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This weight loss method is based on the dailyinclude in their daily diet of eggs. In general, the benefits and the dangers of eggs goes much controversy. Let's look at this issue and consider all the main aspects of the popular egg diets.

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Many believe that the eggs are responsible for the formation of cholesterol which are formed in the vascular system. Others say it has been scientifically proven that it is not so.

As is well known, eggs consist of two parts - ofalbumen and yolk. Egg protein is composed of about 90% water and 10% of the protein itself. The yolk of a lot of cholesterol, which makes use of eggs under the big question. It is generally believed that eating eggs food can lower good cholesterol, but it can increase the level of bad cholesterol. This naturally affects the health of the cardiovascular system. Although if this use products with antioxidants, this process can be stopped.

In addition, eggs may be called fount various vitamins and minerals. In total, the egg has 12 vitamins. In particular, they contain vitamin AVitamins B1 and B2, vitamin D, as well as vitamins E and K. Also in eggs has sufficient calcium, Phosphorous, iodine, iron. Another benefit is indisputable in the eggs that they contain lutein, which is a substance of antioxidants. This pigment improves skin, increases efficiency and improves vision. Eggs are easily digested by the human body, and they also are quite low-calorie foods. Thus, in one egg contains only about 70 calories. It is not surprising that it is the eggs were founded upon the diet.

Egg Diet for 5-7 days

diet, weight loss, eggs, egg diet

This allows a very effective diet for fourTime to lose as much as 20-26 kg. At the same time, there are several conditions. Thus, in the diet should eat plenty of clean water. This must be done because proteins contained in the eggs, retain water in the body. Vegetables in compliance with this diet is usually cooked in its juice, with no water. At the same time resolved to add pepper, salt, onion and garlic. In addition, in compliance with this diet should be excluded completely from your diet oils and fats. If there is a feeling of hunger, you can eat salad, carrots or cucumbers. You can also drink a bottle of diet cola or soda. It is important that the main meals were in a strict sequence and not swapped. In addition, during the diet needed exercise. To repeat the diet over the entire menu is suitable for the first week or the fourth week. Also worth noting is that in case of violation of this diet still need to perform from the start.

First week.

In the first week we prepare for breakfast a couple of boiled eggs, as well as one half grapefruit. The rest of the techniques will be in for a week of foodothers. So, on Monday lunch will be of acceptable types of fruit, and can be in any amount. At dinner there is any meat except chicken and lamb.

On Tuesday, preparing for dinner chicken, without the skin important. For dinner, there will be one citrus fruit, salad, a couple of boiled eggs, toast, or one can be a quarter of the cake.

On Wednesday, the lunch will be toast, tomatoes and low-fat cheese. Dinner can be any meat, but with the exception of lamb and chicken.

On Thursday at lunch time we eat any of the allowable types of fruit, and you can eat them in any quantity. During dinner, salad and any meat, excluding only mutton and chicken.

Friday lunchtime - boiled vegetables and a couple of boiled eggs. For dinner we will have fish, salad and a citrus.

Saturday will be any of the allowable types of fruit, and is allowed to use them in any quantity. At the dinner salad is any meat except lamb.

Sunday lunchtime - cooked vegetables, chicken and some citrus. For dinner, vegetables are boiled.

The second week.

At breakfast time throughout the second week will be a couple of boiled eggs and half of citrus.

On Monday during lunch is a salad and meat. For dinner we will have a couple of boiled eggs, salad and a citrus.

On Tuesday, the dinner will be salad and meat, and for dinner and citrus steam cooked eggs.

On Wednesday, the dinner will be meat and cucumbers, and for dinner on this day - a couple of boiled eggs and citrus.

On Thursday at lunch time will be low-fat cheese, vegetables in boiled form, as well as a couple of boiled eggs. At dinner that day only a couple of boiled eggs.

On Friday, ready for your dinner fish boiled or fried. Dinner will be a couple of eggs.

On Saturday at lunch time - meat, citrus and tomatoes, and dinner eat fruit salad.

On Sunday, during lunch and dinner are cooked vegetables, tomatoes, chicken and citrus.

The third week.

On Monday, during the day we eat any fruit. They were allowed to eat in any amount.

On Tuesday, preparing salads and vegetables in boiled form.

On Wednesday, all day eating any fruit, salads and vegetables boiled.

Thursday we eat cabbage with you in any quantity, eat salad, fish and vegetables in boiled form.

On Friday, you can meat, vegetables boiled, and the lamb is excluded.

On Saturday and Sunday in our diet with you should be any fruit, and they are allowed to be consumed in unlimited quantities.

The fourth week.

On Monday, the need for the whole day to distribute a quarter chicken or four small piece of meat. It is also a day to three tomato, toast one, four and one cucumber citrus.

Tuesday - four cucumber, a couple of pieces of meat, three tomatoes, toast, as well as any one fruit.

On Wednesday, the day will need to distribute the following products: a spoonful of cottage cheese, a small portion of boiled vegetables, a couple of tomatoes, a couple of cucumbers, a toast and citrus.

On Thursday, the day will be half boiled or fried chicken, three cucumber, any fruit to choose from and one piece of toast.

For Friday will have a couple of boiled eggs, lettuce, three tomatoes and a citrus.

On Saturday, we distribute two of cooked chicken breasts, a toast, a couple of cucumber, two tomatoes, cottage cheese, or cheese in an amount of 125 grams, and citrus.

On the last day of the diet distribute a spoonful of cottage cheese, a portion of boiled vegetables, a jar of tuna without oil, a couple of tomatoes, two cucumbers, citrus, and one piece of toast.


It has quite a varied menu and gives good results.


Very long-term diet. Also hold all the shortcomings, as well as for the egg diet for five to seven days.

To draw a conclusion!

diet, weight loss, eggs, egg diet

Always remember that the egg diet hasseveral significant limitations. Naturally, this method of losing weight as the egg diet is not recommended for people who are prone to allergies to egg protein. Also, do not generally recommend the use of this diet for people with high cholesterol levels. Mindfulness is also worth to be people who have a disease as such cholecystitis or cholelithiasis. All that matters is that egg yolks can stimulate bile production, which in turn can cause an attack. Do not use this diet for people who suffer from high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. By the risk of occurrence of these pathologies are people who are obese and people who smoke.

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