What is intuitive nutrition

excess weight is a problem for the modernSociety payback for the neglect of their health. His body man sees only as a functional membrane, which can be modified and modified with the help of another effective diet or a new outfit.

In an effort to get you the perfect figure,probably more than once wanted to give up, when no strict dietary restrictions or grueling training could not move the weight forward. And you do not have occurred to me that this is due to the fact that your body is not in accordance with the plan of action and protest so against the consumer attitude towards yourself? An unusual method of calling us to a dialogue with the body, called the intuitive power. This method to clean up successfully practiced in the west.

How intuitive power came

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The idea is not new - that your body needsalways listening, knew even our distant, dressed in animal skins ancestors. It is surprising that this obvious truth for a long time no one considered as an effective method of getting rid of the extra kilos. Only in 2005 the American doctor Steven Hawks could clothe it in the centuries-old knowledge of a clear model of the "power of common sense," as he put it. By the way, by the time the experimenter tried more than a dozen of diets, but could not get rid of a painful obesity. Do you know what happened then? Following the rules of intuitive power, Hawks without any inconvenience has lost as much as 50 pounds, which translates into more comprehensive measure of our weight is 22 kg!

The principle of intuitive power

In the development of the intuitive power of success techniquescertainly achieve the one who will be able to look at myself from the outside. We need to understand that you exist, and there is your body, and there is a separate from you a reasonable mechanism with memory and their own desires.

If properly decipher the signals that are thendeal gives us our body, as a generous reward you can get a pleasant harmony and health. Think about it - what is the diet? It is a struggle, directed against his own body! Instead of fruitful cooperation, we oppress, humiliate and insult the vessel of our spirit. The fundamental feature of the intuitive power - respect. Just respect your body, you get a tangible and stable results from it.

The results of the recently held in CaliforniaResearch shows that adhering to principles, which preaches the power of the intuitive method, people lose weight faster and more efficiently than ever before during the "hungry" diet. To do this, they do not need to exclude from its usual diet of certain groups of products, and constantly counting calories, the main thing - the right to interpret the feeling of hunger and eating when the body is really necessary.

The basic rules of intuitive power

intuitive nutrition, nutrition, nutrition, diet

Stop fighting with food.

Allow yourself to have everything that comes to mind- To complete satiety. Make it so that your body has forgotten about the concepts of "no" and "no", you are already too long tried to tame him! When you deny yourself this or that product, you will definitely think about it, and every time, torn, will overeat. It is better to have everything, but little by little.

Learn to recognize the feeling of fullness.

When you eat enough, the body immediately notifyyou about saturation. Try to catch the moment and feel comfortable satiety - remember, what sensations you are experiencing in this case. Evaluate the degree of saturation of 10-point scale (10 - overeaten, 1 - terribly hungry) and always stop at around 5-6 points, even if there is still food on your plate.

Allow food to please you.

In Asian countries firmly believe that the food - the greatestpleasure on the earth, people trapeznichayut when really want, and stop reaching a comfortable level of saturation. Try it and you have something that you really like. In nothing do not limit yourself, take food in friendly and relaxing environment, but in any case not on the run. You'll see how fun it is! Bringing this experience in your own life, you will realize that began to eat as much as in fact your body needs. Learn to enjoy the quality of food rather than its quantity.

Do not use food as a comfort.

intuitive nutrition, nutrition, nutrition, diet

Think of ways to relax or distractwithout food. We regularly experience negative emotions - sadness, frustration, anxiety. Will you be able to solve their problems with the help of food? Of course not only distracted at the time of absorption of another "extra" portion. Emotional hunger is not treatable with food.

Take your body.

Always remember about genetics: you will not be able to grow by 5-10 cm because very much want it. The same applies to the figures - it is impossible to engage in samoedstvom. Respect your body, on what would mark not stiffened cock. Only requisitions their complexes and to love yourself, you really want to improve and enthusiastically begin to implement his plan.

Train adequately.

Do not pedal simulator to exhaustion: try to get a workout on the sports as much fun as eating. Concentrate on the sensations that gives you exercise, feel how your body is multiplied in the bowels of the charge of vitality. If you talk with your body in one language, learn to understand it instantly. The body itself will tell you to luxuriate in bed for another half hour or go out for a morning jog. Be forgiving of yourself.

Respect the human itself.

You at one / one, therefore, deserve thedesired. Let your food basket only appear healthy and delicious products that can take care of your body. our website in a hurry to remind his readers: to preserve and enhance the health, does not need to drive themselves into the rigid framework of diets. The important thing is, what foods you eat, what sensations at the same time feel, if progress is planned in your actions. Take your time, eventually you learn to read your body like an open book. The main thing - do not stop. The only way to achieve harmony and become happier.

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