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  • To experience the force of a bee sting dare not everyone. And very
    even in vain, says Igor Korkulenko, one of the few in Russia
    Professionals who practice apitherapy (treatment bees).

    Live pharmacy

    On the miraculous power of bee venom it was known in ancient
    Egypt. Mentions about surprising results are found pchelolecheniya
    and in the works of Hippocrates. Thanks to the healing bites rid of gout
    who lived in the VIII century Frankish king Charlemagne and the legendary Ivan
    Terrible, and beekeepers have long been the first of the doctors.

    Medical apiterapevt Igor T. Korkulenko nothing surprising in this
    does not see. Bee venom - a living pharmacy. It and proteins, and enzymes, and
    amino acids. As a powerful immune stimulator, a unique tool
    cures many diseases, based just is weakeningHealing stingnny

    Balm for body and soul

    The list of diseases for which helps bee sting is impressive:
    chronic bronchitis, trophic ulcers, varicose veins,
    adenoma of the prostate, baldness, prostate dysfunction
    developing ovarian and for this reason infertility, fibroids,
    endo-metriosis. Bee venom normalizes metabolism, regulates fat
    metabolism, increases immunity. Skate apitherapy - the treatment of psoriasis. After
    pcheloterapii several courses virtually incurable in terms of
    traditional medicine or skin disease disappears completely, or
    significantly reduces its sphere of influence.

    Regulars cabinet apitherapy -patsienty with rich "track record"
    colds. Bee stings these people supersede
    influenza vaccination, becoming a reliable barrier
    penetration of viral infections and strengthening the weakened body.
    But perhaps the most effective bee venom in the treatment of radiculitis,
    osteochondrosis and joint diseases (by chance bee venom enters
    of many protivoradi-kulitnyh ointments). After taking the course of apitherapy,
    yesterday "radikulitchiki" completely forget about their suffering. On

    Bite salvation

    At first glance, the method of treatment bees resembles acupuncture:
    bee sting, containing 0.15 mg of venom affects certain
    point and area of ​​the body responsible for the state of an organ.
    However, unlike the treatment of needles that must get to strictly
    a certain point, the bee sting is enough to leave only in the surrounding

    For hedging in the first session, the patient put a bee in the most
    a safe place - between the shoulder blades, gradually bringing the number up to
    10-16 pieces per session. In each disease its number of bees and its
    scheme. Typically, treatment includes 10-15 sessions,
    repeated every other day (bee venom works 24 hours).

    For greater effect pcheloterapii repeat courses and stung place
    warming up a special bamboo stick, in order to quickly disperse
    ringing in the blood poison. They say that bee stings pretty easy (in
    Depending on the pain sensitivity) threshold tolerated. 2-3
    the day is not a trace left of them. According Korkulenko, some of its
    Patients become real bee addicts receiving from
    painful bites great pleasure.

    Allergy sufferers do not disturb

    But foreigners our Russian bees, they say, suffer badly.
    After the first session, Yugoslavs, French, Korean, Vietnamese issue
    severe allergy. Igor T. does not cease to wonder: to what
    the sickly people!

    However, even among the Russians Allergy is now missing, and therefore without
    special audit (which is made by blood tests) to sessions
    pchelolecheniya Dr. Korkulenko nobody takes. In addition to allergies
    contraindication for apitherapy are chronic malignant
    tumors, severe infections, tuberculosis, acute liver disease,
    kidneys, anemia, hypertension and diabetes. Not taken and apiterapevt
    for the treatment of children. Little Ones - too delicate patients.

    Mandatory testing for allergies is regularly and all medical
    Staff pcheloterapii cabinet. At the local employees work harmful:
    no-no and will break during a session on the "will" of the buzzing mikroulya
    yadonosnaya bee.

    Bee sorry!

    As a rule, apitherapy are three types of bees - Carpathian,
    Transcaucasian and Central Russian. However, the use of Central
    Bee Korkulenko refused - very evil! Karpatka - is quite another
    a business. According to Igor Tikhonovich, working with these gentle bees -
    pure pleasure. Future winged "healers" are held annually
    strict sanitary control and regularly replenished with new ones.

    Life is brief medical bees. Leaving the sting (which, in fact,
    is a continuation of bee intestine) in the human body,
    poor bee dies after 15-20 minutes from ... peritonitis. They say,
    after a small insect that put lives on the altar
    human health, there is even a monument - in Japan, where pchelolechenie
    It is very popular.

    There was a time when wanting to undergo treatment with bee venom was a lot with us.
    Boom heyday apitherapy in Russia took place in the 50-60-ies of the last
    century. Today, the popularity of the former was gone. Igor
    Korkulenko not discouraged. The time will come when tired of the treatment
    foreign "chemistry" people again remember the good old traditions of their
    ancestors. And do not get sick.

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