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Lemon is known worldwide as a useful sourfruit, which can be a source of many vitamins. Although few people know that with the help of a lemon, lemon juice or rather, you can also lose weight. And before you go to the description of "lemon" diet, we'll tell you why MiraSovetov lemon formed the basis of the mono-diet.

Diet, lemon, lemon diet, mono-diet, weight loss

Thus, it is known that fruits lemon containsquite a lot of vitamin C, which is essential for the careful preservation of our immunity. Furthermore, in lemons are enzymes that improve digestion. Slimming most matters that lemon can accelerate the necessary metabolic processes in the human body. This is the basic condition not only for health but also for the acquisition of a normal weight.

British doctor named Teresa Chong evenHe has written a book that describes the weight loss with the help of the famous citrus fruit. According to Teresa, the main reason because of which there is excess weight, is indigestion. This fat accumulates due to disruption of the stomach and intestines. In order to solve this problem Teresa suggests using lemon juice. Thus, between the lemon juice and digestive tract enzymes, some reaction takes place, which then activates these enzymes and stimulates digestion. In addition, the lemon juice has the ability to purify the human intestines from harmful toxins. By the way, this ability lemon juice used as Norman Walker, a famous naturopath. They were developed and tested on itself an entire system of the body cleansing, which is based on the use of lemons. It is worth noting that he was married at the age of 102 years. Therefore, it is possible that his system works. Although it is still not clear whether his longevity is due to the use of such a "lemon" of the system.

Let us talk more about the main types of "lemon" diet.

Lemon diet for 14 days

Diet, lemon, lemon diet, mono-diet, weight loss

This diet is calculated for 1-2 days. During this period, you can lose weight in a day to 1-1.5 kg. Although the creators of this diet promises weight loss of 2-2.5 kg. It turns out a couple of days you can lose 2-3 kilograms. It is believed that kefir diet lemon-emerged thanks to the athletes. With this option, the diet they corrected their weight before important competitions. The weight is reduced by water and bowel cleansing. Regarding body fat, while they are consumed this diet is small. Generally not recommended to follow this diet for more than two days, in order to avoid health problems. Especially when yogurt is combined with lemon juice. During this diet you need to drink more. Daily norm of fluid in this case is about 1.5-2 liters of water. It is also recommended that more be outdoors. This embodiment diet is often used as a discharge diet. In this case, to lose weight you need only follow a diet once a week.

Lemon and yogurt can be taken individually,and mixing. For this diet is considered to be the most appropriate low-fat yogurt. Although it allowed to use a conventional yogurt. As for the lemon that it is primarily necessary to wash thoroughly under running water. Lemon can be administered as a dilute juice or eat a lobules.

Within the menu of the day can be like this. So, for breakfast is half a liter of low-fat yogurt and half a lemon. For lunch, half a liter of low-fat yogurt and one lemon. Dinner will be a half-liter of nonfat yogurt and one half of a lemon.


Well suited as a fasting day.


This diet should not be followed for more than two days. In addition, this diet should not be used at high acidity of the stomach. This diet requires prior consultation of a doctor.


Diet, lemon, lemon diet, mono-diet, weight loss

This variant is calculated diet for two days. During this time, you can lose weight by about two kilograms. As the authors of this diet, by using it, you can quickly lose weight and cleanse the body at the same time. Daily caloric diet of this embodiment is about 900 calories. Subject to this, we need a diet prepared by a special recipe drink. To make this drink, juice needed fifteen lemons thoroughly mixed with 50 grams of honey. The whole lemon and honey mixture is diluted with three liters of water. All three liters to drink not at once, and stretch throughout the day. At the same time during a diet is also recommended to drink water or green tea. Generally a mixture of lemon and honey is able to reduce the impact of harmful cholesterol in the blood and has diuretic properties.


This diet is a good idea to carry, because it contains carbohydrates.


It's a pretty tough one diet thatcontraindicated for people suffering from gastric acidity. In addition, this diet is not recommended for kidney stone disease and people who have renal colic possible. In general, this diet option should not be used longer than two days in a row. This diet requires prior consultation of a doctor.

To draw a conclusion!

Diet, lemon, lemon diet, mono-diet, weight loss

Descriptions of the diets can be seen that theycontraindicated for people who have an increased acidity of the stomach. The fact that the lemon juice entering the gastrointestinal tract, further increases the acidity of the stomach. Therefore, in any case, before the start of the diet it is recommended to consult a doctor. Under option lemon diet for fourteen days, we must not forget about the main meals. If you need a fasting day, take on arms kefir, lemon diet. True, this option does not give you a guarantee that dropped hard kgs will not return again. In addition, it must be said that not only comply with the diet, you should still get out of it correctly. So, after the diet need to continue to include a lemon in food. Lemon, for example, can be refilled salads.

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