Living with arachnoiditis: tips


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  • nutritional care

    Arachnoiditis - it's really hard anddebilitating disease. It is important that your diet are often grapes or raisins - they are necessary for the brain. And fatty foods do not need the brain, and not helpful to anyone overeating.

    If arachnoiditis recommended to eat more foods rich in B vitamins

    Liver. It presents the vitamins B2, PP, pantothenic acid, B6, choline, B12. It can be eaten cooked or stewed.

    Kidneys. Very useful product in this disease, although specific smell and taste dishes from the buds are often an obstacle to their widespread use in the diet.

    Bakery products. Since vitamins are concentrated in the germ and corn shells, the rougher than bread to keep these elements, so it is richer in vitamins. The most effective use of bread and bakery products of fortified flour.

    Bee products. These include not only medical, but also pollen apilak (royal jelly), and others. However, they should not be consumed in large quantities, as it can lead to allergies.

    Tips "experienced" patients

    Living with arachnoiditis: tipsIf arachnoiditis is very important to go to bed before 22 o'clock in the morning and wake up at least 7 hours and 30 minutes.

    Evening sitting at the TV will only worsen your condition. Watch TV with your disease can be at least three meters away from the screen. Closer You can not just sit!

    If you have a mobile phone, you should not wear it in the pockets of your clothes, it is better to keep it away from your body.

    Once the disease is aggravated, if a man a lot of stubborn and standing with someone argues.

    It is important for you to do some creative work, but not at the same time relying on the gratitude. Creativity should delight in itself, without any side estimates.

    And another tip, which may at firstIt seems strange to you, but the facts show that this method is valid. You need to buy a tear-off calendar, which shows the so-called lunar days. Each of them begins at different times, as the moon moves around the earth unevenly. The most important thing for you - to see on the calendar, when the moon begins the third day. This day you have to go to the barber shop and hair cut. But only in the third day of the moon! Usually, within three months, many are beginning to feel much better, and a year later the headaches almost cease to trouble.

    Such an easy way to save so many frompainful headaches. And do not even have to believe that it will help. The main thing - to make a hairstyle strictly only in the third lunar day and never again. Science is not entirely clear which factor works in such cases, but it works, and that's it. A bit sequence - and your condition will improve.

    Advice for relatives

    Your task - to ensure in the house a favorable, promotes healing atmosphere, try to get the patient was in a good mood, and do everything to maintain it will to cure.

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