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    The kids often blink eyes. Girls - little coquette when they build, the boys - huliganchiki when someone teased. And it's always looks pretty funny. But there are situations where frequent blinking child - it's not a game, but the reaction of the nervous system. And it is already a sign that a child needs help. What you need to take if your child's tics appeared about this, we'll talk with the candidate of medical sciences, the highest category doctor, pediatric neurologist Zaitsev Sergey Vladimirovich

    Mysterious tics

    - Absolutely right. And I think this perception of ticks due to the fact that the state, when the child is "no reason not this starts to blink," as they say moms, the most common. So let's first see what exactly is tics. Tiki - is involuntary, that is occurring in addition to the will of man (the child), stereotyped repetitive, short contraction of individual muscles or muscle groups.

    External manifestations are usually monotonous, t. E. shrinking the same muscle. Most often tics occur in muscles of the face, neck .... They are impossible to miss. When ticks facial muscles child suddenly wrinkled brow furrows his eyebrows, zazhmurivaet eyes, nose shrugs, puts his lips, and the reduction can capture half or all of the muscles of the face.

    If the child's tics neck muscles, itperiodically turns his head as if he were too tight collar or shrugs, as if adjusting uncomfortable fitting clothing. In any case, my mother should pay attention to, if there were such moments in a child's behavior.

    Do not rush to blame the child, if you thinkhe too became a grimace, then pulls the nose, the curve of his mouth, it pulls the shoulders. The total probability that the child is unable to control his actions, so it was not bad to you to consult a neurologist, it may well be tics.

    Causes of ticks

    Tiki. Question answer - You mentioned, that, coming to you at the receptionmoms often use the expression "The child began to blink for no apparent reason." But in fact there is any problem, "a root of all evil," Why can the child be a tick?

    - Tiki never really happen tolevel ground, as it sometimes seems to be mothers. Children are very sensitive to the problems in the family, even those who in terms of their parents do not touch. It sometimes happens that a child having any trouble at school in the yard and this leads to excessive internal experiences. Thus it seems insignificant to adults grieving child may lead under certain circumstances to a nervous breakdown.

    You can also note the hereditary factor inoccurrence of ticks, and the genes are "sleeping" for several generations. That is, if you have any tics of your offspring, it may well be that your grandfather suffered from them, and maybe you once were themselves.

    It should be noted that tics may occur onbackground neuroinfections or head injury, as well as in the use of certain medications, such as antipsychotics and stimulants - but it's a different story. Often the causes of tics should be sought in the inner discomfort of the child, which is formed from the surrounding issues.

    Speaking of ticks, in principle we are talking about startingie mechanisms by which they can be or of their external manifestations. But experts still do not know the true nature of ticks. Tiki may suddenly begin and end as abruptly, so that they remain mysterious pieces even for medicine.

    What is the "border states"

    - We know that ticks usually referred to ascalled "borderline state" - a term not only neurological, but also psychiatric. As to what the specialist should contact her mother if her child has tics?

    - The problem is really ticks onborder several specialties: neurology, psychology and psychiatry. Typically, a standard set of surveys: the child is assigned EEG (electroencephalogram), it is necessary to make sure that the child has no physiological basis for the emergence of tics and needs primarily psychotherapeutic help. Then appointed consulting a child psychologist, and, finally, the neurologist determines the plan of care and treatment.

    According to statistics, there are ticks in boys three times more often than girls. Age 5-7 years of occurrence. Eight out of ten infected ticks to 12-13 years will disappear.

    We treat tics

    - There is an opinion that by adolescence ticks can pass on their own. Hence the question whether they should be treated in time?

    - Tiki because everyone is different and the range of their manifestationsis enormous: from the quick passing obsessions winks that some parents may not notice until common chronic motor and vocal tics with mental disorders (such as Tourette's syndrome).

    Disease "Gilles de la Tourette '- this is the mosta severe form of the disease. Tiki at it accompanied by sudden involuntary shouting vzvizgivaniyami or individual words. The child becomes irritable, you may experience slow intelligence.

    If your baby were tics, and youSee your doctor at the beginning of the disease, even an experienced specialist is sometimes not able to accurately predict the course of events. It is therefore necessary to monitor the state of the child. And if ticks prevented him live a full life, to communicate normally, they are burdened with it, in this case, of course, it would be necessary to try to get rid of them.

    Although sometimes ticks can actually disappearalone, though it depends on many factors. The main thing in getting rid of ticks strategy to eliminate the cause of their origin, that is, it has led to their appearance: family problems, a lack of understanding on the part of parents, some internal difficulties of the child and so on. Mom should make every effort to establish the truth behind the situation and try to get rid of it. There is no reason, and as a consequence tics disappear.

    The lives of children with tics

    Tiki. Question answer- That is, the mother should first of all on a human to understand what happens to the child. Whence then some moms this is medically business approach to the treatment of ticks?

    Partly from not enough competent doctors,who advised her about ticks, partly by their own desire to treat. Yes, yes, and do not smile. Just in front of you I was taking the boy with her mother and just about ticks. The first thing I asked my mother, "Is everything all right at home, in a relationship with a child? "" Of course "- as my mother has reported. But during a visit she pulled down her child twenty times, not once greeted, not once said, is not got no looking back. I myself have to tick if so plagued me day began. I tried to explain to her that it would be necessary to begin with in order to review the relationship with the child. She was offended and said that she had come to the child was discharged effective drug by ticks, but not taught to live it. Another complaint and promised to write (laughs). It is the belief that the pill can solve any problem, and often interferes with this problem to cope with.

    - As for today neurologists to help mothers cope with children's tics ...

    - Firstly, it is of course psycho-pedagogicalcorrection, this can help a child psychologist. Second, the mother should be adjusted mode of life. Enter a diet, it is not necessary to give products containing caffeine: tea, coffee, cola and chocolate. Not bad would be to enroll the child in the sports section, or even just begin to give more time to sports activities, but in watching TV and endless games on the computer, it is better to limit. If necessary, provide medical treatment courses of 3-4 times a year.

    Tips for parents

    - To you recommend as a "preventive" ticks?

    - Prevention of ticks is not difficult. Just parents should try to build a relationship with the child in a confidential manner. Let the family be psychologically comfortable and calm environment. In relation to your child follow the principle of less pressure - more understanding. In a word mentally and physically healthy lifestyle will help the child in the future to avoid the occurrence of such not very pleasant events as tics.

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