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    You finally decided that it's time to join brave women who move around the city exclusively by car? Then you need to imagine well, as it may affect your health.

    If you decide to become Avtoleda & Hellip;The car is definitely a very convenient means of movement. But for this convenience, we are often forced to pay various problems, mainly connected with long-term depression in a static sitting pose. Because of this, there are stagnant phenomena in a small pelvis, as well as the problems of the spine, which is experiencing in the sitting position – Doctors counted that motorists complain about pain in the spine three times more often than those who enjoy public transport.

    Do not be afraid, it is not a reason to give up the pleasure of becoming autobeda. You just need to take care that the driver's seat in your car was orthopedic and well supported back. It is also desirable to introduce circular movements in the lumbar spine, all sorts of flexions and extension in the complex of the morning gymnastics. And even better go to the fitness center, where a specialist will prepare for you a special set of exercises. In addition, now, when you are on the car, get to the gym will be much easier. However, it is necessary to remember that even with the diligent performance of the appropriate exercises, pain in the back and muscles are still possible. So that they do not distract your attention from the road, add an effective outer painkiller to a car aid kit, for example, a voltar emulgel. He will not only help relieve pain, but also cope with inflammation.


    Many women who were driving behind the wheel often face the fact that unpleasant surprises are presented to them… their own legs. It would seem that the car, on the contrary, should save them from the load, and the autotaeda remains only elegantly spinning from the salon and the light gait go to conquer new peaks. However, everything turns out on the contrary: fatigue, feeling of gravity and even swelling – Here is the payment for addiction to autocrypti. By the way, these are the first symptoms of venous insufficiency, and the doctors have already calculated that in women, a lot of time spent driving, the risk of this disease increases one and a half times! But not everything is so sad. You can save the beauty and health of the legs with the help of physical exertion (try, yet, do not forget what it is – Hiking), special compression pantyhotes (advise with a doctor who is suitable for you) and modern drugs, such as veto. And when you stand in a traffic jam or on the traffic light, take yourself a rule to pour your feet, it improves blood circulation. A good effect also gives a contrasting soul, it not only temper the vessels and activates blood circulation, but also normalizes the state of the nervous system, and you, especially at first driving, will have to be nervous.


    Another unexpected problem with which motorists are often faced – these are colds, and they often pursue drivers and in winter and summer. In the warm season, this is usually, «Hey» From air conditioning. True, this is not to blame the device itself, but our impatience: Finding with the hot street a man in a hot saloon, the driver is first trying to fill it as soon as possible. The main thing here is to keep a sense of measure and remember that specialists are safe for health, the temperature difference is not more than 10 degrees. In winter colds, the motorists themselves are most often to blame, who seek to take a place in the cabin, without waiting until he warms up. In the car trapped during the night, the humidity rises and it becomes even colder, not to mention the candy impact on the body that the car armchair has. So experienced drivers not without reason believe that it is better to walk around the car, waiting until the cabin warms up. And in case, if these measures do not affect, and you will feel that the cold barns to break your plans for the day, you should have a complex remedy for colds and influenza, which eliminates all the symptoms of malaise, for example, such as the detergent.

    But in general, when choosing a medicine from any disease, you will now have to pay attention to whether it is possible to take them to those who drive the car – This information is necessarily contained in the instructions. To be taken into account that codeine, which is sometimes part of the analgesics (for example, Pentalgin, Solpadejeene, Efferoralgan supplies) and some cough preparations, can give you an unpleasant surprise, when analyzing blood during the medical examination, devices can take it for a narcotic substance due to what can even lose rights.

    As you can see, warn or overcome any problem that occurs in a woman behind the wheel, it is not difficult at all. But it is almost impossible to simply list those amazing feelings that autlede is experiencing when it confidently conquers the space on his beloved car!

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