Neurology has ribs


  • The reasons for neuralgia - a great many
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  • No single drug healthy people
  • It hurts the heart or is it intercostal neuralgia

  • If you suddenly felt a terrible pain inthe heart and thought of you pierced heart attack, do not rush to prepare for the worst. Maybe it's just intercostal neuralgia. Good too little. But to recover, if not put off a visit to the doctor, it is quite possible.

    The reasons for neuralgia - a great many

    Neurology has ribs

    The term "neuralgia" is derived from the Greek wordsneuron - «nerve" and algos - «pain». Aching or paroxysmal pain spread along the nerve trunk or its branches, and accompanied by other unpleasant sensations such as burning, tingling, numbness. By the way, why intercostal neuralgia pain can respond not only to the heart, but also under the shoulder blade, back, lower back.

    "In the nerve pain" caused damagesensory nerve fibers. And the reasons neuralgia kaleidoscopic diverse: injuries, exposure to heavy metals, bacterial toxins, certain medications, a number of nervous system disorders such as multiple sclerosis, polyradiculitis, infection (influenza, herpes zoster, tuberculosis), lowered immunity, allergies, congenital anomalies, or pathology of the spine ( extra ribs, low back pain, herniated discs, etc.). The appearance intercostal neuralgia cause cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, atherosclerosis, anemia) due to insufficient oxygen supply to the nerves. Neuralgia can occur with changes in the spine, caused by hormonal disorders in menopausal women. Stronger "contribution" to the development of the disease make alcohol abuse, diabetes, metabolic disorders B vitamins, which is most frequently observed in gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, hepatitis, colitis, since in these diseases suffers metabolism in nervous tissue.

    Judge for yourself how great number of reasons,causing intercostal neuralgia (and in fact we have listed not all!). The disease rarely develops under the influence of only one factor. So that self is meaningless, and the visit to the doctor, and the survey can not be avoided.

    Intercostal neuralgia suffer mostly older people, when all these causes act on the background of age-related changes in the blood vessels. In children, the disease is practically nonexistent.

    recognize difficult

    Nerve endings are everywhere, sointercostal neuralgia can simulate, for example, renal colic, pulmonary disease, pain that occurs with shingles, and very often - heart disease. Conversely, other illnesses are often inattentive doctors accepted for neuralgia.

    No single drug healthy people

    Treatment of intercostal neuralgia should becomplex. The task - to remove or correct the cause of the disease. In the acute phase of the disease is recommended bed rest for 1 - 3 days. The patient must lie on a hard, flat surface, it is best to put under the mattress board. During the attacks makes it easy, dry heat. You can tie a woolen scarf chest, put the mustard on the paravertebral area, fingering the relevant pressure points. Not bad also massage these places anti-inflammatory analgesic ointment. If severe pain can not do without analgesics (analgin, sedalgin, spazgan). The problem is that over time, the action of drugs does not give the desired analgesic effect, so use them carefully, only on prescription. And do not rely only on one medication. Good effect in intercostal neuralgia provide physiotherapy, acupuncture, laser therapy. It is advisable to take B vitamins (B1, B6, B12). To the disease is not passed in the chronic form with frequent attacks, try to reduce the physical load, do not abuse alcohol, avoid stressful situations as much as possible.

    It hurts the heart or is it intercostal neuralgia

    When neuralgia chest pain often does not let goperson, day or night. It is enhanced by palpation intercostal spaces, from a change in body position (when cornering), sudden flexion or rotational movements, as well as when walking, deep breathing or exhaling, coughing, sneezing, and even because of the excitement.

    Angina pain occurs quickly and easilypasses (after 3 - 5 minutes) are usually removed nitroglycerin. Heart pain is not changed by a deep inspiration or expiration, change of position or movement, may be accompanied by a violation of the rhythm of the pulse, a fall or rise in blood pressure.

    Generally, if the pain under the shoulder blade on the left side, be sure to make a cardiogram. To clarify the causes of chest pain may need magnetic - resonance imaging, X-ray.

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