What kind of water should drink

The human body is 60% of water. Every day is vital to drink 1.5 liters of fluid. During his lifetime, the average person drank 75 tons of water. Horrified by the quality of the water that flows from our faucets. So what should be drinking water, in order not to hurt yourself, but also to improve health. Try to understand.

The human body is 60% of water. Every day a person is vital to drink half a liter of fluid. During his lifetime, the average person drank 75 tons of water. In hot weather, any of us can die from dehydration within a few hours. After reading these facts are recognized, not difficult to understand the important role water plays in our lives. At the same time, I am horrified at the quality of the water that flows from our faucets. So what should be drinking water, in order not to hurt yourself, but also to improve health. Try to understand.

tap water

tap water
You probably pay attention to the numberscale in the kettle. Just once I feel the smell of damp coming from the tap water. And, most likely, not once, instead of clear water found gray and white cloudy liquid. Not being an academic, you can make a clear conclusion: drink this water can not be!

But what we do by force of habit - boilthis water, hoping that it will drive out all the evil in such an elementary way. It turns out that you can not drink tap water even after boiling. It contains a variety of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chlorine. And this is not the entire list. So, by boiling the reaction of chlorine with organic substances form substances that contribute to the development of malignancies; Some bacteria are killed only after 30 minutes of boiling (hepatitis A); and the water contained in the salts of heavy metals and other pollutants after boiling will not disappear. our site is counting on the fact that reading these lines, you will realize that drinking tap water is extremely undesirable.

Water flowing filtering

Water filter
We are talking about water, filtered low"Home" filter. The use thereof is not completely, but solves the problem of water purification. Such filters are mostly carbon. They purify the water only a few kinds of pollution and almost powerless in the fight against microbes. The advantage is that the carbon filter absorbs chlorine compounds. The water is cleaner and more pleasant to the taste and saved from a dangerous carcinogen. If you have decided to still take advantage of such a device - be careful and do not miss a moment of the replacement of the filter. Otherwise, the filter will not water purifier, and the source of her infection.

If your region is a major problemhigh salt content in the water - use membrane filter. They are not cheap, but if you buy a filter chipped with the neighbors - decide urgent problem. For more information about household cleaning systems, our site offers to see the article "Choosing a filter for water purification."

Filtration with an industrial filter morehigh quality. Water goes through 5-7 cleaning steps, but is completely demineralized. Therefore, it does not bring benefits to our body. An ideal option is purification followed by enrichment of water. According to this technique, bottled water production plants operate.

On the folk ways of cleaning. Maybe a few centuries ago, water treatment using a silver spoon and was effective. That's only in the current contamination of soil and ground water is unlikely to help. There is an opinion that if you add 10-15 grams baptismal "consecrated" to 10 liters of water and mix the ordinary, such water is medicinal and very useful.

artesian water

Artesian water is considered the most pure, as is protected against the ingress of impermeable soil layers of harmful substances
This is water from an artesian well. It is considered the most pure, as is protected against the ingress of impermeable soil layers of harmful substances. Drilling of this well - ideal for water supply house or villa. Well durable, water is clean, the number is almost unlimited. But everything in this world is relative. The composition of the water to determine the period of formation of the reservoir (water is called - old), and it does not recognize, without laboratory testing.

In the cities of artesian water is available in a pump room. It is a system that allows you to display on the surface of the water from the well, passing the pre-treatment, generally with above-ground buildings for convenience source. Pump room, there are many cities, but not all are served properly, almost uncontrollably. That is the danger of the use of such water there, so it is desirable to further purify the water and such.

On the artesian water plants butiliziruyut, and passing it through a pre-filter system.

Mineral water

Mineral water
Natural or artificial water, in whichexceeded the content of certain minerals or salts. It is odorless, does not contain dyes and sugar, it quenches thirst. Such water is consumed directly from the sources.

But modern technology allowsbutilizirovat it. Note label such water - to drink the mineral water in unlimited quantities only if the salt content is not more than 1 g per liter. This water is called the mineral table. But with an average water (1-10 g per liter, medical-table) and high (ie, greater than 10 grams per liter, therapeutic) salt content is not recommended for frequent use. It is used for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. And similar to treatments better place under the supervision of a physician or according to its recommendations.

Information about the content of salts in the water can be found on the package, usually referred to as "total mineralization" or "pellet at 180 degrees."

What kind of water to drink?

What kind of water to drink?
So, what kind of water can you drink without fear foryour health? The first thing to do when choosing water is to look at the label. We are looking for the parameter “general mineralization”. Drinking is water with a salinity of less than 1 g per liter. If this indicator exceeds 1 g per liter - then you are dealing with mineral canteen water. our site once again draws attention to the word "dining room". Only such water (with a salt content of less than 1 g per liter is recommended for continuous use). In any case, when choosing, give preference to well-known brands. If on the water bottle there is no data on the general mineralization or the producer, in no case do not buy it.

What kind of water you can drink more? Artesian dining room (!), That is cleansed from dirt and contaminants.

If we talk about what kind of homewater purification to give preference, it is best to purchase a cleaning system with a membrane filter. It is desirable, of course, do not splurge and buy the device with a filter-mineralizer. This will allow you not only to drink purified water, but also water, enrichment of minerals in the body to the desired concentration.

Tips on the use of water

What kind of water should drink

  1. Particular care is necessary in the selection of water expectant mothers, because they are responsible and to the health of the unborn baby.
  2. It is undesirable to drink mineral water without first consulting a physician for people with diseases of the heart and digestive system.
  3. Iced Drinks lead to problems with digestion, warm water stimulates flatulence. Therefore, you can drink water at room temperature, moderately warm, even in spite of the heat.
  4. If you prefer the water from a bottle - often change its brand. So you remove the maximum benefit from each type of water.
  5. As it does not sound crazy - you need to drink only freshwater. If it poured and sealed bottled water, shelf life is indicated on the packaging (usually from 3 to 18 months in plastic bottles, and 24 months - in glass). In the open form of the water is not stored for more than 3 days after it is recommended to boil.
  6. In the morning before a meal drink a glass of water. Thus, you are contributing not only to get rid of toxins, but also eat less than to rid the body of excess calories.

A little mystery. Many scientists are actively developing a theory that argues that water has a memory of its own. Simply put, it can help to heal and to kill. As in the old fairy tale - is "live" and "dead" water. While such a "memory" of water can be set. Every word spoken in anger, "charging" water and negative emotions can lead to illness. On the other hand, the desire of good, facing the water, can cure a person who drinks it. Believe it or not.

Specifies what kind of water and preferbeware of imitations - according to statistics in Ukraine and Russia for about 20% of falsification. Closely familiarize with the contents of the label (unfortunately, not all and not always written there - the truth), and buy water in pharmacies or central points of sale. Do not skimp on health - drink quality water!

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