Why memory leaves


    Without it, we feel helpless andawkward, like babies. Even small memory problems cause inconvenience, what can we say about the major failures that may be symptoms of a serious illness beginning.

    What feeds the brain

    Our brain is made up of a third fatty acid,sources which are seafood, fish oils, nuts and vegetable oils. He loves and carbohydrates contained in cereals, vegetables, sugar, sweets.

    There is an important difference: cereals and vegetables (except carrots and beets) contain so-called "slow" carbohydrates, which do not act immediately, but they have enough for the whole day. Sugar, flour products supply the body "fast" carbohydrates that instantly enhance mental and physical activity, are replaced by the weakness and memory loss. The brain needs amino acids, and (they are found in fish, grains, and legumes), and a variety of vitamins of group B.

    What memory

    Why memory leavesThere are two components in the memory based - short-term and long-term. Short-term memory is often lost under certain influences on the brain.

    For example, a concussion can causeretrograde amnesia - a condition when all that was before the traumatic situation, forgotten. The reason may be amnesia and emotional stress, which occurs during a significant load on the brain. To defend himself, he was forced out of my memory all that is associated with this event.

    As a result, stress can cause seriousneurosis, and significant mental overload condition implies that not only loses his memory, and impaired performance of simple actions. For example, a man tries to write holding a pen upside down.

    Long-term memory is lost whenstart to break up the protein structure. For example, a person with Alzheimer's disease clearly remembers what happened to him in the past, and transfers those events to date, he has lost the concept of continuity of time.

    Additionally, there is a disease such assclerosis. It happens in 40 and in 50 and 60 years. The patient also carries the events of the past in the present moment and in parallel forgets everything that happens in the present moment. Because of this, his behavior becomes scattered, strange (may forget to wear some of the clothes thing).

    Forgetfulness. How to treat it</ H2>

    Forgetfulness - this is often enough to kind of twist that makes it possible to get rid of painful memories, and allows you to justify the reluctance to carry out some action.

    The man in this way avoids the decision of theproblems. Forgetting he allegedly uhoproblem. Forgetting he allegedly uhoproblem. Forgetting he supposedly moving away from them, with justification for their actions. Internal restrictions, which creates the mind, there is not just. Most likely, in the past it held some unpleasant life situation, to cope with which the man failed and disappointment in the possibility of overcoming its causes forgetfulness.

    When due to forgetfulness person feelsdissatisfaction with himself, he should stop and think about the fact that his life is a priority, and that - minor, try to believe in themselves, in fact, that he is required to cope, you just really want this. Assure yourself that win its past is quite possible that the output will be found.

    Forgetfulness may be one of the waysescape from reality. This is especially evident with age. As a rule, this disease affects people who in the past possessed an excellent memory and remembers all to the smallest detail. These people remember details that others do not notice and did not pay them much attention.

    What should I do with my memory

    Memory problems can occur at any age. In childhood, often the reason is not a bad memory, and absent-mindedness. All this is corrected.

    In general, assistance in the case of human memory lossIt depends on the reasons that caused the disorder. If it's fatigue - appointed special medicines - tinctures, strong emotional stress - psychotherapy (during the sessions gradually doctor helps a person to go through the trouble and resumed the memory).

    Alzheimer's disease is not cured, but there aredrugs that slow down its development. Memory impairment may be the beginning of the manifestation of diseases of the brain. Therefore, it is important to immediately consult a doctor and undergo all the necessary tests.

    Yet still basically most of usHe complains of the usual forgetfulness. We often forget the name, phone number, some household trifle. Sometimes it is not so important for us and the brain begins to self-eliminates the extra information. Mild forgetfulness - is not a disease but a normal process that can be stopped in time. To do this, regular exercise, plenty of sleep, learn to properly experience stress.

    In addition, it is important not to forget about the usual exercise for the brain. Giving him a constant load, new knowledge, training with the help of crossword puzzles and riddles, and we renew our memory.

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