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  • Slipper from flatfoot

    Top-top, stomping the baby ...

    Slipper from flatfootThe arches of the feet in children to formseven or eight years of age. From birth, the baby's muscles, ligaments and joints have to work actively. Breastfed babies should help the mother with attention to his feet during the general massage. Thumbs need to spend some time on the inside and outside of the stop, then successively stretch your fingers, pyatochku, pat hands shin. Massage improves blood circulation and muscle tone arch.

    When the baby gets older, he will be able to train itselfmuscle and joint stop device. It is necessary to teach him how to walk on his toes and heels, that he did so for five or ten steps several times a day. The child is useful to walk barefoot on the ground. She bumps - bumps, stones, sand, grass - are natural massagers and foot muscles are forced to contract.

    But walking barefoot on the smooth floor only herIt flattens. Ice foot rolling pin or a tennis ball, climbing "wall bars", walking on a log - all this contributes to the normal development of the arch of the foot. Gymnastics for them is gripping fingers legs objects, such as pencils or tissues. Dance classes for children are a good prevention of flatfoot. But do not try to make them professional dancers: heavy loads mutilated legs.

    And Pampers diapers, are pushing the legs,It can not be worn continuously year-old child. When walking axis baby feet should be strictly vertical. At this age, bone and cartilage compounds contain many basics. Ossification occurs gradually during growth. If you artificially change the conditions for walking and legs spread apart, they start twisting. The load acting on the foot is uneven and they are adapting, deformed.

    Look to the orthopedist early

    Unsteadily child often showsof developing flatfoot. Starting to walk, the kid is not very firmly on his feet. He needs time to get used to the vertical position. But if in a month child gait is still uncertain, it often falls, parents should consult with him to a neurologist and orthopedist. The reason for the visit, the experts should also be an incorrect statement of the stop - baby walking makes them not parallel to each other and toes inward or outward. When flatfoot children do not like to walk, often complain of fatigue, pain in the legs. If instead of walk, they prefer to sit on their hands in adults - is an alarming symptom.

    Detect flat in a child up to three yearsvery hard. This prevents the fat pad on the arch of the foot, which is preserved from the day of his birth. But medical specialists can make a correct diagnosis even month old baby. Up to three months, be sure to show the baby's neurologist and orthopedist. During the formation of the musculoskeletal system of the kid flat corrected using a corrective treatment. Even if the pediatrician says that the baby feet all right, you need to see a specialist. To determine the pathology may be the only one.

    Slipper from flatfoot

    Slipper from flatfootFrom the first steps of the child a greater role inthe formation of his foot playing shoes. Parents have to choose her very seriously. Up to one and a half to three years old baby should be wearing only boots, locking the ankle. They should be leather on the outside and inside is lined with cotton material. Because synthetic shoes greenhouse effect occurs, blood circulation in the legs, muscles and ligaments become weak feet and a set of falls. It is essential that backs boots were stiff and well-fitting heel. Children with smooth, without protruding heels fit with straight backs in relation to the sole angle.

    If the heel of the baby cool rounded backsselected obliquely inwards. Soles of shoes preferred hard and stiff. And not on a platform sole, and a wide heel height of about polusantimetra. In summer, the child can wear sandals, but high, as well as shoes with closed toes, otherwise the forefoot will deviate aside.

    Imported shoes, despite itsappeal, as a rule, it is not conducive to the normal development of children's feet. In terms of our domestic orthopedic - the most healthy, since it corresponds to all requirements. The "right" shoes for kids produced Egoryevsk shoe factory and "Paris Commune".

    Parents should constantly monitor the growth stopchild. They are increasing in children jerky. foot size may, within two months did not change and suddenly a week increased by a centimeter. Often parents do not pay attention to the child's complaints that the shoe is small: it would seem, it is only recently bought. But if it is not time to change the large, deformed toes, and behind them and stop. If a child spends a lot of time at home, he has to wear shoes, so they fixed the foot. Soft slippers and flip-flops can make their shapeless and flat. Running shoes are not designed for continuous wear - it leads to irreparable defects feet. They can be worn only during physical activities or sports games.

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