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    The incubation period of the windmill, when the child is already in itself a disease, but the windmill has not yet manifested itself, amounts to 14–16 days. Approximately 2 weeks after infection, the temperature rises and overall disabilities appear, and another day or two there are rashes – On the face, the hairpiece of the head, then she caresses all over the body. There are bubbles on the spot of red specks, quickly burst, then covered with a crust, which disappears during the week.

    Usually the child has about 300 bubbles, less – less (sometimes no more than a dozen) or more. Rashes continue for several days, the temperature is usually normalized after 2–4 days after the start of the rash.

    Than rinse than to smear?

    During the normal course, the windmill does not require any treatment. The main thing – Hygiene and good care. Bubbles ocked, the child can comb them and put in the ranks of infection. Then the suppuration will begin, the crusts will hold a long time and leave behind Ospina.
    Treatment of windmill
    In Russia, accepted windmill bubbles to lubricate with green. Abroad on the existence of this method – And the greenstock itself! – Do not even suspect. Windmill bubbles there are not labeled there, only if necessary, use ointments with antibiotics.

    But it is necessary to maintain the purity of the body in the windmill. More often change your baby with pajamas and bed linen, make sure that the hands are always clean, and the nails are trimmed. Jointed crusts with windmill lubricate the synthomycin emulsion – she suppresses well microbes and does not color underwear.

    If the windmill bubbles are poured on the mouth of the mouth, let the child rinse the mouth of the chamomile. It happens that windmills bubbles appear on the eye conjunctive, – Do not worry, vision they do not threaten. Rinse the eyelids decoction chamomile, in the eyes drip the saline.

    What the windmill do in no case can – It is to give a sick child aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). It is extremely dangerous, as it can cause the hardest damage to the liver and brain (Reia Syndrome). If the temperature rose above 39°, use other antipyretic in small doses.

    Against the chickenpox virus created several drugs, the most famous acyclovir, but if the windmill proceeds easily, as usual and happens in healthy children, it makes no sense to apply it.

    For whom the windmill is dangerous?

    Windmill occurs hard in children with immunity defects. Such children acyclovir need.

    The windmill is dangerous and for newborns: they usually infect windmill if the mother moved this infection shortly before. If the future mother picks up the windmill in the first months of pregnancy, there is high (more than 25%) the risk of fetal damage.

    In children with an allergic eczema, with windmill, there are very abundant rashes.

    Teenagers and adults also carry the windmill hard, with a higher temperature, sometimes with hemorrhages in internal organs and in places of rash. So it is better to overcome this «Children's infection» Windmill in time.

    Return across decades

    It turns out, the windmill virus – relative to those herpes viruses that cause «Forab» on the lip or, worse, in the genitals. «Herpes» translated into Russian as «lichen». With the first contact with this virus develops windmill. After the end of the disease in the body remains antibodies, so that new infection, even with close contact with the patient, does not occur. But the virus from the body does not disappear – It hides in nerve cells, where all our life is preserved. At the same time, the antibodies circulating in the blood and the killer cells are chained by the virus and the rope stops any of it.

    But in the elderly or under the influence of any disease or stress, the power of immunity is reduced. The virus begins to raise his head, provoking very painful inflammation of individual nerves, which is accompanied by the rash of bubbles, similar to the windmill. They pour out, as a rule, a strip perpendicular to the spine and cause severe pain – Such a condition is called zooming deprived. It develops at about each fifth.

    Where are the vaccinations?

    The question arises: why not create a vaccine from the windmill?

    Recently vaccine against the windmill appeared, although not in Russia. She protects children, patients with leukozes and other malignant diseases: after vaccination, these children do not get sick or completely chickenpox, or tolerate windmill without complications. But whether to vaccinate all children from the windmill? Experts while arguing. Some do not see obstacles for wide vaccination (except the high cost vaccine – It costs about 30 dollars), others consider the vaccination of healthy children from the windmill excessive.

    But the doctors are increasingly inclined to promote vaccinations against chickenpox among the elderly who threatens hailing. Why do we all in 55–60 years not to introduce a chickenpox vaccine to prevent trouble? So grandparents, maybe soon you will have to take a turn on the vaccination from the windmill.

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