A brain tumor


A brain tumor
Brain tumor - benign or malignant intracranial
neoplasm, provoked by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division
or due to movement of the other
tumor. Tumors can be intracerebral and
extracerebral, benign or malignant, primary and secondary.
Extracerebral neoplasms presented tumors of the meninges, roots
cranial nerves, bones, skull and paranasal cavities. For benign
are abnormal growths in the brain of mature cells, which are
does not affect other organs. Benign tumors: glioma first stage,
meningioma, schwannoma, hemangioblastoma. Malignant form of atypical
cell (or a metastasis from other organs), which are developing rapidly and destroy
neighboring tissues. The primary tumor is called, evolved directly into the brain, and
secondary - those that grow in the cranial cavity, or metastasis of other organs.

The boundaries of tumors may grow and compress the tissue surrounding
brain or may grow into them. The main cause of tumor development in
consider brain radiation. Significant negative influence chemical
factors, heredity, age (generally> 45 years, with the exception of infant
medulloblastoma). By interesting facts research concerns the role of racial
Facilities: brain tumor is more common among Europeans, for
except meningioma, increasingly characteristic Negroid race. Latest
opinions about the pathological effect of mobile phones.

Symptoms of brain tumors

Among oncological pathologies of a brain tumor occurs in approximately 1.5%
cases. Symptoms of this disease are varied and are directly dependent on the size,
space and growth rate. The main signs of the presence of tumors in the brain include:

  • headache (severe, constant, and ongoing);
  • dizziness and incoordination;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • convulsions;
  • auditory, visual and tactile disorders;
  • speech disorders;
  • weakness and paralysis of the limbs;
  • disruption of the normal sensitivity to cold and hot;
  • personality changes;
  • drowsiness, impaired consciousness and thinking;
  • cerebral coma.

The causes of primary brain tumors are the mutations in the DNA.
Brain Cancer - the result of the activities of a malignant tumor.

Diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors

If you suspect the presence of a brain tumor should seek the advice of
neurologist and oncologist. As the methods of diagnosis used computer
and magnetic resonance imaging with contrast enhancement. Also diagnostic
measures include serious brain surgery - Biopsy of the tumor.

Treatment of brain tumors is carried out in special hospitals and includes
three main components: surgery, radiotherapy and
chemotherapy. Surgical treatment is to remove the tumor, but the total ectomy
It is possible only with small tumors. Craniotomy is performed through
standard excision, laser microsurgery or ultrasonic aspiration.
Radiotherapy - radiation therapy - performed by radiosurgical
implantation, external radiotherapy, or brachytherapy. It has a side
action (such as nausea, hair loss and general fatigue). Effectiveness
Chemotherapy is unstable due to the inability of certain drugs to pass
through the blood-brain barrier, but the drug can enter the needle directly
into the tumor. Immunotherapy is of great importance in treatment of tumors

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