Manifestations of fibrosis in children of the first year of life


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  • Manifestations of fibrosis in children of the first year of life

    Manifestations of fibrosis in children of the first year of lifeAt birth in 20% of children, fibrosis is manifested by signs of intestinal obstruction. This condition is called Mekonial Ileus. It develops as a result of the impairment of sodium suction, chlorine and water in the small intestine. As a result, the process of digestion is disturbed and the result is the magnification of the small intestine with dense and viscous meconium (original fender). For rare exceptions, the presence of a meconial Ileus indicates a fibrosis.

    Long jaundice after birth is detected in 50% of children with Mekonial Ileus. However, she can independently be the first sign of the disease. Jaundice develops due to bile thickening, because of which the outflow of her gallbladder is difficult.

    In the first year of life in a breast child, patient with fibrosis, a resistant dry cough is celebrated. The glands of the mucous membrane, lining the respiratory tract, produce a large number of viscous mucus, which, accumulating in bronchi, closes their clearance and prevents normal breathing. Since the mucus is stuffed, in it begin to multiply the pathogens of microorganisms, which causes purulent inflammation. Therefore, such children are frequent bronchitis and pneumonia. If violations from the respiratory system prevail among the manifestations of the fibrosis, then they talk about the pulmonary form of the disease.

    Physical development

    The kid often has a lag in physical development — The child does not gain weight, he has a very weakly developed subcutaneous fatty fiber, noticeably lagging in growth compared to peers.

    Manifestations of fibrosis in children of the first year of lifeAt the same time, a permanent manifestation of the disease is very frequent, abundant, slicer, oily chair containing undigested residues of food. Hard masses are difficult to wash off from diapers, can be clearly noticeable impurities. Such manifestations are developing due to the concentration of the pancreatic juice: bunches are clogged by its ducts. As a result, the pancreatic enzymes that actively affect the processes of digestion, do not reach the intestines — Disorders of the digestion and slowdown in metabolism, primarily fat and proteins.

    In the absence of appropriate treatment, it inevitably leads to the lag of the child in physical development. Pancreas enzymes, not falling into the intestines, break off the pancreas itself, accumulating in it. Therefore, often in the first month of life, the pancreas fabric is replaced by a connective tissue (hence the second name of the disease — kistofibrosis).

    If during the disease, violations from the digestive system prevail, they are talking about the intestinal form of the fibrosis.

    Most often there is a mixed form of the disease, when there are violations and from the respiratory side, and from the digestive system.

    Pot composition

    A very important feature of the fibrosis is a change in the composition of sweat.

    In the sweat fluid, sodium and chlorine. Sometimes, when kissing, parents notice the salty taste of the child's skin, less often you can see crystalline salt on its skin.

    In 5% of patients with fibrosis of children, the repulsion of the rectum may be observed (during defecation mucosa «Output» From the rear pass, which is accompanied by a child's concern). In the presence of such symptoms, you should consult a doctor, including to eliminate the fibrosis.

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