Diet for a stomach ulcer

If a person is diagnosed with "ulcer"many of his relatives and friends sigh sympathetically and state: "That poor thing - now he will have to give up tasty and eat only mashed soup yes porridge!". But this opinion is erroneous.

Meals can be suffering from ulcerdiverse and helpful, the thing is, some cooking to expose incoming ingredients in the dish. Our site offers this article to learn more about the products which it is desirable to include in the diet of these patients how to properly prepare everything. We will tell us and that should be excluded from the diet.

If you ignore the diet, then a doctor's prescriptionTreatment consisting of receiving medications not give consistent results and improving health. During an exacerbation sparing diet will help ulcer scar, and further contribute to the fact that has not come to an exacerbation of the gastric mucosa.

Why plague occurs?

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This disease occurs due to violationssecretory activity of the stomach or duodenum 12. On the mucous membrane formed painful ulcerated wounds of different sizes, which are very long and difficult to heal, because the constantly formed hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Scientists have identified a number of reasons that provoke ulcer:

  1. Nervous shock, prolonged negative emotions,frequent feelings and stress - all this "spurs" the production of stomach juice, consisting of aggressive hydrochloric acid. That she subsequently erodes the wall of an empty stomach, when there is no food.
  2. Irregular meals, snacks substandard food.
  3. Predisposition to gastric hyperacidity.
  4. Hormonal disorders.
  5. Hereditary factor.
  6. It is believed that the culprit organisms spiral shape Helicobacter pylori (in the translation of the title sounds like Helicobacter pylori), which are activated with the weakening of the body's defenses.
  7. Smoking and alcohol abuse.

General recommendations

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If the disease worsened, the first 10-15 days of the diet should be as gentle, jelly-like food or liquid consistency - jelly, cereal, mucous soups or mashed.

Then gradually move on to semi-liquid, puree, pasty consistency.

And two weeks later allowed to startminimal sparing diet. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates to the diet was not as nutritious. Gradually, in the diet include milk, milk products, cottage cheese, meat. Nutritionists point out that animal fats and vegetable origin able to inhibit the secretory activity of the gastric glands, thereby contributing to the process of tightening, wound healing ulcer surface. The amount of vegetable oil per day should not be less than two tablespoons and animal fat around 45 grams. All this can be added in the preparation of dishes, cereals, soups. Products desirable steamed or use another treatment option - brew. Skin from poultry and fish will certainly remove, avoid eating cartilage. Do not give the patient the concentrated broths, strong drinks, for example, tea or coffee.

It should be remembered that the doctor appointed by enveloping means and adsorbents must be properly taken, that is, 20 minutes before eating.

If, within two to four months, the stateimproved, it may be connected neprotёrtuyu food, add raw vegetables and fruits. And only after you can go on a diet that is recommended for people prone to peptic ulcer disease.

A good product for "lady's finger" is consideredmilk. It contains in its composition substances that the body needs for recovery processes in the mucosa. But there are people who are ill it is transferred. Such people can be advised to drink the product in small quantities, pre-heating, adding a bit of tea. If the pain bothered at night, then slow sips, drink a glass of warm milk, it can neutralize raged in the stomach hydrochloric acid. If suddenly appeared heartburn, do not extinguish it with soda!

Listen to your body, if itsends a signal in the form of heartburn pain, discomfort in the stomach, nausea, increased gas, it means that it is necessary to adjust their diet.

Let's move on to products

diet, diet ulcer, stomach, food, diet, gastric ulcer

And now it's time to talk about the specificproducts. The same products are subjected to different types of cooking, our stomach is able to perceive differently. If the meat is boiled, then it will not cause the formation of an excess of acid, but if you eat grilled meat, it can bring a lot of suffering to the patient. Another important point. If you cook the meat in the form of minced meat, such dishes quickly digested. But large chunks of meat may irritate the ulcer surface.

Now about fats. Useful butter and olive oil - theypriority. But from margarine, lard, mutton and beef fat (refractory) refuse. Fats are not heat-treated, put them in a ready-made dishes.

How to be a pastry and bread?

You can eat crackers, nesdobnoe cookies, dry biscuits, wheat loaf of bread yesterday. But pancakes, muffins, pies, only case, the new rye bread from the diet be deleted.


You can cook scrambled eggs for a couple, a soft-boiled egg.

Avoid standing fried eggs, hard-boiled eggs.


