Protect yourself from noise


    Protection must be reliable

    Protect yourself from noiseAn effective way to solve the problem of noise controlIt is the reduction of its level at the source due to changes in technology and construction machines. Measures of this type include the replacement of noisy processes silent, shock - unstressed, such as replacement of riveting - soldering, forging and stamping pressure treatment; metal replacement in some detail nezvuchnye materials, the use of vibration insulation, silencers, damping, soundproofing casings, etc..

    If it is impossible to reduce noise equipment,which is a source of increased noise, installed in a special room and the remote control is placed in a low noise environment. In some cases, the noise reduction is achieved by using porous sound absorbing materials coated perforated sheets of aluminum and plastics. If you want to increase the high-frequency sound absorption coefficient in the insulating layers are covered with a protective sheath with small and frequent perforations, also used custom-made sound absorbers in the form of cones, cubes, fixed on the equipment, which is a source of increased noise. Of great importance in the fight against noise have architectural planning and construction activities. In cases where the technical means do not ensure achievement of the requirements of the regulations in force, you need to limit the duration of noise exposure and the use of insert hearing protector.

    Insert hearing protector to protect against noise

    Insert hearing protector - PPEthe organ of hearing and prevention of various disorders of the body caused by excessive noise. They are used mainly when a hardware noise control not reduce it to provide a safe margin. Insert hearing protector is divided into three types: ear, headphones and helmets.

    Protect yourself from noiseantinoise Ear introduced into the external auditory meatus. Inserts are reusable and single-use. By reusable liners are numerous options in the form of caps plugs of different designs and shapes of rubber, plastic rubber, and other polymeric materials, in some cases, have been put on the iron rods. Earplugs reusable produce several types and sizes; their weight is not regulated, and ranges up to '10 "Ear plugs" - the commercial name of domestic earplugs single use of organic perhlorvinil filter the noise absorbing material.

    antinoise headphones They represent a bowl shape close tohemisphere, light metal or plastic, filled with fibrous or porous sound absorbers that are held by a headband. For a comfortable and snug fit to the parotid region are supplied with sealing rollers of synthetic thin films, often filled with air or liquid substances with a high internal friction (glycerin, mineral oil, etc..). The sealing roller at the same time eliminates the vibrations of the earphone housing, which is essential in the low-frequency sound vibrations.

    antinoise helmets - The most cumbersome and costly from theantinoise individual means of protection. They are used at high levels of noise, often used in combination with headphones or inserts. Located on the edge of the helmet sealing roller provides a snug fit to his head. There are construction helmets with blow air cushion for secure customized fit head.

    Of great importance in the prevention of noisepathology are preliminary at receipt for work and periodic medical examinations. Dates periodic medical examinations are set depending on the noise intensity. When the noise intensity from 81 to 99 dBA - 1 time in 24 months, 100 dB and above - 1 time in 12 months. The first inspection audiologist conducts through B months after a preliminary medical examination when applying for a job related to exposure to intense noise. Medical examinations should be conducted with the participation of the otolaryngologist, a neurologist and a therapist

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