What eliminate foods to lose weight

Sitting on a diet, we are in for a long timeWe restrict ourselves in a lot of foods that we love. Yes, we lose weight, but a good mood in the diet period is not our companion. There is a way! More exclude any component of power is impossible, but partially remove products that are not of much value to the body, and reaching only overweight possible.

Sitting on a diet, we are constantly overTime limit ourselves in a lot of foods that we love. Yes, we lose weight, but a good mood in the diet period is not our companion - we are irritable and sad. How to be in a good mood, do not sit on a diet and lose weight at the same time? There is a way! More about it will tell our website.

Every woman wants to be beautiful. Looking at herself in the mirror, we dream to see in the reflection of a slender beauty with inviting twinkle in his eye. A passing glance in the mirror, is able to infect us positive for the whole day if we see there is a goddess, or spoil it - if we see a baby elephant. Each of us knows that the woman is in a good mood is able to move mountains, it all goes wrong, and she likes everything, but if poor - beware, all show what's what.

Harmful or helpful - proteins, fats and carbohydrates?

What eliminate foods to lose weight
Imagine the human body in the form of fire. If you throw the wood to high-quality and in the right quantity, the fire burns brightly for a long time and gives a lot of heat. But if you throw it all in a row, the heat will not be a fire to smoke, foul smelling and possibly go out soon. Let us consider whether all the products that fall into our bodies, we need them? Are they useful and nutritious? How much of it is expedient to use?

It is generally known that the products consist of fat, protein, carbohydratesWhich are equally needed by the body fornormal functioning. Just remove any component of the power supply can not be - it can be very dangerous for health. But partly exclude products which are not of much value for life, and reaching only overweight possible. At this stop detail.

Fats. The most harmful are fats, consisting of saturatedacids have little benefit from them, and in addition they increase not only weight, but also blood cholesterol, which leads to cardiovascular diseases. These fats are found in meat, skin of chickens and ducks, fat, sausages, high-fat dairy products, margarine, mayonnaise, butter, vegetable oil, palm and coconut oils. Try to minimize their consumption. Switch to healthy fats, consisting of unsaturated acids - they are found in sea fish, nuts, olive oil, avocados, raspberries and poultry.

Proteins. These are some of the main construction componentsour body's cells. The largest number of them in the lean meats and poultry, seafood, egg whites, beans, dairy products low in fat. Proteins are useful, without a doubt, but the key word in the use of protein foods - it should not be greasy.

Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are needed by the body as the mainenergy supplier. Their number can be reduced, but you can not just abandon them. In addition, Carbohydrates - are different. Carbohydrates as well as fats, too, are "harmful" and "useful". Choosing a useful and excluding harmful carbohydrates you balance your diet and lose weight will be able to:

  • "Good carbs" - our friends, they give toa feeling of fullness for a long time, and for a long time supplying us with energy. You can find them in fruits and vegetables, cereals from the raw grains (buckwheat, brown rice, oatmeal), nuts;
  • "Bad carbohydrates" are called simple, theyquickly absorbed and satisfy hunger, but also rapidly digested and after them the appetite wakes up instantly. Carbohydrates are harmful only in compounds with fats, more on that below.

"Dangerous" combination

The main source of excess weight are insidious compounds of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, which should be prohibited to use for people seeking to lose weight.

These cunning compound from which it is impossiblerefuse, because they are contained in the most favorite "snacks." Carbohydrates combined with fats and called harmful. This is all kinds of sweets: candy, ice cream, cookies, pastries, cakes, a variety of desserts, coated breakfast cereals, bread and pasta made from white flour. Let's say a firm "no" to such sweets on our table.

You can not completely abandon sweet, replace it with dried fruit, honey or jelly, but only in very limited quantities.

Eliminate foods from the diet and stroyneem!

What eliminate foods to lose weight
Fried in fat (and we remember that vegetableoil is too fat) meat, fish, vegetables, and all sorts of chips, fries of useful products are transformed into suppliers of excess weight. Therefore, we replace all of the diet of fried boiled and baked. Moreover, we exclude various sauces to vegetables and porridges.

In the struggle for a beautiful figure under the categoricalban all fast food. It's not just burgers and other "delicacies". This semi-finished products and various fast food: noodles, mashed potatoes, soup and so on. It's not the food, and the body of unneeded food chemicals.

In addition to the struggle for a beautiful figure to avoid the use of seasonings, spices, pickles, these products stimulate the appetite.

Refuse from alcohol! Why? This is not food! However, firstly, a lot of calories in alcohol (particularly in cocktails), it is of no value for the organism. Secondly, alcohol slows down your metabolism, which means that the stop process of losing weight, the body ceases to burn excess fat and uses energy derived from alcohol. Third, alcohol awakens the appetite and reduces the feeling of saturation, you will not be able to adequately assess and control the volume of food intake, increases the risk of overeating. So categorically exclude any alcoholic beverages, if you want to lose weight.

It should be noted that in addition to products subject to a ban, there are seemingly innocuous drinks that must be removed from the diet. This sugar-containing or different substitutes, sweet carbonated drinks, Packaged juices (they added a lot of sugar).

Of course, each person wants from time to time to eat something unprofitable, so to speak, relax. Once a week, allow yourself a small piece of the Prohibited List.

Try to follow the recommendations from our site and soon you will please yourself and those around her slender figure.

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