Trigeminal neuralgia, or how to live with pain


  • Trigeminal neuralgia - is, above all, pain
  • Who "loves" trigeminal neuralgia
  • Where does neuralgia
  • How to treat trigeminal neuralgia

  • Trigeminal neuralgia, or trigeminalneuralgia - is a severe disease, history of research that goes into the XI century. Huato doctor, who lived in ancient China, the first to describe the disease and developed a method of treatment. However, he was unable to cure the high-ranking official, and was executed for it.

    Trigeminal neuralgia - is, above all, pain

    Trigeminal neuralgia, or how to live with pain

    What is this disease astrigeminal neuralgia? It is characterized by attacks of intense pain, localized in the middle and lower parts of the face, most commonly in the lower half. And the pain is so sudden and severe that the person seems as if his face was struck by lightning pierced or discharge current. The attack lasts from a few seconds up to two minutes, but the patient seconds seem like an eternity.

    Behavior during the attack of trigeminalneuralgia is very typical. The patient can neither scream nor cry, he stops in the position in which it found the attack, trying to survive the dreadful pain. Sometimes he rubs the area of ​​pain or characteristic makes smacking movement. Questions answered sparingly, barely opening his mouth. It happens twitching of facial muscles.

    Prevalence of trigeminal neuralgia is quite wide. It is up to 30 - 50 patients per 100 000 population.

    Who "loves" trigeminal neuralgia

    Basically etmu disease susceptible to the elderly because of the seal faces and sclerosis vessels. Most often the disease occurs in women 50 - 69 years.

    Where does neuralgia

    Neuroscientists believe that the cause of the disease trigeminal neuralgia is trigeminal nerve root compression of a nearby vessel. squeezing the cause may be:
    • tumor
    • adhesions after injury, infection,
    • expansion convoluted cerebellar arteries, veins,
    • aneurysm of the basilar artery.

    The development of the disease can be caused by various vascular, endocrine and metabolic, allergic disorders, and psychogenic factors.

    What can cause an attack of trigeminalneuralgia? This can be a light touch, a breath of wind, washing, talking, eating, brushing teeth, shaving faces. Sometimes there is a so-called "ladder syndrome". It lies in the fact that if the patient is tripped as he walked up the stairs or just on a rough surface, it instantly attack occurs.

    Unfortunately, completely cure neuralgiatrigeminal nerve is impossible. It is a chronic disease that consists of alternating episodes and remissions. Founded challenge in the treatment - to make periods of remission as long as possible.

    How to treat trigeminal neuralgia

    At the moment, there are three methods of treatment of neuralgia.

    Medical technique - is, first and foremost, anticonvulsants. Equally important are neuroleptics, antidepressants, tranquilizers.

    Physiotherapy method - it is acupuncture,pharmacopuncture (introduction to bioactive points medications), laser puncture, the use of pulsed currents of low voltage and low frequency, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, ultrasound, electrophoresis of drugs.

    The surgical technique - surgical treatmentstrigeminal neuralgia, there are a large number. This separation may be nerve root and squeezing its receptacle; crossing some large branches of the trigeminal nerve, the destruction of pain fibers in the nerve roots. The choice of surgical technique depends on the patient's condition.

    As a general rule, at the initial stage of the diseaseRecommended patient medication and physical therapy, blockade of the trigeminal nerve. Neurosurgical treatments are shown only after an absence of effect of the above treatments.

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