We struggle with fatigue at the wheel


  • You are standing in a traffic jam
  • Take eye strain
  • Problems with the spine

  • If the car is a man of his second(Or only!) A woman, then for us it is most likely a good loyal friend who gives to a sea of ​​emotions and sweet drop of adrenaline. Women like to sit behind the wheel of not less than men, but sometimes our car is capable of delivering us not only joy, but also the discomfort associated primarily with health and beauty.

    Stress, endless traffic jams, exhaust fumes andfailure can seriously undermine emotional and physical health. Take, for example, a situation where you need to spend all day behind the wheel. And in the second half it is already beginning to appear eye fatigue. Do not ignore it, otherwise after a while a simple fatigue grow into a voltage, and redness of the eyeballs.

    We recommend to perform a couple of simple exercises that recommend medical specialists.

    You are standing in a traffic jam

    If you stood in a traffic jam, at a traffic light or justI stopped to rest, close your eyes with his hands for 20-30 seconds, take a deep breath, relax, think of something good and pleasant. This will allow your eyes to disengage from the road and a little rest.

    Gently clap the face with your fingertips and startrolling his eyes clockwise, then counterclockwise. Maybe the handsome in the left lane will decide that all these manipulations in his honor? Learning to ogle! It turns out, is useful not only for your self-esteem.

    Take eye strain

    We struggle with fatigue at the wheelThere is one more effective exercise,helps relieve eye strain: Focus on any subject and hold Surrounding this trick about 3-4 seconds before abruptly glancing at a distant object. Repeat 5-6 times. The main thing is not to frighten her companion, who may decide that you are asleep, staring at the steering wheel.

    Fight with reddening eyes, you can use drops "Visine" and "Clean tear", which also help relieve stress and refresh the eye. Prior to their application is recommended to consult a doctor.

    Well, here, with the eyes we have understood, nowWe do a couple of exercises known to you, and without doctors: to tint the lips and her hair. This exercise helps to set the mood. What? The more you move the car, the better you will feel at the end of "car" day. The main thing - do not do all this on the go, otherwise no beautiful hairstyle does not soften the harsh representative of the traffic police.

    Problems with the spine

    To avoid back problems suggestto choose the right driver's seat. In it have to be a good lateral support and it is desirable to roll under his back, which should be at waist level, thereby helping to prevent back pain from a long vertical position. It is also very useful in the seat with automatic settings: you are using a small embedded computer can themselves define and save seating options, comfortable exclusively for you. And if you suddenly after someone from changing these settings, the touch of a button, you can return them to the computer memory and enjoy a comfortable ride.

    Experienced travelers will also recommend to doa small warm-up, every hour and a half out of the car. Of course, gymnastics on the road passing by pleasing men not necessary, but you can at least walk around the car, straighten the back. All of these tips will help you to spend your "avtoden" no problems and nefarious evening fatigue. Successful road!

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