The stomach is good to whole milk, cream, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese. By the way, you can eat the pudding, pudding. Cheese may only soft varieties, salted.

Exclude from the diet: acute and silnosolёny cheese, sour yogurt.


Boil the milk or water following cereals: rice, semolina, buckwheat (just take it for buckwheat), Hercules. Appropriate soufflés and puddings. Eliminate barley, and millet yachku from the diet.


Useful are boiled: cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, squash, beets in the form of puree or soufflé. In a small number allowed to eat tomatoes. Exclude should broccoli, green onions, cucumber, radish, representatives of beans, leeks.

Meat and poultry.

You can use chicken pieces boiled,after removing the skin, or turkey; boiled tender lean meat (not live), to make steam cutlets, meatballs, beef stroganoff with boiled meat, liver pate, boiled tongue. Not allowed: canned meat, fried and smoked food.

A fish.

Recommended: pollock, walleye, pike, bream, perch, cod. Of them can cook boiled dishes, cakes, aspic, but vegetable broth.

Excluded are oil-rich, roasted, salted and smoked, and canned ready-made from a store.

Soups it is desirable to prepare the milk either gratedvegetables (except cabbage), with pasta or cereals, in which nice to add butter, egg yolk and a spoonful of sour cream. But from the hash, soup or borsch on strong meat or fish broth should be abandoned.

Complete diet useful sweet berries and fruits, such as bananas, ripe strawberries, strawberries, raspberries, peaches. Of dried apricots and apple compote can be prepared. Apples can be baked in the oven.

It is not recommended to eat sour grapes and fruit - kiwi, cherries, cranberries, currants.

From sauces dishes can be watered milk, egg and sour cream mixtures with the addition of fragrant dill. But from horseradish, mustard, ketchup will have to give up altogether.

From drinks drink fruit drinks, jelly, including oatmeal, green tea, black tea is not strong, the infusion of rose hips. Beware of kvass, sour juice, strong coffee, carbonated drinks.

From sweet allowed to eat jelly, marmalade, candy, marshmallows, jams.

options menu

diet, diet ulcer, stomach, food, diet, gastric ulcer

Now MipSovetov offer readers options menu, to show that it can be varied.

The first day.

First Breakfast: oat meal, cooked in milk, which added a teaspoon of butter. A drink from the hips.

Lunch: Carrot-cheese pancakes with jam, a glass of green tea and oatmeal.

Lunch: soup with vegetable broth with rice, cauliflower, dill. On the second piece of boiled cod with pasta and a salad of boiled grated beet. A glass of carrot juice.

Afternoon snack: boiled egg, tea with milk and crackers, two peach.

Dinner: Steam cutlets with potato-carrot puree and pumpkin juice.

Before going to bed drink a glass of warm milk.

Second day.

First breakfast: dumplings with cottage cheese, milk tea and oatmeal cookies.

Lunch: carrot and pumpkin soufflé, fruit compote with dried apricots and a piece of sponge roll with jam.

Lunch: lactic noodles, chicken meatballs with mashed potatoes, berry jelly.

Snack: cereal pudding, jelly, apple compote.

Dinner: fish cakes (for a couple), eggs (also a couple) and carrot juice.

Before going to bed you can drink warm milk or yogurt.

Day Three.

First breakfast: cottage cheese souffle, boiled egg, tea with milk and marshmallows.

Second breakfast: semolina, jelly, coffee with milk and cookies.

Lunch: soup with potatoes, carrots, dumplings, liver pate with noodles and sauce, fruit jelly, biscuit yesterday.

Dinner: beef with rice and sauce, an infusion of rose hips with honey, apricot 4.

Before going to bed you can drink and eat cream biscuits.

Day four.

First breakfast: cottage cheese pudding with jam and green tea with cookies.

Lunch: carrot and apple salad with vegetable oil, potato dumplings, coffee with milk or cream.

Lunch: soup of chicken and vegetables, meatballs stewed meat with vegetable ragout of zucchini, cauliflower. Apple or pear compote.

Snack: baked apples, bagels and cream teas.

Dinner: pumpkin puree and meatballs of veal, cheese Adygei. Loaf of white bread with butter and tea with milk.

Before going to bed curd cream with raspberries and a glass of cream.

If you surround with care and suffering from ulcerlove, he is sure to go on the amendment. And do not forget that positive emotions and laughter are considered excellent healing balm for the stomach of the patient. There are many healthy dishes, they can be prepared quickly from simple products that will benefit the body.

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