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  • The problem of clubfoot in children, I became interested inlong. Its relevance is the fact that almost every third child or bad posture, or abnormal gait. Although clubfoot newborn easier to handle, however, and in 7-15 years we can achieve good results.

    But it is a serious work, and especially forparents. You have to work a miracle, only your sincere desire and persistence can help your child. Get ready for what will have to engage with the child for several months. Age, about which I write (from 7 to 15 years) has a number of advantages. At this time the children are conscious personality, the ability to think and reason, to understand that you need to deal with clubfoot in the first place to themselves. The main difficulty - is already developed the habit to set foot wrong. With this habit and we will fight.

    How not to see the problem

    The easiest way to look at the tracks that leave your child in the shallow snow. The child is not suffering from clubfoot, traces are parallel to each other, only slightly diluted feet toes.

    Notice how in the morning half asleep your baby "plops" the bathroom is worth it when brushing your teeth. At this time it is completely relaxed and did not look after themselves.

    Look closely at him in the game, when he carried away and natural. For example, during the game, he ran, then he stopped abruptly. How are his legs? What you need to know?

    • If a child is walking "rakes" foot (one of the feet turned towards the otherfeet) or standing, as the clumsy bear - is not just a problem ankle. The problem may lie in the cervical spine (scoliosis), and even blurred vision.
    • The spine and joints - joints is given inmovement of muscles. As a rule, in the presence of club foot muscles develop properly, asymmetrical, uneven. Some overstretched muscles and squeezed, they should relax (among other things, as a result it may take a lot of problems: headaches, poor sleep, etc.), and poorly developed muscles need to pump, to train, to get to work properly. In 7-15 years, the body still continues to grow, forming the backbone and joints, and deformity and curvature occur where there is no muscle resistance, or they cut unevenly.
    • Clubfoot children are often walking not only put a foot wrong, but also make the wrong message leg from the hip. As a result of the knee "looks" the inner side, and it seems that when walking legs "iksyat".

    Remember that clubfoot, flat feet, scoliosis - all links in one chain.

    If the child has signs of clubfoot ...

    • Discuss the problem with your family. Try to come up with a game that will help your child pay attention to the formulation of the legs.
    • Talk with your child, explain and show him the error. It is desirable that it is made man who respects the child, whose opinion is listening.
    • Now, try to experience the problem. Try to walk as walking your child, feel the sensation he feels when walking.
    • If your child has clubfootDetermine the muscles that cause the childKosolapov. To do this, lie on your stomach so that his feet were outside the bed up to mid-calf. Make movement toe foot from the right foot to the wrong setting. In the supine position your whole body relaxed, changing the position of the foot, you will feel what muscles are working particularly hard. These muscles you need to find the child and begin to relax them. From my experience I can say that most of it back muscles in the lumbar spine. In untrained children especially problematic muscles tense, and you grope them without difficulty.
    • And most importantly - consultorthopedic surgeon. Clubfoot can be congenital or acquired. With congenital clubfoot can handle a masseur, and deal with acquired clubfoot should be integrated using the work of the masseur, trainer, psychologist. But most important in this fight, you'll be parents.

    For example, in a child myopia, because of this,he has a whole series of unconscious habits. Keeping an eye, the child stretches his neck forward. Now try to be smooth, straighten your back and repeat a short-sighted person, as follows: pull the neck slightly forward. During normal reception, you begin to lose your balance and fall. And not to lose your balance, you will be forced to change the position of the feet - turn the toe of the foot inside. This is a classic stand clumsy person.

    The same goes for scoliosis and other curvature. It's not that the child does not want to put a foot right, exactly hold back - he just can not do it. After all, for a number of reasons for his muscles have developed in such a way that does not give him a chance to sit, stand and walk in a different way.

    Even if the child or with your helpindependently monitors the legs and corrects their position, it is not enough. As soon as he gets distracted, thoughtful, his muscle memory immediately destroy all your efforts. But this does not mean that you have lost, far from it. We need a very strong motive stimulus. Cure clumsy child - how to win the battle with the enemy and win the unequal beautiful, cleverly designed. Let us begin to cheat! Deceptions habits and together develop new and muscles will develop and we practice.

    A child should always be involved in the processhobbies. It should be understood that first and foremost it needs to be healthy and beautiful, and for that he has to watch his gait. I offer the child the game on mindfulness, for example, as soon as he saw a red car, then immediately look at their feet. If at this point he is or is incorrect, it is necessary to change the position of the feet on the right. And you get involved in this game. The child will know that you, too, follow the machines, and consequently, his feet is his discipline.

