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  • Complications of gonorrhea in women
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  • Gonorrhea

    A method of transmission of gonorrhea sex, rarely home. You can become infected only by the sick person. Ill gonorrhea not only adults. Children (girls only) using the infected sick care items - sponges, towels, etc.

    Set on whom there was an infection is notdifficult - since getting gonorrhea in the body until the first symptoms are gone for 3-4 days. However, it so happens that this period is extended up to 3 weeks. This is due to the fact that in this period, infected person or take any antibiotics. Gonorrhea is divided into types: 1. Acute; 2. Subacute; 3. torpid (lasts up to 2 months): 4. Chronic (longer than 2 months); 5. The latent (hidden). Women and men gonorrhea proceeds differently.

    Gonorrhea in men

    Gonorrhea gonorrhea treatment

    The first sign - purulent discharge from the urethra andsharp pain when urinating. If the disease is not treated at this stage gonokokki reach the urethra - begin mucosal inflammation of the urethra. Begin frequent urination, pain increases at the end of urination appear a drop of blood. If at this stage the disease is not treated, it becomes chronic. If treated properly (usually self) flows in a latent form.

    Complications of gonorrhea in men

    Complications for the man unpleasant. It may be inflammation of the foreskin and the glans, urethral inflammation. The most serious complications - prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate), - to be treated with difficulty, resulting in infertility and impotence, epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis) - leads to infertility, vesicles (inflammation of the seminal vesicles), narrowing of the urethra. What determines these complications arise or not? First of all, from the wrong treatment of the underlying disease - gonorrhea. In that case, if the man continues to live a sexual life, if you drink alcohol, exercise.

    Gonorrhea in women

    In women, gonorrhea symptoms differ from mensymptoms. First time flows poorly, the symptoms are not observed practically. In rare cases, in the first week of infection begins acute inflammation in the lower urinary tract with pain in the lower back, the weight of the abdomen, sharp pains and a burning sensation when urinating. Gonokokki affect the female body more intensely: affects the urethra, vestibule, cervix, rectum.

    Complications of gonorrhea in women

    The woman observed the following complications: frigidity, sterility. If a woman is pregnant, she threatened miscarriage, premature birth. The disease is dangerous for the child - during childbirth it is infected and develops gonorrhea eye. And if a newborn girl - affects the genito-urinary tract.

    gonorrhea Treatment

    Treatment for gonorrhea performed only by a physician. The patient was prescribed antibiotics. If the time to begin treatment - when the first symptoms - recovery occurs within a few days. During treatment, patients are contraindicated sharp, salty dishes, alcoholic drinks, - otherwise the disease may progress to a chronic form of treatment failure. Contraindicated during illness heavy exercise, exercise, sex. After the treatment the patient should be seen by a doctor up to 3 months to prevent latent or chronic forms of gonorrhea. Been ill people do not get immunity to gonorrhea. Moreover, - if there has been re-infection, the disease will proceed to a more severe form.


    The main preventive means - a condom. If there was a casual sex, not with a regular partner - both men and women need to apply medication such as "miramistin" - then the risk of infection is reduced. For complete control of venereal diseases better to turn to for tests - the first day after intercourse.

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