The use of bear fat

Since ancient times, bear fat was unusuallyuseful product. With his help treat colds, liver disease, tuberculosis and even serious injuries. Especially prized bear fat in the severe cold. After all, it was thought that only the rations can cure frostbite and save the person who went through the ice. The more valuable bear fat, now tell our site.

The composition and properties of bear fat

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The healing power of bear fat is not only provenexperience of alternative medicine, but also numerous scientific studies of its qualities. Due to its rich composition, this product is recommended for use in almost all diseases, sometimes as the main therapeutic drug, sometimes as an auxiliary. Among the trace elements that are contained in bear fat are pectins, proteins, triterpan glycosides, nucleic acids, fatty oils, cytamines, vitamins A, B, E, omega acids and other useful substances. Most of them are easily digestible, that is, they can penetrate into the cell nucleus in its original form and nourish the body from the inside. It is noteworthy that each component of bear fat has its own set of healing qualities. For example, cytamines improve intracellular metabolismhelping to generate energy forlife activity. Panaxosides stimulate the production of normal hormonal levels and the pituitary gland. In addition, these trace elements have an immunomodulatory effect and affect the stress resistance of the body. Polyunsaturated acids Omega-3 and 6 have a vasodilating and anti-inflammatory effect, reduce blood cholesterol, normalize the gastrointestinal tract, affect the functioning of the endocrine, reproductive and nervous systems.

The use of bear fat in medicine

fat, bear fat, healthy foods

The cosmetic properties of bear fat appreciatedback in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra herself used perfumes, which were made on the basis of fat bear. Small pieces of this component were soaked in flower extracts and put into the hairstyle. From the natural warmth of the female body, the fat began to melt, thinning the lovely floral aroma. In addition, since ancient times, rich girls rubbed face and body skin with bear fat once a month. So, she became smooth, shiny and tender for a long time.

To date, bear fat comprehensivelyIt is used in the manufacture of cosmetics for rejuvenation, restoration of elasticity and elasticity of the epithelium, smoothing wrinkles and stopping the skin aging process. The most popular are masks based on bear fat. They are especially effective for dry, peeling skin, the appearance of wrinkles. In winter days, it is recommended to use creams that contain fat. They seem to envelop a face with a thin film, minimizing the negative effects of low temperatures. Also, bear fat is often used in hair cosmetics: shampoos, masks, conditioners, etc. It prevents hair loss, makes it elastic, strong and healthy.

Contraindications to the use of bear fat

fat, bear fat, healthy foods

As with any drug, bear fat has a number of contraindications. Among them:

  • gallstone disease during exacerbation;
  • diseases of the biliary tract;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • Children up to three years.

Also, do not forget about the individualintolerance bear fat. To test whether the drug is right for you, take a practice test. Start the application bear fat with a low dose - about half a teaspoon for adults and less than one-fourth of children. Also, apply topical preparations: Apply a small amount of it on the cleaned back of his hand. If the side effects are not observed - the drug is right for you.

Bear fat - a unique product. It has a rich set of trace elements and, because of this, is able to heal people from a wide range of diseases. But despite this, our site is not recommended to use the drug arbitrarily, without consulting a doctor. Furthermore, it is best to use it as an adjunct rather than primary. Before purchasing bear fat carefully read its composition and by the manufacturer - this product is often counterfeited.

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