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Like it or not, but the desire to be slim noI canceled. And, despite the fact that summer is almost open, slimming relevance to the beach season is still very high. Lose weight and not hungry, probably the dream of every girl. Many despair, waving the hand, and the most active try to stick all kinds of diets.

Today, readers will be introduced to MirCovetovvery effective and colorful diet - its name is similar to the children's cartoon about the little flowers-semitsvetik. Diet was selected six petals dietician from Sweden. Anna Johansson for many years trying to help his patients lose weight. For many years, a nutritionist to combine different products, solving the challenge. And she managed to find the correct answer!

What is the difference between this diet from all the existing ones? Why petals and why they are six, not seven? The questions are many and each of them will answer our site.

This involves a special dietthe use of products that can not be mixed together. That is, the products need to eat each individually. Diet is considered to be easy, because they do not need to adhere to a special schedule for months. Just six days - and already we see the result!

The main rule

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For one day a week without dieting petals need to exactly follow the recommendations of a nutritionist, namely, to eat the products strictly according to the scheme. diet method is characterized by its simplicity:

  1. On the first day of the diet held monoproduct reception. Duration - 24 hours.
  2. The second day - the second mono-diet.
  3. The third - the third.

And so on, the main thing - to eat only those foodswhich have the same chemical composition. And diet really gives great results. Before we introduce and offer this kind of getting rid of the extra kilos all comers, the experiment was conducted. Women volunteers ate on Flap principle for six days, and ... you will not believe - they just melted in her eyes!

In just one day of the food the body canlose from 500 grams to one kilogram, and in some cases the loss may be about two kilograms! This result - the work of diet six petals.

Interesting in the diet

diet, Radar diet, weight loss, nutrition, diet, six petals

The list of used products include:

  1. Fish and sea products (proteins).
  2. Vegetables (carbohydrates).
  3. Cereals (proteins).
  4. Cottage cheese (carbohydrates).
  5. White meat chicken (protein).
  6. Fruits (carbohydrates).

The fish can be eaten, cooked in two ways: roasted and boiled. To salt fish is allowed, but only slightly. The fish folk can add a little chopped fresh herbs and seasoning and spices, but only natural.

This powerful protein shake a day will give your body, and it will start to work in the right direction - to burn excess fats.

The vegetable day, you can eat vegetables both raw and baked or boiled.

On the day when you need to eat only chicken, it is made from the breast: baked or boiled in water with salt and spices.

When it's the turn of curd lobe, that day can be in addition to the curd to drink a little low-fat milk.

Incidentally, this is the golden rule must complyevery man sticking petal diet: fluid you need to drink as much as the body will require. Good thirst quencher green tea, brewed not hard, herbal teas, as well as purified water. At last, the final day of the diet, in addition to eating fruits, allowed the use of fresh juices, no sugar added and diluted with purified water.

Prohibited products

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Absolutely can not eat products such as:

  1. Sweets and chocolate.
  2. Cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies.
  3. Bread and buns.
  4. Sunflower oil and butter.
  5. Salo and other fats.
  6. Fried food.
  7. Gum, energy and other "unprofitable".

In addition to these forbidden foods,need to ensure that all component parts petal diets were fresh, not processed with chemicals, it is desirable not frozen, not to get food poisoning.

Option diet menus

diet, Radar diet, weight loss, nutrition, diet, six petals

Before proceeding to the acquisition of diet products, you need to learn these recommendations:

  1. All food should be chewed slowly. Haste is not allowed. Every morsel of food should be fun.
  2. During the meal can not drink water, not to disturb the digestive process. To drink it is desirable in the intervals between meals.
  3. You must eat small meals often.
  4. It is undesirable to arrange snacks.
  5. Rotate, repeat and change between a colored days impossible.

First day.

  1. In the morning: boiled fish, a little salt and pepper.
  2. Lunch in three hours - baked fish with fresh herbs, a little salt.
  3. Dinner. The gap between breakfast and lunch is three hours. Ear fish without vegetables.
  4. The second meal two hours later: meat fish steamed with herbs.
  5. Dinner: boiled fish, a little salt.
  6. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can drink fish soup and tea without sugar. Purified water.

Second day.

  1. Morning: carrots (two pieces), you can grate.
  2. Second breakfast: mashed potatoes, butter and milk is not added, only potato broth and a little salt.
  3. Lunch: vegetable stew with salt and spices.
  4. Dinner: whole vegetables in a double boiler.
  5. Second dinner: a couple of fresh vegetables (cucumber, pepper and tomato).
  6. Drinking juice from vegetables and tea. Purified water.

The third day.

  1. Morning: Boil the chicken breast.
  2. Lunch: baked fillet with spices.
  3. Lunch: chicken soup with seasoning and herbs.
  4. Dinner: grilled chicken (baked crust throw).
  5. Second dinner: boil a little chicken.
  6. Drink broth of chicken and tea. Purified water.

Fourth day.

  1. Breakfast: cook porridge from germinated seeds of wheat (bulgur or kasha). Boil without milk, on the water.
  2. Second breakfast: buckwheat with salt and pepper.
  3. Lunch: boiled rice (not parboiled!).
  4. Dinner: oatmeal and a handful of seeds or nuts.
  5. Second dinner: buckwheat dill or parsley (can be other greens).
  6. Kvass drink and tea. Purified water.

Fifth day.

  1. Breakfast: cottage cheese low fat, add a couple tablespoons of low-fat yogurt home.
  2. Second breakfast: cottage cheese 0% fat, plus a little milk.
  3. Lunch: cheese
  4. Dinner: cottage cheese and some milk.
  5. Second dinner: one cottage.
  6. Allowed per day to drink 250 ml of milk and tea. Purified water.

The final sixth day.

  1. Morning: two red apple, coffee or tea without sugar.
  2. Second breakfast: a banana.
  3. Lunch: some grapes and one kiwi.
  4. Dinner: kiwi and pineapple.
  5. Second dinner: two apples.
  6. Drink fresh juices and herbal tea. Purified water.

In order to secure the effect, you need just one diet cycle after a week's break.

Exit the diet properly

To the results achieved were not in vain, we must continue to eat diet foods, gradually adding new ones. Every day from the diet output daily calorie should gradually increase and reach around 1,800 daily calories as possible.

If, within six days of the diet effect does not come it is likely that your products were substandard. Take a short break (just 7 days) and then move on to a new cycle.

And finally, I want to remind that physical activity has not been canceled with a diet. Be healthy and stick to proper nutrition permanently.

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