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  • What feel miasteniki
  • It is important to learn myasthenia time
  • Each patient - its history
  • The rules and exceptions to the rule

  • What feel miasteniki

    I - miastenik or therapist notesI left the office a neurologist and tearsdimmed my eyes. What the doctor said to me, seemed an episode from a horror movie: "Urgent to surgery!" Why - then I had the picture, like in the movies, where I reveal the skull. I did not realize what a terrible illness fell on my head as a huge and terrifying hammer. In every way it was a stroke of fate ...

    For two years I lived in a strange state. Eyes barely open, his legs were "cotton" and gave way, hands, I could not tie his shoe and fasten the button. Worst of all was that he woke up in the morning, having washed and had breakfast, I felt as if the whole day spent with a spade in the garden. In two years, overcome itself has become customary, the drama of his condition, I did not realize for a long time, wont be impacted patient, low-key and unemotional, no matter what happens. But life became more and more difficult, as if I was behind the times. Fatigue physical growing, grew, like an octopus, my place was not there. Sometimes I like to fall asleep and not wake up.

    It is important to learn myasthenia time

    The first time I went to the doctor, diagnosespoured in one after the other, and similarly, one by one, they were not confirmed. Finally, my friends found an experienced physician, an elderly woman who worked all his life just the disease. Her sentence "! Urgently for an operation" divided my life into two parts: before and after ... ..

    Myasthenia gravis - a chronic, often relapsing-remittingneuro - muscular disease, the main manifestation of which is the pathological fatigue cross - striated muscles. This disease of the neuromuscular junction, where the normal neuromuscular transmission pulse is broken or is not allowed antibodies to acetylcholine receptors.

    Recognition of myasthenia gravis in early diseaseIt is always very difficult, so the diagnosis "myasthenia gravis", usually placed late. Myasthenia currently considered as an autoimmune disease associated with antibodies to acetylcholine receptors, which reduce the number of effective receptors and thereby violate neuromuscular transmission pulse.

    Each patient - its history

    And if the normal tongue ... The body does not respond. It is in itself, consciousness itself. The most important thing - each miastenika its "map" of symptoms. Someone suffering from ptosis (drooping eyelids), some can barely walk, and someone is choking and can not swallow.

    I have a great "experience" in this disease, and I knewmost importantly: is person with myasthenia seeking help on the side, waiting that someone will give him a miracle - a tablet, it will hurt. Medicine is now expensive, get tested and get an appointment with a specialist - is very expensive. Not many people understand what myasthenia gravis. My friend girl doctor - a neurologist, who examined her, said: "In order to treat myasthenia gravis, it is necessary to be sick." Because each person becomes ill myasthenia gravis - a new story, it is the individual causes of the disease. Each previous case is not similar to the following. But how do we understand each other !!!

    In my experience there are still moments thatunite us. We are bound by "chains" Our body. It figuratively. Everyone has their own "chain" and their causes that they create a chain. One thing is clear. Unwillingness or inability to understand their true needs leads to the fact that the body no longer obey.

    The most common reasonbroken contact between the head and body: hidden aggression. For various reasons, we often do not want or are not able to recognize that angry at the people close to us. We tend to think that you can not experience anger, well, for example, on her husband. I was approached by a woman who could not speak, or rather to say, but with difficulty. Her muscles are involved in the reproduction of the words were so weak that she had great difficulty talking about what was happening to her. She was angry at her husband very angry, angry for years. Got that "like" stopped talking. Block being able to communicate. She used to think that it is necessary to suppress the aggressive emotions in yourself. And I was very surprised when I realized that in fact she had been saving for so long aggression in myself that maintaining outward calm and humility, internally was ready to just kill her husband.

    Most interesting is that the growth processinternal aggression continues as long as a person "blow up" and begin to live differently, to change their outlook on life, or there is a correct way and a slow death. It triggered a self-destruct program: "I am ready to die, but not lowered to abuse and squabbles." Meet the expectations of others to the detriment of their health. This is just an example. How many people, so many options manifestations of this disease.

    The rules and exceptions to the rule

    Medical literature says that myasthenia gravis is notcurable may remission. I believe. But there are no rules without exceptions, but in this case just not clear where the rule and where the exception. Too all individually.

    When I became pregnant, the doctor literally handShe dragged me to an abortion, showing the page from which - the medical books, in which it was said that pregnancy stimulates the progression of the disease. I have not listened, she gave birth to two children in a row, and recently read that breastfeeding is absolutely contraindicated miastenikam. Late cute tutorial children I nursed herself. I do not know, because of his youth and the "foolishness" that the muscles have atrophied miastenikov. They have me in good condition. When I come to the doctors, they wonder my condition.

    I'm not saying that we should not listen! It is important to hear .. Their feelings, their desires and not confuse them with the conventional ideas of what - ever. About life, about the health of the relationship. I'd like to put forward, even shout, hard-won me the slogan: "Miasteniki all countries, trust yourself, listen to yourself, feel, be a little selfish." And ... believe in miracles ... Miracles still happen, if we do really want and are willing to change, to work on yourself and believe in the best.

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