Wrinkles on the face to tell about disease


Says Doctor of Pharmacy Naila Nasybullina:

Face wrinkles not necessarily indicate a hard life. Part
wrinkles passed us by inheritance. Wrinkles are associated
exclusively with the peculiarities of our nature. Maybe, and heavy
Test person share has not dropped, and health is all right, and
he reacts violently to all household stuff and minor problems,
that his face is literally strewn with small wrinkles.

But there are
very different wrinkle, warning that that a person
there are certain health problems. Forewarned - he
armed. For the convenience of "reading" section face on the field.

On the face

Wrinkles on the face to tell about disease

1. Weak and saggy skin on the cheeks shows problems with the bladder.

2. Slightly swollen chin - means the kidneys are working for wear.

3. Multiple lines on the cheeks indicate a reduced function of the stomach and pancreas.

4. The transverse wrinkle on the chin can be a sign of stagnation at the level of the liver or pelvis.

5. If the skin on the cheeks reminiscent of a transparent film, it is necessary to check the condition of the liver.

6. If you often numb chin worth a visit to make a cardiologist and an electrocardiogram, because of possible heart problems.

nasolabial folds

1. Swelling and change in the shape of the nose and the appearance of purple hue say about the disease lung and colon.

2. Deep wrinkles are symmetrical on both sides of the nose indicate dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract.

If the nasolabial crease continues up to the chin, it means
digestive problems - gastritis with high acidity,
starting a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, colitis.

4. Vertical shallow wrinkles on the upper lip say of gynecological diseases.

Vertical wrinkles on the corners of the mouth down warning about possible
gastritis with a reduced secretory function and predisposition to
pancreatic diseases.

6. If covered grooves around the mouth and the mouth itself, then there is cramping in the large intestine.

7. White edging around the mouth draws attention to the problems in the heart.

Cracks in the corners of his mouth talking about the violation of water-salt metabolism, and
maybe about gidronefrite - violation of fluid excretion by the kidneys.

On the forehead and around the eyes

When forming a plurality of cross-shaped wrinkles, not over the bridge
possible disease of the spine. A transverse wrinkle says
the problem is in the cervico-occipital area - often low back pain.

2. If cut forehead horizontal wrinkles over the bridge - a common sign propensity to migraines.

Deep vertical furrow between the eyebrows tells its
owner that his body is clearly not enough oxygen and movements in the
fresh air.

4. Vertical crease between the eyebrows on the right
It points to a damaged liver and gall bladder. If the wrinkle
It shifted to the left - this is the first sign of problems with the spleen.

5. Vertical wrinkle middle of the forehead to the nose level talks about stomach problems.

6. Wrinkles under the eyes in the form of a crescent - "projection" of possible problems with the bladder.

7. Swelling of the upper eyelids suggests that not all is well with the kidneys.

8. Bags under the eyes indicate a disorder of the heart.

Of course,
to get rid of these defects, we must first treat the disease. But
if your wrinkles yet purely cosmetic, to say goodbye to
they can use simple exercises facial yoga.

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