Children's fracture in children


Children's fracture in childrenChildren, which means their parents, often face bone fractures in a variety of places and parts of the body. What is it connected, it is not necessary to explain: not a minute of peace, no peace of peace has a healthy funny child, and the danger lies in every step. Hyperactivity leads children of different ages to falls, bruises, stretching and fractures. Sometimes it is a banal negligence, and sometimes — The desire to experience some kind of sense of pleasure, as teenagers. Highly traumatic sports and martial arts, which are so fond of schoolchildren, as well as road traffic accidents involving children — Another of the causes of injuries. Very often, the children's fracture arises as a result of accidents, when kids are also in car accidents together with adults. In most cases, these are the consequences of neglect of the rules of the road, and it is worth recalling parents and educators of children's preschool educational institutions and schools that, along with education and education, the most important role is played by training in safe living conditions. How many tragedies, children's fractures and injuries could be avoided if the lessons of adult life were perceived as a mandatory need. Children could not meet with household injuries if adults themselves did not violate the rules of fire and traumatic security, then they would not have to treat children from serious bruises, stretching and fractures, and to parents to ask an eternal question: «For what?»

Cracker damage arises as a result of falling on the shoulder or elongated hand, rarely when hitting. This injury is quite often found in kids and adolescents, almost 15% of small fidgets in childhood faced the clavicle fracture in children. Treatment does not imply emergency measures, and therefore often parents and affected children do not immediately understand that complaints about pain in the shoulder and hands are connected not just with the injury, but with a fracture of the clavicle. In children, the consequences can manifest themselves in the place of the captivity of fragments to the formation of dense swelling, which, after some time, can be detected during palpation and radiograph. After an unsuccessful fall, the child has a long time complaining about pain in the shoulder and shoulder joint. But at the very beginning of the pain was not there, so parents lost their vigilance, and only an increasing pain in his hand, and the swelling appeared alarmed mom and send to a specialist — Surgeon or traumatologist. When examining the doctor will detect the characteristic signs of the fracture, the kids are most often expressed by type «Green twig» without disrupting the integrity of the periosteum.

Fracture is — No deformations

Fracture is & mdash; No deformationsThere is nothing surprising that children are quite often encountered with such a fracture, while he can be like a displacement, and without it, and the character of fragments is oblique, consolidated, kosopher and transverse. Marked fractures of the outer, medium and inner third of the clavicle.

It is important to distinguish the symptoms of the bruise from the fracture when the pain is intensified after some time and it becomes impossible to raise the hand, severe swelling, swelling, possibly damage to vessels and nerves. The fracture of the clavicle with the displacement is noticeable when the child instinctively presses his hand and keeps her for the forearm. The absence of symptoms are characteristic of both babies up to 3 years and newborns, although sometimes attentive moms notice that the child is crying without a visible reason and sleeps badly.

Before the arrival of the doctor or «Ambulance» Parents themselves can help their baby: it is necessary to bend a handle in the elbow, fix it to the body, tiss a fabric roller under the mouse. Next, the rigid gypsum bandage with the Longeta and the fixation of the hand on the damaged side will help you fully restore its functions. In particularly severe cases, when the doctor defines a shift fracture, surgical operation is not excluded. At the same time, parents can independently carry the child to the trauma department of the hospital.

With a timely handling of a doctor, rehabilitation activities help restore hands. On average, the cure time is approaching 8 weeks with compulsory exercises to restore muscle mass and hand motor activity.

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