Royal jelly to help the young mother


Royal jelly to help the young motherLet's see from the physiology. Pregnancy and childbirth cause the woman's body to work at maximum capacity. Even if a few days after giving birth mom I think she is full of energy - it's a false feeling. We need 3-4 months for a woman to completely physically recovered and got used to the new load - care, feeding, baby wearing. Immune protection in the postpartum period is also not up to par (after all, the entire pregnancy was reduced immunity, so as not to deprive the fetus), plus substantial, though physiological, blood loss during labor and after them. What else affects the mother's health in the postpartum period? Often it is impossible to sleep as before. Sleep becomes intermittent, sensitive to all movements of the baby, the night has to wake up to feed. Lactation also creates a burden on the mother's body.

Psychologically, too, to adapt to changenot easy. In the months the young mother can trap a mild form of postpartum depression, so-called "postpartum blues": everything seems meaningless, gray, new responsibilities are too heavy, and the joy of free life - forever lost. In such cases, women are advised to frequently leave home without a baby, do their appearance and remember old interests, fully fed and take vitamins.

Of course, with the growth of the baby all the problems go away,physical health and vigor gradually returned, Mom gets used to the new rhythm of life - but what a shame not to enjoy in full the first days and weeks of baby's life, the most important, interesting, welcome! Postpartum can be summed up in one succinct word - adaptation. This adaptation of the child to life outside of the abdomen, the adaptation of mothers to the absence of pregnancy to lactation, new business, new joys and difficulties.

What, besides the loving support of friends, we canhelp yourself in this "time of change"? Medicine applies in such cases, special drugs, the so-called adaptogens, which help to increase efficiency, to stress the negative environmental impacts of sustainability, improve immunity. Adaptogens help to cope with the recovery period faster and more efficiently, whether the injury, illness or stress. It justifies the use of adaptogens and the postpartum period.

What should be any drugs for youngMom, especially if she is breastfeeding? First, natural. One of the most effective natural adaptogens is Apilak Grindeks, uterine (native) Milk of bees. This is an amazing composition and functions of the substance produce worker bees to feed the queen bee larvae, and later at the time of laying her eggs. Receiving only royal jelly, larva 5-6 days increases its weight a few times - you can imagine how Apilak Grindeks full of nutrients!

Studies have shown the composition of royal jellyinteresting results: Apilak Grindeks largely similar to human colostrum and milk. It is rich in easily digestible protein and amino acids, including 10 essential; it presents carbohydrates fructose and glucose (by the same sugars as honey); apilak Grindeks fat content of about 5%. Proteins and fats apilak Grindeks have antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
The royal jelly contains enzymes -unique bioactive substances that help digestion (they are found in breast milk and set it apart from the milk mixture). Composition apilak Grindeks for vitamins and microelements richest, there is almost everything needed their names, which are often difficult to obtain from food.
As the results of studies shows thatApilak Grindeks reception for 2 weeks in lactation improves 1.5 times as compared to conventional means. Already at 3-4 day an increase reception volume of breast milk 30-60 ml per feeding, and in some cases up to 120 ml.

How does a rich composition of royal jelly at course intake postpartum?

  • Improves blood, accelerates the restoration of blood flow volume, it helps to normalize the level of hemoglobin and other blood parameters;
  • It stimulates metabolism, it helps to remove excess fluid, metabolic products;
  • It accelerates the regeneration of the tissues of the birth canal, if there were violations in the natural course of sorts;
  • Due to a general tonic and vasodilator effect, as well as improve the blood supply to the breast, improves the flow of milk from the breast and increases lactation;
  • It improves mood and tone, increases efficiency, it brings young mother feeling "vyspannosti";
  • It restores natural immunity level and helps protect against acute viral respiratory and intestinal infections.

Propyl apilak Grindeks course, many womenmark not only improve their general condition, but also pay attention to the roundness of the cheeks baby: the positive effect of royal jelly on lactation even know our grandmothers.
Nursing mother while receiving apilak Grindekswe must be attentive to two things: do not "peretonizirovat" themselves and do not cause sleep disorders; not to miss the rare, but still possible the child symptoms of allergy to bee products (eg, in the form of skin rashes). Other contraindications to the royal jelly there.

Apilak Grindeks not make it work for my mother, but allow it to restore its own forces to make life with a baby was a joy!

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