Why jumps pressure? Transient hypertension


Why jumps pressure? Transient hypertensionAbout hypertensive disease have heard many. This disease of cardio - vascular system, the main feature of which is hypertension, which leads to changes in the heart, kidneys and nervous system. According to statistics from hypertensive disease affects more than 40% of the adult population of Russia, and half are not even aware of their high blood pressure is not treated.

Hypertensive heart disease does not occur withinone day, in its development, it goes through several stages, the first of which is characterized by a transient increase in blood pressure to 140/90 mm Hg. Art.

Why is increased blood pressure?

At first, we shall understand what factors predispose to the development of hypertension, who have often found it a disease?

  • Enormous role played by heredity, and if yourparents suffer from hypertension, you should pay attention to their blood pressure sooner than the average person, that is, before his fortieth birthday.
  • If you have an unstable nervous system, youperiodically throws in the heat and cold, you labile mood, that is, in fact, the probability that the vegetative - vascular dystonia eventually develop into hypertension, is quite high.
  • Hypertension often occurs because of endocrine diseases and very often accompanies obesity.
  • Oddly enough, blood pressure problems often found in people, leading a passive lifestyle.
  • Affect bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol abuse.
  • Hazardous working conditions, vibration, noise, night work - all this, one way or another, undermines health.

A special role in the development of hypertensionplayed by stress, during which the body is emissions, forcing the heart to work in tension and with a vengeance to pump blood through narrowed blood vessels. High blood pressure faster "fixed" in chronic hypoxia of the brain, at the age of hormonal changes, diseases of the kidneys and the excessive use of salt.

Symptoms of transient hypertension

Why jumps pressure? Transient hypertensionInterestingly, the manifestations of arterialhypertension felt better than people who are in fact not yet suffer hypertension, they just often associated with fatigue, specific days of the menstrual cycle in women, meteosensitivity and other factors. At the same time extending the headache of varying duration, intensity, dizziness, irritability, intolerance of sharp sounds, light and odors, fatigue - are the most common symptoms of hypertension.

At the time of high blood pressure canshow a sense of warmth in the face, the skin becomes red, there is a ringing in the ears, may flicker "fly" in front of his eyes. attack duration varies from a few hours to a day. Blood pressure is increased due to its systolic (heart) component is usually not more than 130-140 mm Hg. Art., Diastolic (vascular), the pressure is in the normal range, ie 80-85 mm Hg. Art.

Transient stage of hypertension maylast up to 5-6 years, when time begun treatment of the disease can retreat. The transient increase in blood pressure does not affect the state of the heart and blood vessels, hypertension when only passes to the next stage, detected changes in the myocardium, the vessels of the eye, kidney, and brain.

Resistant hypertension leads tothe development of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease accompanied by pain behind the breastbone, disruptions in heart, shortness of breath, swelling of the lower limbs, hearing loss, permanent tinnitus, decrease in visual acuity up to complete blindness, memory impairment. It is believed that early treatment of hypertension to prevent stroke in 50% of cases, and half reduces the likelihood of myocardial infarction. At the same time the normalization of blood pressure control and allows the person, if not to prevent the development of hypertension, then, at least, to live longer and remain in good physical shape.

How to detect transient hypertension?

The answer is simple, it is necessary to control their blood pressure and measure in cases where a headache and other symptoms of hypertension.

Measuring blood pressure in the morning should be immediatelyafter lifting the bed, it will be a reference pressure, and again during the day (working pressure). Do not take into account the cases of high blood pressure after physical or emotional stress - it is a normal reaction of the body. It should be borne in mind that blood pressure naturally rises with age, and 55 year-old man pressure 135-140 / 85-90 is considered normal. Subsequently, it is stabilized and even reduced to 80 years.

If discovered hypertension,You need to undergo a full examination, including general and biochemical blood tests, urinalysis, ECG, PCG, echocardiography, ultrasound and X-rays of the heart, ophthalmoscopy.

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