millions of people on the planet dug around the midnight without sleep. In the UK, two people out of three people suffer from insomnia. Insomney — Not a national problem of Sweden, where three-quarters of the population are familiar with her. Not explained by the fact: citizens suffer from 25 to 34 years old, they are difficult to fall asleep and often wake up among the night. The lowest number of sufferers in Germany — 45% of the population, average indicators in Ireland and Belgium.

    These five countries were chosen for the cleanliness of the experiment so that all survey participants live in good terms with a worthy standard of living and culture and were not able to explain their insomnia with socio-economic disadvantage. It turned out that the reasons why sleep from socially prosperous people is associated with official stresses and marital conflicts. Very often impossibility to fall asleep lonely parents.

    Lullabous films.

    Insomnia. Forget and go to bed!Putting sleeping, we close your eyes and seem to be stopped contacting the world around. But still ears. «Hypnotic» Method from Eastern Meditation is directed to them.
    one. Go to the idleness pose — on the back, hands behind your head, clutch fingers on the back. Try to relax as much as possible. It will take quite a bit of time to get used to this posture.

    2. Put the thumbs in the ears so as to click on the ush, and thereby close the hearing aisters.

    3. Do not remove your fingers, breathe calmly and listen to a squeak that will arise in your head. Lying so 10–15 minutes, concentrate only on this sound. Then put your hands along the body and… Weight. It does not work for those who: a) too much pulls on the ears, b) wounds the liner with nails, c) constantly recognizes whether 15 minutes.

    Good way to prepare for falling asleep — listen to music. Not marching, without words — Quiet instrumental. Usually there is no such records in the house, because, by making up a phonet, a person picks up melodies with emotional splashes. And the lullaby music soul should not be cling. Special records have been developed for good sleep. Among them are «Physiological» — With the rustle of incoming waves and even the sound of a rhythmic heart.

    Naturally, if at the end of the audition you have to get out of bed to turn off the tape recorder, the whole stilever will disappear. Therefore, systems with self-disclosure, as a last resort, — With remote control.

    Another audit — Progressive relaxation. It will be most effective if you write all the instructions for the film, preferably by your voice. It will help not keep in my head «Plan relaxation». After each sentence, make a short pause to give the body enough time to execute the command.

    So, go to the back, close your eyes and start listening to the voice from the tape recorder:

    one. Feel the feet. Feel their weight. Feel how they relax and drown in bed.

    2. Feel caviar. Feel their weight. Feel how they relax and plunge into bed.

    3. Feel your knees. Feel their weight…

    Equally in detail it is necessary to say teams concerning all parts of the body. Relax and save in bed must hips, palm, lower hand, elbows, top of the hands, buttocks, back, pelvic area and abdominal area, chest, shoulders, neck — front and back, skull, mouth, eyes, face completely.

    At the end there should be a team to mentally look around the whole body. If there are tense plots, relax them, and let them get into bed too.

    With a certain skill, the body will relax quickly, wave up to the head, and, possibly, the audio instrument will become extra.

    Food and TV.

    These are two conditions that most often destroy the process of normal falling asleep. With hunger you will not sleep — Fact but also not follow. Best advice — golden mean.

    Dinner at the very beginning of the evening — The rule that many years was considered indisputable. But sometimes it is very difficult to stick. In this regard, the Americans tested the products and their impact on people and came to the conclusion that there are two categories of citizens.

    The first helps to sleep «snack», carbohyded and poor fats, — juice, bananas, cookies (pizza is not suitable). The second, on the contrary, requires food with a large number of amino acid L-tryptophan. The list includes warm or hot milk (cold is not suitable), eggs, rustic cheese, chickens, turkey and cashew nuts. Try both ways and see which one works in your case.

    Milk must be drunk 15 minutes before you go to bed. If you do not like milk or avoid dairy products, try drinking tea with chamomile, mint, anise — These natural ingredients are able to help sleep. In grocery stores and pharmacies you can meet special sedative fees — To facilitate fallback. People who understand the lot in such a tea, drink it twice for the evening — after work and half an hour before sleep.

    Do not read in bed, do not break the crosswords. (Only a small percentage of people can boast that the reading of the books them shifts.) In the bedroom you can only sleep and have sex, work and watching TV is prohibited. Let the body identifies the bed only with sleep. Of course, the easiest thing for those who have the opportunity to highlight a separate sleep room. BUT TV — This is really a serious obstacle to falling asleep. The reason is that, regardless of how passively, we watch TV or how peaceful there is a plot, our brains still strain. And the reversal brain together with stress and fatigue — What makes us awake in harm to health.

    The same applies to «inland television», That is, to the experiences of last day and to the planning of tomorrow. From the infinite tesign problems in the head and the problems themselves are not solved, and the dream will not come. For the same reason, doctors advise not to call late in the evening to friends: the body least needs new impressions for the night.

    Diagnosis seen at night?

    There is a theory that dreams — Not just moving pictures of the past day, but very even informative visions in which diseases are reflected.

    Men with heart problems often see death or dying, female hearts — divorce. Migraine introduces a strong fear. Violation of cerebral circulation is expressed in plots where something is lost, usually money or food. In stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease. A person is not able to see high-quality plot dreams. Narcolepsy (the inability to wake up) all night «entertain» Sleeping fancy or frightening events. Mental diseases — conflicts, bad luck or aggressive visions. A high pressure person will fight all night, begged, resist. Problems in the respiratory system, including asthma, give particularly emotional pictures.

