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  • The concept of leukoplakia
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  • The concept of leukoplakia

    Leukoplakia - the skin and mucous membrane lesionsthe lower portion of the genital organs, characterized by thickening and varying degrees of keratinization of the surface epithelium. The thickening layer of squamous stratified epithelium is due to the emergence keratogialinovogo and horny layers.

    The causes of leukoplakia were not significantlyinstalled. The cause of leukoplakia may be endogenous or internal (hormonal homeostasis) and exogenous or external (infectious, chemical, etc.) Factors. Perhaps age value has morphological and functional alteration of properties of the genital mucosa.

    Leukoplakia histologicallybasal cell hyperactivity and atypia are precancerous processes, preinvasive squamous cell carcinoma develops in 15-75% of patients with this form of the disease. Simple leukoplakia, with no signs of basal cell atypia or hyperactivity, do not apply to precancerous processes.

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    The main symptoms of leukoplakiaLeukoplakia develop not only on the vaginalof the cervix, but also the vulva and vaginal mucosa. In some cases, leukoplakia may spread to the mucous membrane on the cervical squamous metaplasia background columnar epithelium. Leukoplakia have the form of films and plaques white, grayish white (sometimes with a hint of pearl), they are flat or slightly raised above the surrounding surface of the mucous membrane. The boundaries of leukoplakia may be sharp, jagged or blurry. Attempts to delete the plaque (film) by means of gauze or cotton balls do not work out.

    Most leukoplakia are solitary, sometimesthere are several centers of disease. During the long observation notes or stabilization process or increase the size of leukoplakia, a fusion of the individual elements. Sometimes there are extensive leukoplakia of the cervix, vagina vaults going over. When treated with a solution of iodine surface leukoplakia remains white.

    Manifestations of disease indistinct. The symptoms characteristic of the disease, no; leukoplakia is usually asymptomatic and often detected at a gynecological examination for other diseases or preventive examinations.

    Colposcopy is indispensable for early diagnosisleukoplakia and establishing the initial stages of the disease. Most minor tissue defects, such as small erosion microbleeds tiny tumor and cervical region of the vagina and vulva can be diagnosed only by using a special optical device. In this regard, colposcopy has become an indispensable method of clinical research in the practice of gynecologists.

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