How to cheat insomnia


  • His Majesty's Dream
  • Set rules for bedtime
  • Head - the north!
  • Some sleep traditions

    His Majesty's Dream

  • The dream - is not only a physiological processrecuperation, but also a state of relaxation, giving the opportunity to get into the arms of a winged god Morpheus and plunge into pleasant dreams. Often fall into the arms of Morpheus is not so easy - many of us in the hectic and full of worries and stresses of life, recurrent or persistent insomnia.

    Coping with insomnia can be, using various tricks and tricks, are suitable for this purpose and useful tips that we offer you.

    Set rules for bedtime

    Brush your teeth, put on pajamas, go to the toilet... It does not matter what you do - the idea is that every night before going to bed you made the same action. When you begin each night you perform a certain ritual of departure to sleep, then your subconscious will understand eventually, what are these actions, and leave you for the night alone. This advice may not work the first time, and most likely will not work, so be patient and continue to perform this ritual.

    The bed is always to sleep! Use the bedroom only for its intended use. Do not work, do not eat and do not play video games in the bedroom. Your subconscious should only associate the bedroom with rest and sleep.

    How to cheat insomniaWalks in the open air . Regular walking will provide your body with oxygen, sufficient to sleep. But do not do it right before you go to bed, otherwise your body will be overexcited.

    Do not pick up the phone on the bed and let you did not even attend the thought: before going to bed to check e-mails or messages.

    Watch TV before going to bed or not - that is thequestion? Some of the sound of the TV leads to a peaceful slumber, and some were contrary ons. Try one and the other way and answer for themselves the question.

    Music before going to bed. Put music before going to bed, it is clear that it is not hard rock or pop music. The music should be relaxing - the sounds of nature, the sound of the surf, sounds of the forest. These melodies are often used in yoga classes.

    Ventilate the room. It's hard to fall asleep at a high temperature. The optimum temperature for sleep from + 18C to + 24C.

    Eating before bedtime. Before going to bed is not recommended to eat, the last meal should be no later than one hour before bedtime. Food in any case should not be abundant and contain large amounts of seasonings. Spicy dishes stimulate appetite, and prevent surrender to slumber. Lightweight sandwich, biscuits or drink can be your dinner.

    Before going to bed should not drink tea, coffee or alcohol because they contain caffeine. At night it is best to drink fruit or flower teas.

    Still you can not sleep? If you have half an hour of tossing and turning from side to side, stand up, walk around the apartment, look out the window or go do something else for a few minutes to break the prolonged period of not falling asleep.

    Reading a book sometimes makes people drowsy, butselect the book you need with an easy straightforward plot. Reading this book, you can stop at any line, and you do not have to spend the whole night without sleep, wanting to know what happened next.

    Relax. Do not look at the clock to see how many have the time you can not sleep. From this you are just starting more nervous, and sleep will be even harder. Try to switch the mind on something else, is not related to sleep and do not care about your imagination.

    Head - the north!

    Try to sleep head to the north. In this position, your body will be exactly between the Earth's magnetic fields. It is believed that it helps to relax. Make a circular motion massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction. Try to breathe deeply. This will help you relax.

    If you still can not fall asleep, then check your mattress. Maybe your mattress relaxed sleep is simply impossible! Think about replacing it.

    Some sleep traditions

    In the Jewish tradition, too, has its own recommendations,for example, strictly forbidden to sleep on his back, the ancient rabbis, and not without reason, we felt that it causes sexual dreams and drives, it is best to sleep on your left side, and wake up - on the right. And the Torah teaches that when a person goes to bed, he should think that he is not only going to have fun or just relax, and that means with the help of sleep to achieve physical health and spiritual purification.

    From the first time all the tips and not vospolzueshsyaall the techniques are not dispossess. Councils enough, we hope that some of them will help you and you will fall into the arms of Morpheus welcome, pleasant dreams to you!

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