    You explain to the child that will help himmonitor the correct execution of the exercises. Once a child makes a mistake, you clap your hands, and it should, for example, push-ups five times. But when he noticed the mistake and slapped, push-ups are canceled. So a simple way you can wean the baby, and chomp, squish, say the word "pancake"...

    The reception is very efficient, but do not letslack. A bargain is a bargain. Explain to your child that the push-ups - this is not a punishment, and enrichment activities that will help him become stronger, but performs their child only carelessness.

    Exercises with clubfoot

    Well, if you have the opportunity to engage inthe gym, but it is not required. You can engage in the street, in the woods, in the country and, of course, at home. You must develop the exercise, organize them, and gradually increase the load. You can talk to the teacher of physical education at school, and he will tell some of the exercises for the child.

    When you realize that you need to do, and explained it to the child, start doing exercises with him. For the second activity, grip the camcorder and remove your child's awkward movements.

    After 5-7 sessions you will get the first results. Show your child the video lessons. Typically, children enjoy their success, they are proud of themselves, and with great zeal strive forward. But make no mistake, you are just at the beginning. Do not forget to praise and encourage children.

    So, you get involved. It is desirable that the child was most focused on what he is doing. First, run through a few laps, it will warm up the muscles, and most importantly - will see the problem again, especially when cornering. From that day, your child will no longer run, it is convenient to him. Now he will learn to run and walk in a new way.

    If running does not need speed, the main thing - to put the right foot. In the next lesson, you will enter the system "additional exercises" for carelessness and incorrect statement of the feet(Remember the very claps and push-ups). The first few weeks, you have to carefully watch that makes a child, rubbing his palms on the willingness to slam into them.

    When you notice that the error was lessOffer your child the following exercise: raise your hands to your chest, clenched fists, and during the run to twist his fists in front of him. For starters, you can twist the fists in one direction only, for example, on, and after a few training exercises are complicated and alternate - 10 times in one direction and 10 times in another. In this case you will see that all of the previous gains made in the fight with clubfoot, have sunk into oblivion. It does not matter, a few sessions - and your child will cope with its task - wrung some reluctance.

    If your child has clubfoot
    Running, walking around the room you dilute jumping onmysochkah. Foot Production of this should be in the style of Chaplin. In this position the legs should break away from the floor and in the same position to land. Well a walk up the stairs, it is desirable to higher and regularly. Add to exercise walking "goose step", Jumping from position "squatting" etc. Or ask your child to imagine that he is big and heavy watermelon. Watermelon is so heavy and large that a child has to go, as they say, "bent on"And he must bring a watermelon quickly before the end of the hall, but did not run.

    Include exercises for the rotation of the foot outwards in any variants. Excellent corrective posture - "sitting between heels". A child stands on his knees, feet separated the sides toes apart. We must slow down and sit between the heels.

    You need to include stretching exercises, as well as static exercises, such as "Front rider": Legs give a little more than shoulder-width apart, andwith smooth, straight back child falls in half-sitting position, hands can be pulled forward and feet should be parallel to each other. Duration of the exercise: 15 seconds - freezes in a pose rider, 5 seconds - rest. Repeat five times. Any of you know, karate or other martial arts, will show you an exercise and stretching exercises.

    It will not be superfluous to include exercisesstretching the spine, thus we unload back. Stand with your heels together, toes apart, back straight. Lower Hands down, cross your fingers and turn the brush so that the palms facing down. Not moving his fingers, put your hands up. Now imagine that you - a plant that tends to the sun, and, swaying slightly, never taking his heels, begins to pull up. Reach as far as possible. Then slowly start to take your heels off the floor and drag on. After reaching the limit, in turn lower the heel, while his hands continue to pull up. All this is done slowly, slowly. Try it yourself and turn this exercise into your class with the child.

    Let me tell you the secret of his trademark. To frame the child's bicycle tie a plastic bottle so that it was at the level of the knees. Then when pedaling bottle will stop him to reduce his feet. Simple and effective.

    Pay attention to the shoes in which a child is often put it, it makes the wrong foot.

    If you have the opportunity, dragging the child skateboard or snowboard. These sports will not give chance clubfoot.

    So, you have made progress. Now, take your child to the sports section or a dance club. Any result needs to be fixed.

    My formula for the solution is as follows: you notice the problem, consult with your doctor, coach, masseur, began to develop new habits, relax tense muscles and antagonist muscles loaded, forced the child to believe that he has all turns out fine. Now you have opened your daze way into sports and healthy life.

    Let your children will always be healthy, beautiful, strong!

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