Professions that carry disease


    What is occupational diseases

    Occupational diseases are the result of the impact of unfavorable environment factors.

    Clinical manifestations are often notspecific symptoms, and only the information about the working conditions of the sick enable us to establish affiliation revealed pathology in the category of occupational diseases. Only some of them are characterized by a particular symptom, caused by a kind of radiological, functional, biochemical and hematological changes.

    Which occupational diseases exist

    Professions that carry diseaseA common classification of occupationaldiseases does not exist. The greatest recognition of the etiological classification principle. Based on this, there are five groups of occupational diseases:

    • caused by exposure to chemical factors (acute and chronic toxicity, as well as their consequences occurring with isolated or combined lesions of various organs and systems);
    • caused by exposure to dust (pneumoconiosis, silicosis, asbestosis, metallokoniozy, pneumoconiosis and cutter welders, polishers, nazhdachnikov, etc...);
    • caused by physical factors: vibration disease; diseases associated with exposure to ultrasound contact - vegetative polyneuritis; hearing loss by the type of cochlear neuritis - noise disease; diseases associated with exposure to electromagnetic radiation and the scattered laser light; radiation sickness; diseases associated with changes in atmospheric pressure - decompression sickness, acute hypoxia; diseases arising from adverse weather conditions, overheating, convulsive disease, occlusive disease, vegetative and the sensitive polyneuritis;
    • overvoltage caused by: peripheral nerve disease and myshts- neuritis, radikulopolinevrity, vegetosensitivnye polyneuritis, neck and shoulder plexites, vogetomiofaotsity, miofastsity; diseases of the musculoskeletal system - chronic tendovaginitah, constrictive ligamentity, bursitis, shoulder erikondilit, deforming arthritis; koordinatornye neuroses - writer's cramp, and other forms of functional dyskinesias; vocal apparatus diseases - fonasteniya and organ of vision - myopia and asthenopia;
    • caused by the action of biological factors: infectious and parasitic - tuberculosis, brucellosis, glanders, anthrax, dysbiosis, candidiasis of the skin and mucous membranes, visceral candidiasis and others.

    Outside of this taxonomy are etiologicaloccupational allergic diseases (conjunctivitis, upper respiratory tract infection, asthma, dermatitis, eczema) and cancer (tumors of the skin, bladder, liver, cancer of the upper respiratory tract).

    Chronic occupational diseases is the continuation of the island?

    There are acute and chronic occupationaldisease. Occupational disease can be either acute or chronic, between these two concepts are not related. The acute occupational disease (poisoning) occurs suddenly, after a single dose (for not more than one work shift) the impact of relatively high concentrations of chemical substances contained in the working area, as well as the dose levels and other adverse factors. Chronic occupational disease is the result of long-term systemic effects on the body unfavorable factors.

    It is important to know

    Professions that carry diseaseSome occupational diseases, such assilicosis, berylliosis, asbestosis, papilloma of the bladder can be detected many years after the termination of industrial hazard. Certain help in confirming the diagnosis is the detection in biological fluids of the chemical that caused the disease, or its derivatives (degradation products, metabolism, particles). In some cases, only the dynamic observation of patients over a long period makes it possible to finally resolve the issue of the disease due to the profession.

    Among the most important preventive measures tolabor protection and prevention of occupational diseases are preliminary (at employment) and periodic examinations of workers exposed to harmful and adverse working conditions. Do not shy away from medical examinations, be attentive to your health! Be healthy!

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