That the Chinese well, we - a charlatan?


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  • - To some method could be used on the territory of Russia, he
    It must be officially registered. As well as any doctor,
    received training in another state, shall confirm their
    qualifications and get a work permit, - says Alexei Karpeev, CEO FNKETS traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment.
    - No doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is not able to
    obtain official permission to work in Russia, because it can not
    confirm your diploma - equivalent education in Russia.

    That the Chinese well, we - a charlatan?
    The question is, as a rule, is solved in this way: open center,
    obtained the license for certain kind of activity on our own,
    Russian doctors, and then in the center of the Chinese come to work and
    are welcome. And no one thinks it is, firstly, infringement
    law, and secondly, often quackery, because under the guise
    Professors are welcome people who do not have higher education. "
    One such "doctor" treated the patient from degenerative disc disease. The patient did
    dropper unknown Chinese drug. Two weeks after
    I start procedures she died from lobar pneumonia. She was 41


    Among the methods of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in our country for a long time and
    It has been used successfully only reflexology. Diagnosis of Language,
    pulse diagnosis, the Chinese health gymnastics, Chinese
    herbal medicine - all this under study. Too bad, because now TCM
    for the world is a very attractive primarily for its

    The effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine, we still can
    judged largely on Badam (biologically active additives), to whom we
    innumerable. By the way, if there were no dietary supplements in Russia today
    It would be considerably more registered Chinese

    But the means check how much a food additive
    cheaper than medication, because of which the ordinary suffering again
    consumer - to catch the shaft among those products that really
    help, and separate them from the futile and extremely falsified
    complicated. If you want to somehow protect yourself, be sure to
    See if they have a drug or supplement the state registration -
    it is evidence that the supplement is safe and effective enough.

    He sees eye,
    Yes tooth itching

    - When the medicine
    more than 5 millennia, a sin not to take advantage of its achievements. Not
    so our academic science more omnipotent, to reject
    tried and tested by other systems of medicine, - says Alexei Karpeev. - AT
    small in Switzerland employs about 150 Chinese
    doctors. But there is a rigid system of medical monitoring, there accept
    experts really know.

    It would be nice to prepare us and their doctors of TCM. In several universities
    create specialized groups, which would have gone to China
    training. I hope that in 2-3 years we will come to these decisions.

    Traditional Chinese medicine in Russia is very advertised,
    some of it is called "the twenty-first century system." This, of course, an exaggeration,
    it is not a panacea, but a good, nice medsistema, which must be
    use, especially now that we have a preponderance of chronic
    diseases in which she is very good at helping. It is certainly
    it is necessary to implement, but carefully and wisely, taking in this regard the example of the
    the Chinese ".

    Speaking of drugs

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