The car is not a luxury, but a provocative of diseases


  • First group
  • Second group
  • Third Group

  • What this may turn out to tell the doctor of medical sciences Alexey Runov. Professional diseases of drivers can be divided into three groups.

    First G


    These are diseases of the spine and organs of a small pelvis due to a long-term seat driving, which flows the blood circulation in a small pelvis. This can include radiculites, osteochondrosis, hemorrhoids and prostatitis.

    Second group

    The second group of diseases is associated with an increased emotional load. Do not believe those who say that the wheel is resting. In fact, a person, his nervous system is in constant voltage, which causes cardiovascular diseases. Drivers often observe heart rate, hypertension, heart attacks.

    Third group

    Car & mdash; not luxury, but a provocative of diseases

    Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract associated with irregular and defective nutrition during operation. But it is more driving drivers, rather than lovers.

    What to do to prevent the appearance of these diseases and even more than the transition to chronic form? As trite it did not sound, but first of all diversify physical exertion. I am talking about the daily complex of gymnastic exercises, which should keep the heart, vessels and maintain the tone of the nervous system.

    This is the most common charge package. But there must be circular movements in the lumbar spine, all sorts of slopes, bending and extension.

    And there is nothing better than a contrast soul. The procedure will improve the blood circulation of the skin, the central blood circulation, normalizes the nervous system and stimulate immune.

    The final chord of these daily preventive measures should be the airwalk. On day you need to pass about 5 kilometers in 40 minutes.

    These three components are quite enough to maintain themselves in the tone and intensify the vital functions of the body.

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