Sinegia of sexual lips


  • Causes of synechy
  • Manifestations of synechia
  • Complications of synechia
  • Diagnosis and treatment of synech

  • Sinegia of the germ lips - these are their battle among themselves as a result of inflammation or any other violation. Most often such a problem occurs in girls in infancy.

    When forming a synechnist, small sexual lips grow on the entrance to the urethra, making it difficult to urinate, and causing discomfort to the baby. Parents often do not notice or do not give the right thing that their child has something wrong and in the end, this disease is often detected only during the professional. Unfortunately, such sad cases occur quite often. And therefore it is better to own information, and if necessary, the situation than to let everything on samonek.

    Causes of synechy

    Hygiene abuse

    The problem arises as a result of the fact that the mother is unnecessarily purely, and hesitates a girl several times a day, and even with soap. In the girl, the mucous membrane of the vulva (external genital organs) is very thin. When exposed to soap, frequent friction, wearing close clothes, it is easily injured. And during healing, the battle of small sexes occurs - synechia arise. But do not think that washing - the enemy number one for girls. Those who do not follow the personal hygiene of the child, the battle of the genital lips is not less common.

    Inflammation of urinary tract

    Some girls have the appearance of synechs - a sign of the presence of inflammation in urinary tract. Hazardous bacteria fall on a gentle mucous membrane of external genital organs, inflammation occurs, leading to the battle. Therefore, in order to exclude this situation, it is necessary to hand over the overall analysis of urine and sowing urine for the presence of infection there.

    Inflammation of genital organs

    Sinechia can be formed with a long flow of inflammatory processes in genital organs - with vulvovaginites. Chronic vulvovaginite may occur in the girls due to sex infections. And do not be surprised. They are transmitted not only during intimate contacts. Many varieties of genital infections are transmitted by household. Often the source of the disease serve parents. Infection can occur from mom during childbirth. Then the girl can become a source of chronic infection. Can move from someone else's washcloth, towels, since these microbes are well saved in a humid environment. That is why the baby's underwear should be erased separately from adult things and, if possible, boil. Does not hurt and stroke his hot iron. A real threat to catch some of the genital infections or fungus there is a bathing in natural water bodies.


    Manifestations of allergic reactions are most often expressed on the skin. But do not forget that the mucous membranes often amazed together with the skin. Parents engaged in treating skin manifestations may not pay attention to redness of the vulva in the girl. Therefore, moms and dads girls with diathesis, with allergic manifestations you need to be especially attentive to the state of the mucous membrane of the sex. Exclude from the diet to the baby products causing allergies so as not to provoke another reaction and inflammation. The risk of synechs here is very high.

    Toxicosis during pregnancy

    It is observed that synechia more often develop in those situations where pregnancy proceeded with intrauterine infection, with severe gestosis (toxicosis). Therefore, mom, who during pregnancy there were similar problems, you need to be particularly attentive in this matter and be sure to visit the children's gynecologist, as soon as the baby is one year old.

    Manifestations of synechia

    Sinegia of sexual lipsFirst, if you notice some changes in your crumbs in the structure of the genitals or something is not clear to you, do not hesitate and do not think that it should be. Consultation to the children's gynecologist. Top up your gap in the anatomy, especially if it concerns the health of your chad.

    Secondly, if the baby experiences difficulties in urination: there is a consuming, discomfort, capricious, crying, and it is accompanied by almost every act, it is necessary to beat the alarm. Do not write off that the child refuses to sit on a pot from behind a whim. Perhaps this is the signal.

    Thirdly, we regularly examine the genitals of babies - this should be included in the complex of hygienic measures. With the appearance of rashes, redness, peeling or selection, do not think that everything will be held in itself. Hope to cope with the problem of home methods is most often not justified. Incorrect or late starting treatment can lead to complications.

    So, when the above complaints or issues related to the state of genital organs, immediately for clarification, contact the gynecologist of children and adolescents.

    Complications of synechia

    Sinekhia are really very dangerous and bear the big problems. The transition of the acute process in chronic is not all. The thing is that the synechs that have arisen can progress. With the growth of genital organs, the girl may incorrectly form the crotch and as a result - a serious violation of the childbearing function. This is also manifested by non-dischanging pregnancy, and frequent threats of pregnancy interruption, and infertility. That is why at the slightest suspicion it is better to immediately consult a doctor.

    Diagnosis and treatment of synech

    Children's gynecologist will examine the external genitals of the girl. If necessary, take the tests:

    • Mazki,
    • sowing on the flora with the definition of sensitivity to antibiotics,
    • Analyzes for infections (chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, gonoron, trichomoniasis, gardnerellosis, herpes virus, cytomegalovirus, etc.),
    • Ultrasound examination of small pelvis organs.

    After receiving the survey results, the doctor prescribes a special comprehensive treatment of synech. Depending on the process, the doctor will appoint a conservative (without a surgeon) or surgical treatment and will provide recommendations for proper care, hygiene and, that, it is important, on the diet of babes.

    When the battle of small sexes is detected on time, then it is easy to treat it. Special ointment is used, and sex lips are gradually diverged. In the launched cases, it is necessary to disconnect them surgically. In any case, treat synechias need.

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