    Do not treat dreams as a diagnosis. Of course, hypertensive can play in a dream, but this does not mean that every fighting — Hypertensive. Dreams may rather indicate a solution to psychological problems than to indicate health problems. No reliable connection between the disease and the theme of sleep was found. Usually people who are very seriously sick, dreams do not see at all.

    The main thing — calm.

    Try to move your fingers — up and down twelve times both legs together. According to millennial oriental observations, feet — This «Control panel» organism. The body consists of energy meridians, the ends of which go to the feet. Each organ and system have «button» on soles.

    Moving fingers foot — Excellent test to test the quality of your energy. If when it is fulfilled, the body will relax, it means that the energy flows through the body freely and gently. If the body becomes intense, it is possible that the stream of energy is blocked or insufficient. When with the energy of a full order, then the movement fingers will bring free-peeling condition for the night. And the movement in the morning after waking up, on the contrary, activates all organs and systems.

    Helps to sleep abdominal massage — This soothes the digestive system and causes deeper relaxation. Lie on the back, put your hand on the navel. Start with a soft hand to make small circles clockwise, gradually making them more and more. Once the circles begin to go beyond the body, start gradually reduce their size until you return to the navel. Then change the direction, twist the palm counterclockwise to the bodies and back. Repeat the same hand. Make it several times. If the constipation is tormented, do all the circles clockwise — This contributes to the good promotion of food lumps by intestines. If diarrhea, twist the palm only counterclockwise — This will help strengthen fecal material.

    If you can not fall asleep, do not lie and do not worry about it. Perhaps you are not tired enough during the day or too much slept a lot of previous night. Maybe you have a wrong idea of ​​how many people should sleep. With age, people need a lesser duration of sleep.

    In general, get up and do any calm thing: knit, listen to music. And go go to sleep when you start slipping my eyes, not before. And please do not consider sheep. British scientists have finally found out why it never worked: sheep, whom we count, are too active. Therefore, who sorry to part with the old way, try the variation: consider sleeping sheep. Imagine a beautiful green meadow extending to infinity. Every ten feet lies on the sleeping sheep, neat row — Sleepy kingdom. Imagine that you slide through the air, almost swim. Consider the sheep and slide to the next — Every three or four seconds, everyone has its own fit.

    Do not like sheep — Imagine that you are in a comfortable environment: sunny beach, hammock under the apple tree in the country. To work out, imagine in detail and detail — with flowers aroma, with sounds and sunny bunnies, with tangible warm sunlight. Relax and enjoy. If you managed to sleep — So, the picture is very suitable for you. The more often you will use it, the stronger there will be an effect.

    Did not work out — So imagine that you are not allowed to sleep, that it is time to get up, rings alarm clock, you need to wash. And you want to fall back into the bed at least for a few minutes. The more realistic picture will be, the better it will work. You will experience true happiness, getting the opportunity to sleep.

    We'll figure it out without tablets.

    When the rest does not work every or almost every night — This is considered real insomnia. People with chronic insomnia must come to a doctor. Overly protracted bad dream can be a symptom of deeply lying disorders — such as depression, pain due to arthritis or other diseases, including neurological nature that need a separate independent treatment. In other words: if the dream was broken due to depression, it cannot be considered as an indication for the reception of sleeping pills. If it makes it difficult to sleep in the back, head and so on, then it is necessary to close the causes of the painful syndrome, and not try to everybody «Turn off» With tablet. Although in some cases, in parallel with the main drugs, the doctor may appoint a short time and use of sleeping pills — But only as very short-term support.

    The reasons for the appearance of insomnia, from which you can cope without drugs, not so little. Below we list how to neutralize them:

    If you need to sleep next night.

    It happens that the person suffering from insomnia is coming the events that require a full night rest, — Before a very vigor, in front of the morning aircraft, to fresh look and so on. To such nights need to be prepared in advance. It's easy: in the morning of the previous day stand up much earlier than the usual. Use the time to use — Without a fuss, take a shower, breakfast once or twice, with a cup of coffee Magazine — In general, arrange a long morning that you usually do not happen. If life looks like in black, console yourself by the fact that by night you will get the fruits of your feat: you sleep hard, barely cheek touches the pillow.

    During the day, do not sleep. Although, it is clear, the temptation will be huge, especially if at hand a sofa or just a comfortable chair. Even if you feed for fifteen minutes, the inability to fall asleep will be provided;

    Try to the bedroom to be as darker. Turn off the night light, remove the glowing hours from the room or at least turn them somewhere. Sources of light can be very annoying, and you will not immediately understand what exactly they bring you out of themselves;
    Take a warm shower, this is a great tool for relaxing the body. However, do not exceed the dose. We must relax the body, and not to drain it. Too long stay in hot water will extend the life of life. Optionally, take a bath, adding a special salt or food soda to water. It will not only relax the body, but also help displays toxins.

    Alone will not work in a single condition, but «chord» Guarantees success.
    There is a good way to check if you sleep enough:
    On weekends you sleep longer than on weekdays. Yes or no?
    During the day, you periodically feel drowsiness and sometimes almost fall asleep. Yes or no?
    You fall asleep within five minutes after you fall into bed. Yes or no?

    If you answer all three questions negatively, then there is no shortage of rest. Let you do not confuse the last question: people who are normally resting to fall asleep 15–20 minutes.

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