Application Karipain drug in the treatment of intervertebral hernia


Application Karipain drug in the treatment of intervertebral herniaIn different periods of life from 50 to 90% of the populationthe planet is experiencing pain, which are due to lesions of the spine. Persistent pain is often the result of occurrence of herniated disc.

Until a certain time effective treatmentdiscogenic syndromes other than surgical removal of compressive nerve root or the spinal cord herniation, did not have the traditional methods. Depending on the type of operations in the late postoperative period ranging from 17 to 45% of cases have unsatisfactory results. Most of the patients in this group was subsequently translated into one group or another disability.

Conservative treatment (massage, physiotherapygymnastics, manual therapy, physical therapy, mud therapy, drug therapy) reduces swelling and tension surrounding the herniated tissue, strengthens muscles, improves blood circulation, eliminates pain. The entire spectrum of the above actions can not eliminate the cause of pain - itself a hernia.

Currently, there was an effective tool for the treatment of intervertebral hernia as polyfermental drug Karipain capable to relieve patients from hernia without surgery.

The composition includes the enzymes of plant Karipainaorigin (papain, lysozyme, protease, etc.). Papain, penetrating the fabric by means of electrophoresis or phonophoresis, creates the affected disc depot areas has a local and selective effect on connective tissue. When properly selected drug concentration, amount and duration of my father's procedures causes increased secretion of the protein collagen, which restores elasticity loose disc tissue, and increases the power and flexibility of its nucleus. Thereby recovering the normal form and the mechanical strength of the disk.

Application Karipain drug in the treatment of intervertebral herniaEnzymes in certain drug dosagesselectively act on itself a hernia. It gradually decreases and becomes soft. As a result, the nerve root is freed from mechanical pressure, increases its power, back pain gradually reduced and tested. Sealing drive by the fermented product Karipain prevents further hair loss and the formation of a hernia.

The efficacy of treatment with Karipainomosteochondrosis and many even complicated herniated disc reaches 82%. According to statistics, about 45% of patients assigned to surgery received treatment Karipainom in surgical intervention is not needed.

Contraindications to the use Karipainaare acute inflammation of the tissues of the sequestered herniation, gross violations of blood circulation in the affected area, severe pain and limb paresis, requiring surgical intervention.

The main indications for treatment Karipainomare osteochondrosis and hernias of intervertebral disc herniation SHmorlja, post-traumatic contracture of various localization, keloid scars, adhesions, arthrosis, arthritis of large joints, frozen shoulder, neuritis and tunnel syndrome.

Indications, duration of use and Karipainathe number of physiotherapy (electro or phonophoresis) are determined by a qualified neurologist after a detailed examination of the patient and conduct additional surveys (blood tests, an ultrasound or MRI of the spine).

Application Karipain drug in most cases, will help in the optimum time, safely and effectively get rid of intervertebral hernia, avoiding surgery.

Application Karipain drug in the treatment of intervertebral hernia

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