Chinese medicine: acupuncture almighty


  • The cornerstone
  • Get rid of migraines
  • Lost sleep
  • Cure dependence
  • Auriculotherapy - is also acupuncture?

  • The cornerstone

    Chinese medicine: acupuncture almighty

    The main thing, according to Chinese doctors - itvital energy flows that circulate in our body. They are distinguished from non-living organism. They also affect our health, causing fatigue, or, on the contrary, the tide forces.

    The state of health is determined by the free circulation of energy through the body, the balance between opposites, yin and yang.

    The disease occurs when the power failureflow as a result of external factors, in particular climate (hot summer weather), internal (stress, loss of loved ones), or both at once (epidemics, injury ...)

    Get rid of migraines

    Acupuncture enhances the effect of using pain medication.

    For example, research conducted in the UKinvolving 400 patients suffering from headaches, it has proven that acupuncture sessions much easier migraines and reduce the dose of medications.

    Lost sleep

    Increasingly, modern people are faced withinsomnia and sleep disorders. But not all who are familiar with this problem and agree to take medications. Acupuncture in this case may be the perfect solution.

    The only drawback - the effect of suchtreatment does not occur immediately. Guaranteed health improvement usually occurs after the third session, a healthy sleep is restored completely after 2-3 weeks.

    According to the tenets of Chinese medicine, stressassociated with the relationship between man himself and his environment and is expressed in blocking the flow of energy. In this case, acupuncture releases the body's defense system, helping to cope with stress in a natural way, gives a feeling of relaxation. Two or three treatments are usually sufficient for long-term results.

    Cure dependence

    Chinese medicine: acupuncture almighty

    Techniques of Chinese medicine is successfullyused in the treatment of various kinds of harmful dependencies, including alcohol and substance abuse. Acupuncture stimulates the points that minimize adverse effects on the body of toxins, relieve stress, get rid of the withdrawal symptoms.

    Unbelievable but true: as shown by medical practice, three sessions of two weeks is sufficient for removal of tobacco dependence. Sometimes, additional sessions a month and six months. There are obvious benefits of acupuncture quit smoking once and for all, can not be afraid of any irritability or extra kilos.

    Acupuncture can help patients and,undergoing chemotherapy. Another important point - this technique avoids taking medication when they are contraindicated - for example, during pregnancy or in the elderly.

    Auriculotherapy - is also acupuncture?

    Technique acupuncture of the earIt is a branch of acupuncture. The basis of treatment - impact on the point of projection of the internal organs, located on the ear. Recently, Dr. David Alimi (David Alimi) from the Paris Institute Gustave-Roussy (Gustave-Roussy) proved the effectiveness of auriculotherapy against cancer pain. This technique has also been successfully used for treatment of certain skin diseases and removal of tobacco dependence.

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