Weight loss in the system minus 60

Lose weight before the beach season - the dream of anywomen. One need to lose a few kilos, the other - a few dozen. And so, and others recommend for weight loss system "minus 60". Frankly, even the diet it is difficult to call. This is a real system of a healthy diet. Catherine Miromanova invented it, which is his personal example demonstrated the effect of the system.

Lose weight before the beach season - that's the dream of anywomen. One need to lose a few kilos, the other - a few dozen. And so, and others, our site encourages weight loss through the system "minus 60".

What should be the ideal diet - not toostrict, absolutely harmless and certainly effective. Do not diet, but a dream! And there is such a diet! Frankly, even a diet it does not want to call. It's a real healthy food system, dubbed "the system minus 60". Catherine Miromanova invented it, which is his personal example proved the effectiveness of the system. The author has managed to lose 60 kilos in six months. For those people who "wear" on themselves tens of extra kilos, it sounds like a fairy tale. Nevertheless, the result is really fabulous guaranteed. It must be said that the weight loss process itself requires no victims - you eat all of the products (with few exceptions), but at a certain time ... and lose weight.

The mechanism of 'system -60 "

Weight loss in the system minus 60
In fact, the system of minus 60 is not nothing but a separate power supply. This diet has no contraindications - itIt fits perfectly to all people (even breastfeeding mums). The fact is that it is so ideally should feed people, not to recover, to have good health and live a long time. So many people are fed up of visiting fast foods and other "food" temptation. Even leading nutritionists have not found something to complain about and recognized system of "minus 60" friendly, healthy and productive. Apparently, so Miromanovoy we found hundreds of thousands of followers, both in the network and in real life. Its only drawback - it takes time to lose weight, but 100% of the weight is not coming back!

mental attitude

How tempting would have been no "rules" for the covetedweight loss for most people it is very difficult to move from the usual "ugly" food for a healthy diet. Come up with dozens of excuses. But finding excuses easiest and try to repeat the "feat" of those who have lost much, much harder. Just think about how you will look after parting with excess weight. In the network there are even services that create such "photo-robots." You want to be beautiful, confident woman with a waist. Or do you want to continue to stay at home, seizing depression favorite cake? Meanwhile our site readers who can not decide, I recommend reading the book E.Miromanovoy. They literally energized, give strength, if you give wings.

I understand that your life has been terriblemono-diet, during which you have experienced the feeling of hunger, weakness, perhaps even dizziness. Trust my experience - this is no more. You will not go hungry, deny yourself everything. You'll be fine, fully fed, while feeling the incredible lightness in the body!

The conditions for the system of weight loss minus 60

So, let's rules.

Weight loss in the system minus 60
In the morning, all! Yes, for breakfast (up to 12-00!) You can afford all that your heart desires. A cup of coffee with brown sugar, a slice of sweet cake, wafers, meatloaf. And that's fine! Now Believe me, it is not necessary to "sit on the water" and indulge in your favorite foods. Now it is enough to postpone itself a little piece of your favorite cake overnight. It is so simple! But the ban is - a single gram of milk chocolate. Although, I think, against the backdrop of permitted cake, it's not a problem. However, portions should not be huge. Fold the palms scoop - exactly as you can eat for one meal (not including the liquid), and their day will be exactly three.

Proper lunch. 12-00 In your "coach turns into a pumpkin," andstart "can not." For lunch we eat all baked, stewed, boiled, steamed. No fries or fatty broth! Taboo! Lunch may consist of two dishes, but that's not get carried away soups - they satisfy hunger very long.

Remember how to combine foods. If beans or potatoes, with only vegetables. Meat (not fat, even kebab) and fish can not be combined with side dishes! Spaghetti permitted only with cheese or vegetables.

For example. Boiled chicken breast can be eaten with a salad of radish, cucumber and greens, seasoned with natural yogurt. Or with the same salad to eat more cabbage. Soups allowed vegetables without potatoes. Naturally, no soups and soup-grub. When preparing meals using spices, herbs, they will add a food flavor, make it diverse.

If you eat in the cafe or dining room, yoube sure to pick up food for themselves - meat, chicken, fish or seafood with any salad - a lavish dinner. Or pasta with vegetables. Admitted dark breads, small portions of pickles. Sushi Lovers - surprise! Eat them for lunch and lose weight!

Restrained dinner. So, your dinner should be no later than 18.00 (for 4hours before bedtime). If this is a problem, go to such a regime gradually - it's easier. For dinner, you can eat any salad, stewed or boiled meat. Under the ban peas, eggplant, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, beans. The ideal dinner will be vegetable salad with low-fat cottage cheese and natural yoghurt, cottage cheese casserole with apples, boiled chicken with Chinese cabbage. After dinner, you can drink coffee without sugar, herbal teas, water ad libitum.

With this diet per week on average, lose weight 500 grams, sometimes more - all individually. Again - no wild hunger and sickness!

Body care

Weight loss in the system minus 60
You understand that losing weight, you becomeslimmer, but over the coveted sexy figure will have to work! Daily exercise, jogging, swimming pool - choose what you like - make your figure taut. And in order to restore elasticity to the skin, the author of "minus 60" system recommended several times a week after taking a bath use the coffee scrub. It is necessary to lather "problem areas" (but not the chest!) Shower gel, pour in the palm of a handful of ground coffee and massage the stomach and / or the hips in a circular motion for no longer than 10 minutes. The skin is updated, will be gentle, be tightened.

On my own I want to add, the most difficult period -evening. All dinner, guests are invited to, all yummy ... but you can not. Yield: up to six hours, you are sure to find at any table that allowed! And after 18-00 can drink dry red wine and eat a few slices of cheese. Excellent distracts from the feast!

And further. Do not bother with the cooking. Lunch can not come up with - boil a piece of meat and eat it with vegetables. For dinner prepare a salad. Now spring - appeared greens, vegetables, and, accordingly, a variety of salad. Stock up on herbal tea (mint, lemon grass, sepia - is drunk without sugar!) And in the moments of "serious thoughts" drink a cup. Within a week you get used to the system so that no longer remember how to eat earlier. I'm happy the whole family moved to a meal - everyone likes!

Good luck to you and the only "cons" on the scales!

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