Late rehabilitation of patients with an artificial joint


  • Artificial joints - a way to come back to life
  • Rehabilitation at home
  • Late Rehabilitation Program

  • Artificial joints - a way to come back to life

    Endoprosthesis is an effective and oftenthe only way to restore the lost limb function. Total or complete replacement of all components of the joint, that is, joint replacement is the treatment of choice in the treatment of many diseases, including:

    • with degenerative - dystrophic diseases (arthrosis, arthritis)
    • in rheumatoid arthritis
    • posttraumatic arthrosis
    • when properly fused intra-articular fractures of one or both of the articular surfaces of bones
    • when damaged ligaments of the knee joint with pronounced changes of articular ends of bones

    Endoprosthesis - very precise surgical intervention which is intended to create a painless movable joints, allowing return to the familiar life.

    The development of technical progress has led tothe emergence of materials which may replace worn artificial joint. Just like a normal joint, artificial elements are exactly the same as a normal joint, allowing to carry out the required range of motion. appropriate prosthesis is selected for each individual case.

    Rehabilitation at home

    Extract is made 10-12 days afteroperation. It is necessary to continue rehabilitation activities, strictly observing the recommendations of the surgeon to operate. If necessary, possible hospitalization in a rehabilitation center for recovery under the supervision of specialists - rehabilitators. Limitations in physical load on the operated limb should be observed during the 6 weeks of the operation, during this time it is recommended to use additional support.

    Late Rehabilitation Program

    Late rehabilitation of patients with an artificial jointrehabilitation program after surgery on joints, bones, muscles and tendons help to restore the lost range of motion in joints and as quickly as possible to return to normal life.

    Included in the program of rehabilitation proceduresrelieve pain, swelling and inflammation, improves the nutrition of tissues, stimulates the bone tissue repair, eliminate muscle weakness after surgery.

    At the initial consultation the doctor traumatologist -podiatrist will examine your existing medical records, will appoint an additional examination (ultrasound, MRI or CT scan, duplex receptacles research), if necessary.

    The diagnostics doctors - therapists will develop for you the individual program of rehabilitation.

    The duration of recovery and choice of treatment depend on the state of your health.

    The rehabilitation program may include:

    • and laser therapy - magnetic course
    • elektrolimfodrenazhnye procedures specially selected regimes
    • massage apparatus in an electrostatic field
    • passive development of joints on special devices
    • recovery of the full amount of movement on the unique simulators
    • Special rehabilitation exercises in the pool

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