Rubella. How to avoid the hardest consequences?


  • What is rubella?
  • Treatment of rubella
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  • What is rubella?

    As the name itself shows, this disease is manifested by redness of the skin, or rather The appearance of red rash. Rash happens with different diseases, such as measles. But during the measles, the general state suffers sharply, the catarrhal-inflammatory phenomena are expressed, but when crushing rash the main symptom, so the red skin and was taken for name.

    For more than 100 years, two main varieties of rubella are known: Corppy (Korhevaya) and Scarlatin-like «rubella», Stressing the similarity of the rash with these diseases. However, at present, the term rubella is denoted only a corppy (core), the virus is highlighted, well studied and is used for vaccine production.

    Rubella. How to avoid the hardest consequences? Incubation period (time from infection until the first symptoms) rubellasixteen20 days. Typical early symptom Swimming of the posterior, occipital and other lymph nodes. In some cases, there is a weakly pronounced catarrhal phenomena: runny nose and conjunctivitis. Simultaneously with a slight increase in temperature on the whole body, pale red spotted rash appears, which disappears through 23 days, not leaving pigmentation. The health of the patient is usually almost not impaired, often the disease is concealed. Even in the most «Heavy» Cases for 2–3 days everything passes – That's the whole disease.

    Treatment of rubella

    Symptomatic, not requiring any special means. So harmless whether rubella? And whether the vaccination is needed from rubella?

    The fact is that the rubella virus is very dangerous for pregnant and fetus – With a disease of a woman during pregnancy, the virus infects the fruit, badly damaging it. With intrauterine infection, the fruit often dies or he develops a chronic red infection with a damage to various organs and the formation of intrauterine defective defects (microcephaly, hydrocephalus, deafness, cataract, heart defects, etc.).

    Children born with congenital rubella have multiple defects – heart defects, hydrocephalus, blindness and much more, becoming tend to disabled. Birth of such children – Frequency, however, more than 600 such children were born in the United States before the introduction of vaccination. That is why with the disease of the woman rubella in the first 3 months of pregnancy shows its interrupt.

    Pregnant sick rubella because they did not take it in childhood and had contact with sore rubella. And the sore rubella allocates the virus for two (or more) weeks after the end of the disease, naturally, without observing the beddown and infecting others.

    In the USSR, most children, until recently, visited Nursery and kindergartens, where they moved rubella, «earned» immunity. Therefore, the frequency of the birth of children with congenital rubella is small.

    However, now the generation of future mothers who did not attend Nasli, among which the share did not have a large rubella. Therefore, the introduction of vaccination against rubella – One of the most important tasks.


    The largest vaccination of children in the second year of life is the best (therefore, it was earlier, the antibodies received from the mother) and the re-vaccination at school age; This will ensure sufficiently high immunity in young women and at the same time dramatically reduce the circulation of the virus among young children. For those who have already grew and received a vaccine in early childhood, especially for girls, vaccination in adolescent or youthful age is desirable.

    Vaccination must be carried out at least 2 months before the occurrence of pregnancy! Although the fetal damage by vaccine virus is not yet described, but caution does not prevent.

    In case the vaccination has not been carried out for any reason, it is necessary to protect pregnant women who did not disgrace rubella, from communication with patients for a period of at least 3 weeks. In case of contact of a pregnant woman with a sore rubella for prevention, it is recommended to introduce a hyperimmune gamma globulin.

    Conclusion from all over only one – Vaccination against rubella need to make all future mothers. Only timely vaccination makes it possible to avoid very severe consequences in a generally enough harmless disease.

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