Diet Dukana: Yes, to lose weight

The weight loss method developed by the French nutritionist Pierre Duucan confidently conquers Russia. Perhaps this is all the foundations. Perhaps this success is caused by the author's approach to the problem of excess weight, in the root differing from most popular diets. Weight often leaves even faster than the author promises.

The weight loss method developed by the French nutritionist Pierre Duucan confidently conquers Russia. Perhaps this is all the foundations. Judge for yourself - his diet is personalized (unlike many popular diet unknown «Hollywood star»), and the book «I do not know how to lose weight» Translated into several languages ​​and sold more than in 20 countries of the world. The total circulation of Dukanin's books in dietology exceeded 2.5 million. copies!

Perhaps this success is caused by the author's approach to the problem of excess weight, in the root differing from most popular diets. «In my resistant conviction, overweight is not even an acute form of illness, it is a sustainable and chronic disease that requires long-term attention and accompaniment. Therefore, I considered my main task not just to get rid of patients from extra kilograms, but the final stabilization of the weight, that is, a complete cure», - writes Dwan in his best-selling. Therefore, the Duucan method can in no way perceive as a short-term diet, due to which it is possible to throw a considerable weight. Weight often leaves even faster than the author promises, however, if he is not compared to all phases, he, of course, may return back. So slimming «in Dukhanu» - It is rather a change in the total nutritional mode and return to healthy products.

There is nothing new under the sun?

Diet Dukana: Yes, to lose weight
Many Russians are close and joyful the very idea of ​​protein food - no wonder with enviable constancy of a woman, and in particular the man (who will refuse chop!) - sit on all sorts of protein diets, often in terms of counting «glasses» Products. With a sharpens reduction in the body of carbohydrates to produce energy, it begins to spend its own fat reserves. However, our website needs to know that it leads to negative consequences, because ketone bodies begin to form in the body, the presence of which affects the work of the liver and kidneys. Therefore, nutritionists warn - the protein diet should be short-term and does not suit people suffering Diseases of kidneys. Another problem - fatty food. In many protein diets, its consumption is even encouraged for better assimilation of the protein, but the same doctors pay attention to inevitable in this case with a raising of cholesterol. And one more, at first glance, incompatible with the protein diet option - vegetarianism. However, Dwan is elegantly solves all three problems.

So in the dry residue we have: the absence of fat and simple carbohydrates in the diet, the use of clean «Water-based proteins» (by the author's terminology) at the first stage of the diet and the combination of animals and vegetable proteins - on the second. Soy protein is used for vegetarians. Restriction of salt consumption and high water consumption normalizes the work of the kidneys and prevents swelling, ease of oat bran makes saturation and optimizes the work of the intestine, a small physical activity in the form of hiking is quite sutured and does not take much time.

Result - several dozen lost kilograms. Magic? But in translation into Russian, it means only - bye - to give up sugar, flour, vegetable and butter products. Less salt drinking and drink more, make daily motion.

However, it was Pierre Duan, who systematized the similar obvious, at first glance, the conditions of a healthy lifestyle, gave faith and hope to millions of complete people forever get rid of excess weight and start a new life.

4 stage diet dukana

Diet Dukana: Yes, to lose weight
one. ATTACK. Short stage based on clean protein consumption. Depending on the initial weight, it is 2-7 days. Allowed products - low-fat meat and offal, fish and seafood, eggs, dairy products 0% fat. Be sure to consume 1.5 liters of water and 1.5 spoons of oat bran.

Weight loss at this stage ranges from 1 to 7 kg.

2. Cruise or alternation. This is a long stage of the alternation of pure protein (CB) and protein-vegetable (Bo) days in various schemes - from 1-1 to 5-5. Tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, spinach, asparagus, leeks, ascent beans, cabbage, mushrooms, celery, dill, all kinds of sheets of leafy salads, endivium (salad chicory), eggplants, zucchini, pepper and even carrots and beets (provided Do not use the latter with every meal).

Starch-containing vegetables are prohibited: potatoes, rice, corn, peas, beans, lentils, beans. Vegetables can be used in any form (raw, boiled, baked), the main thing is not to refill their vegetable oil or sour cream. Souces are made on the basis of low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese with the addition of mustard, herbs, lemon juice, vinegar. 2 tablespoons of oat bran and at least 30 minutes of hiking.

Weight loss at this stage averages about 1 kg per week.

3. Consolidation or fixing. Duan says that for each lost kilogram you need 10 days of consolidation of the result - thus it is easy to calculate that if you drop 20 kg, then the fixing stage will be 200 days. The body at the end of the diet will render the maximum number of calories from the food consumed, so the consolidation step is most important to maintain the result. In addition to the products allowed at the first two stages, Duan adds a daily portion of fruit (for some exceptions), two slices of whole grain bread, a portion of cheese, 2 portions of starch-containing products per week. One day a week must necessarily be protein, 2 spoons of oat bran also accompany you at this stage.

4. STABILIZATION. Stage that lasts, in fact, all life. One protein day per week, 3 spoons of bran and 20 minutes walk walk. The recommended diet is described in the previous phase, that is, the use of meat and vegetables, dairy products, reasonable restriction of carbohydrates.

Eat tasty and diverse

Diet Dukana: Yes, to lose weight
Many people maybe and would like to lose weight, but not able to abandon food diversity. If you like to cook and experiment, do not worry - in Dukan and adherents of his lifestyle there are many recipes for the most demanding taste. The method of preparation of products without oil is easily solved by the use of either the new generation kitchen equipment - multi and steamer, aerogril, microwave or conventional high-quality frying pan and oven.

Borsch, Solyanka, Mushroom Puree, Chicken Pizza, Cake with salmon and spinach, jelly, ice cream and candy! And all this will not bring extra calories, because it is prepared in accordance with the allowed list of products.

If you are clearly not a chef in the soul, you can limit the steak and salad. And although Duchana no restrictions do not, believe me, much you do not eat.

Personal experience

The most difficult stage is perhaps the attack: the body is rebuilt, the stomach is perplexed from protein food, and the brain in confusion - there is no you want, but it seems to be? However, the first portion of vegetables after the attack is perceived as a holiday - cabbage looks swelling chocolate. Quite quickly, the portions are very noticeably reduced - try to eat a whole chicken per day. Also easy to get used to the absence or reduction of salt. And swelling go before our eyes. According to my observations, it is the system of taste addictions, and, therefore, goes away and snack. Food really gives joy and pleasure, I want to cook and serve. Result? Minus 15 kg and three sizes in two months. I'm still at the beginning, but I believe that I will pass it to the end, and most importantly - I preserve new, but quite logical and effective principles of new nutrition.

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